Domain Name Registration Process?

I want to register a domain name for my family website .What is the Process of Domain Name Registration ?

There are five (5) steps to follow to register a Domain Name:

1. Search for a Domain Name. If it is available confirm intention to register.

2. Select the registration term, and provide your contact details and DNS information.

3. Review the information for correctness.

4. Agree to the Service Agreement.

5. Provide payment information and submit your request.

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How long does the Domain Name Registration Process take?

The process takes only few minutes

Register a Domain Name without website?

I want to register a domain name but I don’t have a Web Site; Can I still register a Domain Name?

Yes. u can register a Domain Name.
You don’t need to have an existing web site or be a registered business to register a Domain Name. You can register a domain name at any time and start your online identity.

Same Domain Name registration

I have Register a Domain can I be assured that no one else can register my Domain Name?

Top-level Domain Name availability is verified by accredited Registrars through a universal database of available Top-level Domain Names. This database is called the SRS or Shared Registration System and what it does is prevent a Domain Name that is successfully registered from being registered through another Domain Name registration site.

Need in order to register a domain name ?

I want to register a domain name.What do I need in order to register it?

In order to register a Domain Name you will need to provide the following information:

1. Provide the following personal information for the Domain Name owner and Administrative, Technical and Billing contacts.
a. First Name
b. Last Name
c. Email Address
d. Postal Address
e. Tax ID Number

2. Create the following to secure your Domain Name account:
a. Username and Password
b. PromptQuestion and Answer

3. Provide your Domain Name Server (DNS) information which can be obtained from your website hosting company

4. Read and accept our service agreement.

5. Provide your credit card and billing information for payment purposes.

Domain Name period

How long does a registration last? Can it be renewed?

Currently the initial registration period is 1 year. The maximum registration period is 10 years

yes, u can renew your domain name

Can I automatically renew my Domain Name?

Yes. The user has the option to renew a Domain Name from 1 to 10 years at a time. Go to Manage Domains and select renew registrations. Select the Domain Name you wish to renew, enter your payment details and click the renew button.

Domain name detail

I want to register a domain name but which domain name,i want to register is already can i find, who registered it ?

If a Domain Name is already registered, a WhoIs search will give you the details of whom it is registered to. If it is not registered no details will come up this it is an available registration.

Domain name for Business website

I want to register a domain name for my Business website.plz. suggest me how to choose a domain name for this.

To create a domain name for this type of website here are a few guidelines:
1. Shorter is better
2. Make the name easy to pronounce
3. Think long term
4. Stick to Categories and Topics
5. Do a trademark search
6. Always have a tag line

Virtual domain

What is a virtual domain?

Virtual Domain means having your own domain ( without having to purchase expensive server hardware and software. With a Virtual Domain, you utilize our server’s storage space and internet connection, while, you are still professionally represented via your own personal Internet web address or domain name ( and by your own personal e-mail address (

Characters of domain names

I want to register a domain name.What characters can i used in a domain?

A domain can contain numbers (0-9), letters (a-z) or hyphen (-). A domain cannot begin or end with the hyphen (-) nor they can be in consecutive order. Empty space is not allowed in the domain name. Domain names must be at least 3 and at most 63 characters long. A domain name is not case-sensitive, so you can use upper or lowercase letters when using your new domain.