Significance of Colocation Centre

Colocation saves both time and cost. There is Significant benefits of scale (large power and mechanical systems) result in large co-location facilities, typically 4500 to 9500 square metres (roughly 50000 to 100000 square feet).

With IT and communications facilities in safe, secure hands, telecommunications, internet, ASP and content providers, as well as enterprises, enjoy less latency and the freedom to focus on their core business.

Additionally, customers reduce their traffic back-haul costs and free up their internal networks for other uses. Moreover, by outsourcing network traffic to a colocation service provider with greater bandwidth capacity, web site access speeds should improve considerably.

Carrier hotel

 A colocation centre (collocation center) (“colo“) is also called as carrier hotel which is a type of data center where multiple customers locate network, server and storage gear and interconnect to a variety of telecommunications and other network service provider(s) with a minimum of cost and complexity.

Major types of colocation customers are:

* Major enterprises, who use the facility for disaster avoidance, offsite data backup and business continuity.

* Telecommunication companies, who use the facilities to interexchange traffic with other telecommunications companies and access to potential clients

* Web commerce companies, who use the facilities for a safe environment and cost-effective, redundant connections to the Internet

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