Creating Private Nameservers at Networksolutions


I want to move my domain to your hosting, but, Please, let me know, how I can change the nameservers at networksolutions.





For entering our nameservers, log into your there, by clicking on the Account Manager, Now scroll down in the left menu to the Manage Host servers.
The new form will appear, in which in the left text box, enter the and then click on the continue button. Then it will ask for entering the IP address, please enter and then again click on the continue button. It will ask for confirmation of changes, click on the Apply change. Now it will say, that, “Your change has been submitted. It may take upto 72 hours for it to be recognized across the Internet.”
Click on the Back to the Accont Manager Home given below of that statement.
You need to repeat this process for entering the another nameserver with the IP , at least 2 nameservers are required.
If you find any of the problem, you can also chat on our liveperson, which is there on the site

I want to install b2evolution


I want b2evolution, please do provide me the steps to install it.



Hi Topz,

First of all please, get logged into your control panel.
Go to Domain settings, from there select EasyApp, one more menu will appear, Scroll down to select the Advanced Poll under Misc. Section and then click on the Install link to install the application. You need to select the domain name from the list, if you have got more than one domain, on which you want to install the script. Jst check the check box for “I agree to be bound by the terms of usage of this script” and click on the Submit Query button.
In the final step, you need to click on the “Please click here to complete the installation”.

Web Shell A/c for my customers

Hi Customer Support,

I am reseller, can I also provide webshell login and password to my customers.

Yes, it may be given, WebShell uses each user’s Unix account.


I do have one more query, I wanted to know, how does it works.

Hi Laxex,

WebShell run as SUID root CGI script in order to check user’s password in the system password database.
After that, when there is a match, it changes it’s effective user ID to the users’ ID and all other operations are performed as this user.

Thanx, for providing me such a valuable information.

You are welcome. Please contact us at anytime.

Customize 404 error pages


I do have my website, which is around 3 years old, the website is having almost 500 to 600 pages, I do want to customize 404 error pages.

You can use .htaccess file for this.
will it be easy?
It is just made up of a few simple instructions in a text file.
Do you allow, users to access .htaccess.
Our Apache web server supports .htaccess.
What I can do with this .htaccess file?
You can protect your folders by giving password , redirecting users automatically, create custom error pages, can change your file extensions, banning users with certian IP addresses, only allowing users with certain IP addresses, stopping directory listings and using a different file as the index file. These are few of the advantages of using .htacess file.
And how can I create this file?
You can download the .htaccess file from server and then add your code to the beginning.

You can use text editor Notepad for writing this file, and save the file as:
“.htaccess” (including the quotes). If you are not able to save this file you can save it with the name htaccess.txt and then upload it to the server. Once you have uploaded the file you can then rename it using an FTP program.

Customizing error pages

I want to give my site more professional look by providing my user my customized error page, when he tries to open the non-existing page. Please do provide me the steps, for using .htaccess for doing this.

You can customize error pages, but for that you need to know the error number like 404 for page not found.

Now in .htaccess file you need to enter:

ErrorDocument errornumber /file.html

For example if, there is a file, NotFound.htm in error directory, and you wanted to use it for the 404 error, then you need to enter:

ErrorDocument 404 /error/NotFound.htm

These are some of the most common errors:

401 – Authorization Required
400 – Bad request
403 – Forbidden
500 – Internal Server Error
404 – Wrong page

My Site is at risk

I am facing a very big problem, if someone types the directory name into the browser, a full listing of all the files in that directory is shown. This could be a security risk for my site.

This is because, you don’t have no index file in your directory. To prevent this either you create a index page or if you don’t want to create lot of index files, then, you can enter a command into your .htaccess file to stop the directory list from being shown:

Options -Indexes

Ban IP’s

On my site, I am using the Live person, so whoever comes to my, I gets his complete information, its IP also, but, I do want to ban some of the IP’s, as I am getting some troubles from there, can I do that, and how to do.

Most of the Internet users, now have a dynamic IP address, so this is not always the best way to limit usage.
You can block an IP address by typing the following in the .htaccess file:

deny from

where is the IP address.

If you only specify 1 or 2 of the groups of numbers, you will block a whole range.

You can allow an IP address by using:

allow from

where is the IP address.
If you only specify 1 or 2 of the groups of numbers, you will allow a whole range.

If you want to deny everyone from accessing a directory, you can use:

deny from all

but this will still allow scripts to use the files in the directory.

MyDating.php to be an index file

I have index.php file, in my dating site, but, I want that the file mydating.php should be an index file

You can do this by using the .htaccess file

Alternate index files are entered in a list. The server will work from left to right, checking to see if each file exists, if none of them exisit it will display a directory listing (unless, of course, you have turned this off).

DirectoryIndex mydating.php index.php index.html index.htm