Cancel a domain name

I have a Domain name. Can I cancel a domain name?

Once you have submitted your domain name for registration, your payment will be processed and your domain submitted for registration. It cannot normally be cancelled without still paying the standard registration fees – this is because as soon as we have submitted the domain the registrar will enter it on the central database and invoice us for the central registry fees.

Of course once your have your domain name – if you decide you no longer need the domain you can cancel it at any time before it comes due for renewal (usually 2 years) and will not then be liable to pay renewal fees on that domain name.

How many domain names are currently registered?

can any body tell me How many domain names are currently registered?

The .com domain type is by far the most popular – there are in excess of 9 million .com domain names currently registered worldwide!

The .net domain type is the second most popular with over 1.3 million domains registered.

The .org domain type is the third most popular with over 820,000 domains registered.

There are over 750,000 .uk domain names registered.

In total there are currently in excess of 17 million domain names registered worldwide and over 300,000 names are being registered each week!

These figures were last calculated June 2000.

Profit with domain names

I have some Domain name. how can I can make very good profit with domain names.

There are some steps to make very good profit with domain names:-

Use Affiliate Programs- Use affiliate programs to make a profit with domain names. You can become affiliate and earn commission on the visits to the sites which you have placed on your web pages. Also you can have a reciprocal link to those sites, which will bring you more visitors.

Park Your Domain Names – If you think that your domain names has potential for resale, then park it on the servers of the companies that offer such services. You will be able to advertise about the availability of the domain and sell it just by paying a portion of the advertising revenue

other steps are:-

Buy and sell – Buy domain names that have potential for resale. Buy domain names at a price and then sale it at higher price and make a profit with domain names. Fast domain names may help you to make a profit instantly. You can buy domain names in wholesales and then sell these domain names one by one. You can also become wholesaler of domain names by registering with some web sites.

Redirect to Your Own Site– From the domain redirect the user to your own site. This way you will have more visitors to your site and more business. You will make a profit with domain names you have.

These are also benificial steps:-

Get a popular name – To make a good profit with fast domain names, get a popular domain name. People are ready to pay more for a popular domain name. You will have more customers and so will get more money for a domain name.

Get an expired domain name – Buy a expired fast domain name. Expired domain names have the extra advantage of getting the regular and old customers along with the expired domain name. You can sell it at a higher price.

Point the domain problem

I have just started a new site but I don’t seem to be able to point the domain at the server. I have never had this problem before. Anyone know what you are supposed to do?

you visit your domain registrar control panel and look for an option which allows you to transfer / modify your name servers and update these to those provided by your new hosting provider.

Valuable Domains

Nowadays most domains are stuf like etc. are used

How valuable will these things be once all 4 letter domain names are taken? I’ve seen many auctions at SP where people aren’t even biting at these domains.

So is there value overinflated or is it that once all the 4 letter domains are taken the value for these things will shoot up?

2-3 letters are more valuable than 4 letters domain. In term of value between the com,net , .com is the most profitable.

4 letter domains arent that valuable unless they are real words.

yes, i agree. important is real word and related to site.

i still experimenting, seem like 4-5 letter domain, ranked faster on multiple keyword. keyword based domain, only ranked well for that particular keyword. this my concern about SEO site.

i think it depends on what the 4 letters actually are and if it has any relevance to more than one large company that could use it for there site…things like that to push the value up.

.INFO domains good or bad

I seen many website with .INFO domains. Is .INFO domains good or bad

From my experience, .info domains are great if you are looking to make a minisite. For professional websites, it isn’t the best option though.

.info are my second best choice after .coms

.INFO is good for informative websites not for all sites.
basic internet user have hard times to remember .INFO urls because .INFO it’s not so well known.

.info names are great for informational site. You must have a name that fits the extention well, just like any other extention.

“i” or “e” prefix before domain name

If you wanted to buy a domain name with a keyword in it with either an “i” or “e” prefix before it, which is better & would be worth more. For example, or

I like “e” as well, but both would probably be great domains

It depends, at some places “e” is good (like email) and at some places “i” is good (like iphone). It really depends on keyword.
I think “e” would worth more since it is commonly used in online buisness. for examples ebay etc..
Yes, I was thinking that the “e” would’ve been the best one.
I think “e” would worth more since it can be taken as “electronic”.

Favourite Domain name extension?

What is Your favourite Domain name extension?

Mine is .com as well, with .info being my second favorite.

depends.. I like .com names, but if I was to make a information site, I would use .info

Undoubtedly, .com is always the king.

I only buy .com domains

My favourite extension will always be .com, but most of the time, I will still register .ca, .net, and .org variations of the domain.

.com if i can find a nice name but .net is fine.

.com no doubt.

least favourite extension?

What is Your least favourite extension?

My least favorite extension is definately .cc.. I can’t stand it.

I also hate .cc extensions.

Mine is .ws

Any extension except .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, and .info.

I really hate .name, it’s too long and unoriginal.

My favourite is only .com

I really dont like .pro

Renew your Domain names

How long before expiration do you renew your names?

On important names, a couple of months, on less important, about one month…

3 to 4 weeks on names I’m sure to keep.Go up to the last day on some that I am not sure of dropping.

usually several days before expiration.

Usually about a week before expiration, most (maybe all) add the remaining time onto the extra year or whatever you pay for anyway, so no point hanging on if you dont need to.