The Ups and Downs of Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated webhosting server is not shared with others. User will have full run of the server’s resources. Dedicated server providers offer the ability to select the software which user wants to install on a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting is more expensive than any other hosting options. Maintenance of such a server can be a big challenge for website owners.

Dedicated hosting: a step forward:

Dedicated hosting depend on the overall use of the server, this will include the OS, database of user’s choice. Servers can be customized according to the customer requirements. The main criteria for choosing dedicated hosting are:-

  1. No hidden cost: The main advantage of dedicated hosting is that it’s costing is clear without any uncertainty.
  2. Custom setup: For dedicated hosting user can choose both type of OS which are MS Windows and Open source Linux. The user choice depends upon the kind of application running on the dedicated server.
  3. Plenty of storage: In this hosting, user has an abundant storage and he also can add hard disk without any condition in terms of cost.
  4. Location of server: The main factor of SEO is download speed or time. The website performance can be managed by user in case of this hosting. It is easy to configure dedicated server with CDN network to speed up page download for visitors.

Ups of dedicated hosting:

There are following reasons:-

Reliability: User can use all the bandwidth according to requirement as no other website is there. Dedicated server has an ability to give reliable service to large volumes of traffic.

Flexibility: When user doesn’t have any share then it is more flexible. User can manage configuration of server.

Security: A particular level of security comes with dedicated server due to the reason that no one else has access to server except that organization that offers web hosting services.

Performance: It offers more reliability, as it provides higher performance. If a user want to upload photos with high resolution or video clips that require high bandwidth will not take ages to load. There is not any page loading problem.

How dedicate server can be beneficial for your company :

Dedicated servers can be beneficial in many ways:-

Dedicated servers are cost-effective:

To build an IT infrastructure, expanding capital to acquire equipment requires continual management. Dedicated server hosting company provides mission-critical hosting resources at fixed monthly price.

Dedicated servers are optimized to business requirements:

A leading dedicated server hosting will custom-configures servers and network optimization according to the business needs. Companies make infrastructure solutions and data into environments which are not designed specifically for the task.

Dedicated servers are more secure in terms of viruses:

Within the IT space server and network security has become a very specialized subset of skills. Many companies operate with on-premises infrastructure to manage security risks. Enterprise-class hosting providers bind infrastructure in multiple layers of physical security and biometric access controls like hand geometry scanners.

Downs of dedicated hosting:

Cost: Dedicated hosting comes with a higher price as user has his own right on the server in which website is hosted. No other website is there on the server. Maintaining and repairing of a dedicated server can be a big challenge for website owners.

Technical Knowledge: User must have some technical knowledge to manage the server with installing, upgrading, configuring and monitoring programs. User has to know how to add websites, deal with hackers and be able to fix problems that generally occurs with dedicated web hosting.


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Virtual Dedicated Web Hosting

Cpwebhosting a leader in providing web hosting services at affordable prices. Cpwebhosting offers you a virtual dedicated web hosting. Cpwebhosting virtual dedicated server lets you run your sites as if you had your own ‘dedicated’ server, except it is cheaper because you are really just using part of a server that has been split into multiple virtual dedicated servers.

With virtual dedicated web hosting you’ll get a much larger chunk of bandwidth compared to shared hosting, and none of the problems that go with a shared host. You can also get multiple IP addresses that are exclusive to your sites.

You’ll probably spend a bit more on hosting each month. The main disadvantage of upgrading to virtual dedicated hosting is that you will need to be more technically proficient so that you can administer the server.

This requires a bit of time learning the necessary Linux skills to make sure your server runs smoothly.
With the increased speed and bandwidth that a virtual dedicated host offers, and none of the shared hosting headaches, the move is one you will never regret. So, the question now becomes, are to ready and willing to take-on the challenge of virtual dedicated web hosting and save yourself some hard earned cash? The choice is yours.

Managed Windows Hosting

If we concerned about dedicated hosting then the thing comes in our mind a reliable fully flashed server only for us and when it comes to the security and flexibility of hosting services, managed dedicated web hosting is something you really need. You can host multiple websites, run huge online business and perform your marketing programs without looking aside technical issues and staff with managed dedicated server hosting by cpwebhosting.
We also offers various business strategy plans for dedicated hosting like we offer managed web site hosting services for the clients worldwide with the most innovative features and resources. You can\’t go wrong while choosing cpwebhosting as your managed dedicated web hosting provider as our team of highly educated professionals will monitor all the server’s operations and help with all technical issues that may arise with your managed dedicated server hosting account.
This act can enhance your work ability and reliability for us,so you can join us and feel the reality.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting services are type of web hosting where the hosting supplier takes care of fundamental software and settings. Managed hosting is an extension of dedicated hosting where the required hardware is acknowledged by the hosting provider. It is most appropriate when anyone need powerful hosting without taking any pain about the routine maintenance and management tasks.

Costing to Managed Hosting:

Moving data to managed server hosting takes time and resources as moving from one hosting provider to another. Some tasks may take longer like user may need to request a reboot of server. The upfront costs of managed server hosting is much lower than in-house server whereas ongoing costs are constant. There is a limitation of software in managed server hosting so user has to choose the software according to the requirements of the server which is right for the long-term.

Some top managed hosting provider companies are:-

  • GoDaddy
  • LiquidWeb
  • SingleHop
  • Inmotionhosting
  • 100tb

Managed hosting provider:

Managed hosting provider is very important to business. There are no official guidelines for managed hosting provider as each offers different packages at different prices, with different levels of security and support. User need to know what level of support can expect from managed hosting provider. These are as follows:-

  1. What support has to be offered?
  2. Who should take responsibility for backups?
  3. What is hardware replacement policy of this hosting?
  4. Will they provide support for the software?
  5. Who restores the data and gets the server running correctly?
  6. Whose responsibility is there to reinstall all the software?

How does it benefit your customer?

There are some points on which managed server provide benefit to the customer:-

  1. Customer support: It should provide 24/7 technical support with their core focus being hosting.
  2. Better cost profile: There should be moving costs from capital to operational budget for economies of scale.
  3. Control: There should be full control over IT solutions to be maintained.
  4. Reduced risk: Business data centers should be more secure with full redundancy. It provides managed security offerings including load balancer, intrusion detection and prevention, platform monitoring and management.

Who should take Managed Hosting?

Users need to look for industry and business related qualifications to choose managed hosting provider which are as follows:

  1. ISO27001 Information Security Management.
  2. ISO20001 IT Service Management.
  3. ISO9001 Quality Management Certification: It explains quality throughout the business.

User also wants to see some specific software and security qualifications such as:-

MCSE, RHCE, LPIC, Ethical Hacker

What Managed hosting includes ?

Managed Hosting includes the following:

  1. Server Monitoring: This is the process of scanning the servers in search of any potential failures; these failures can be removed before they convert into major disruption.
  2. Security: This includes virus scanning, firewall configuration and OS updates in addition of data centre security measures.
  3. Full Back-up & storage: A company losing data can cause a loss of money, time and customer trust. All reliable and personal information is stored securely.
  4. Server Configuration & Maintenance: Managed hosting providers offer expert staff to ensure that hosting solution is configured to meet the customer’s requirement.

Some Risks:

There are some risks using managed server hosting:-

  1. Sensitive data: Although hosts guarantee safety of data on user’s site, but they cannot guarantee about their employee violation of trust and access sensitive material.
  2. Fraud: There have been cases of customer’s bills with hidden charges by hosting providers. User should take time to research of hosting provider before signing a contract.


Rajat SudanYeshaswiDeepali Bansal

All about Managed hosting

Managed Hosting bridges the gap between the ease-of-use of standard webhosting services to co-location. Managed Hosting is essentially a service where you have complete administrative abilities over a system provided by your internet service provider, but they set it up, provide the computer to your specifications, and keep it up to date.
Web hosts have been offering dedicated servers for a while now, however, because dedicated servers can be difficult to operate technically, there has been a demand for web hosts to provide extra services such as: reporting and monitoring; managed load balancing; managed security; managed storage; and, managed databases. These extra services are referred to as ‘managed hosting’.
Managed hosting is ideal for the new online businesses person, looking to build a large online business, and wanting to avoid the extra time and resources spent in-house on managing their dedicated servers. In-turn, managed web hosting has provided a profitable outcome to many online businesses by preventing a waste of valuable resources spent on high skilled employees; months of staff training; and, costs of hardware and software.

What should I look for in a managed hosting provider?

When choosing a managed hosting provider it is a good idea that your host provides the following qualities:

Reliable and fast support a good way to find out the response rate and the quality of the services offered by a web host is to send them an email before you sign up with them. If you receive a good response from your web host then this should give you a good indication of the services they are offering.

Freedom its important to have as much freedom as possible and having the ability to choose from a wide range of services is essential. With managed hosting you might decide that you don’t require firewall support, its important that your web host will provide you with the option of selecting exactly what you need and what you don’t need. Also having the ability to pay monthly is a huge advantage. It will be less of a drain on your budget and you can avoid any expensive yearly contracts.

Fast and reliable connection You should find out exactly what sort of connection the web host has to the Internet. By asking the web host they should be able to send you their network and connectivity details, you might even be able to find this out on their web site. Also find out where the web hosts Network Operations Center (NOC) is located, it is an advantage for the web host to have its NOC located in the USA as the USA has the fastest and most reliable internet connection in the world.

Competitiveness When searching for a managed hosting provider it is important to do your research. Each web host will be offering different managed hosting services all at different rates, you might find that one web host may offer one attractive managed hosting service while another doesn’t. However, as many more web hosts are beginning to offer managed hosting, a new competitive market is developing and the prices for managed hosting are becoming much more affordable with many more services being offered.

Find Dedicated Servers Web Hosting

cpwebhosting-Dedicated Server hosting offers you the opportunity to rent an entire server. We give you the independence to customize the server as you want. When you choose Dedicated Hosting you lease pre-configured equipment and connectivity from us. You choose operating system and software and adapt it to your needs. Dedicated Server resides in private premises with its own independent operating system, web server, mail server, and software instances. You have remote access to the server and you can customize the server to your own needs.

The average person or company does not need dedicated web hosting for their website; this service is more appropriate for companies or organizations with an extremely high volume of traffic like cpwebhosting:who upwards of 6 million hits a day. The website and the auxiliary components are usually stored and operated at a remote location which saves the company money and valuable space. Companies prefer remote locations in case of emergencies, such as natural disasters when they must depend on safety and reliability of the web host and data.

cpwebhosting : Standard Features of Dedicated Web Hosting:
There are a variety of leasing options for clients. The biggest variables affecting price are:

  1. Bandwidth,
  2. Hard-drive space
  3. Memory

Most of our plans include the following features:

  1. File Transfer Protocol,
  2. Web- Based E-mail Accounts
  3. Domain Name System

Dedicated Servers Web Hosting

The average person or company does not need dedicated web hosting for their website; this service is more appropriate for companies or organizations with an extremely high volume of traffic: upwards of 5 million hits a day. The website and the auxiliary components are usually stored and operated at a remote location which saves the company money and valuable space. Companies prefer remote locations in case of emergencies, such as natural disasters when they must depend on safety and reliability of the web host and data.
Unlike Shared Hosting where you share server with other web site owners, Dedicated Server hosting offers you the opportunity to rent an entire server. You can customize the server as you want.

When you choose Dedicated Hosting you lease pre-configured equipment and connectivity from the provider. You choose operating system and software and adapt it to your needs. Dedicated Server resides in private premises with its own independent operating system, web server, mail server, and software instances. You have remote access to the server and you can customize the server to your own needs.

The provider, however, remains responsible for administration, maintenance of hardware, support, connectivity, power, etc. The server is owned by the web host and you don\’t have physical access to the server.
Dedicated Hosting requires more time, financial and human resources than shared hosting. If you think you\’re not familiar enough with configurating server you should check whether your hosting provider offers set up and installation assistance as well as ongoing support.

Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting Services

Dedicated hosting is especially for a business holder who doesn’t want to share information’s with other users fully managed dedicated hosting solutions offer professional performance and flexibility to meet your demanding web hosting needs. We at cpwebhosting want to understand your requirements and ensure that your server suits your needs today and in the nearest future. Take advantage of our secure and professional fully managed web hosting solutions.

For a better environment and for better service we offered many more wonderful features like our entire fully managed dedicated hosting services feature high density, powerful servers, multiple and high-speed connections to the Internet, and our secure and climate controlled data center. If you are looking for safe, reliable and fully managed server hosting plan, cpwebhosting has the ideal solution for you! Feel free to choose the affordable and fully managed dedicated hosting services that will meet all your hosting needs.
So through us you can work in a good dedicated enviorement.

Dedicated Hosting Services

Cpwebhosting provides you the various ranges of dedicated hosting services with unmatched level of flexibility, customization and power as compared to shared hosting solution. Our dedicated hosting plans are the best in the hosting industry. Cpwebhosting provides you the best dedicated web hosting services with top-notch security, connectivity and support.
Cpwebhosting is a professional managed dedicated web server hosting company. We provide you the extensive collection of dedicated website hosting solutions to meet any needs and requirement.

Cpwebhosting provides extensive range of services, features, tools and resources included in the dedicated server hosting plans allows full control on your dedicated server and website running. We provide excellent dedicated hosting services and unparallel support 24hiurs a day and 7days a week. Cpwebhosting, measure our success by your success and do our best to let you adapt in fast-changing business environment.

We offer you the most flexible and secure dedicated hosting services at a fraction of price other companies can provide. Get to know more about dedicated website hosting plans by cpwebhosting and choose the one that will meet all your current and future needs.

Windows Dedicated Hosting

Cpwebhosting provides you reliable and professional windows dedicated hosting to achieve all your goals and get estimated results. At Cpwebhosting realize the importance of quality windows dedicated server hosting for your success in highly-competitive market. Everything you may need for your website you will find in Windows dedicated hosting plans with abound features, resources and services. Managed Windows hosting accounts include fast and secure servers, multiple useful tools and high quality customer service.

Cpwebhosting is having experience in providing windows dedicated server and keep us with all the industry’s standards of security and reliability. We at cpwebhosting do our best to deliver you the features you were looking for a long time. Cpwebhosting offers the one stop solution for all your managed windows hosting needs.

Cpwebhosting allows you to focus entirely on running your business but not solving any technical issues as with us you will get 24/7 experienced tech support and protection in world class datacenter. Windows dedicated server of cpwebhosting is having everything to get your website up and running.

Cpwebhosting provides you high speed connection, security, reliability and unmatched tech support. We are also offers you multiple advantages in each windows dedicated server hosting solution to make your hosting experience among the best in the industry.