Hosted E-Commerce Platforms

To own online store or a web store and to run the same is fun for some people. However, if someone thinks about the same from generating revenue or earning a point of view, without a doubt, it is a real source of income.
In the market, several numbers of hosted e-commerce platforms are available and to select the one, is a difficult task, as most people are not aware of these platforms. So, here some of the best-hosted e-commerce platforms are covered which are beneficial in setting up and manage an online store speedily at affordable prices.

Best Hosted E-commerce Platforms

  • Shopify– One of the best-hosted e-commerce platform available in the market. It is the most reputed and fruitful online shopping cart tool as it has adapted app store, used when a user wishes to expand the size of its online store. With this app store, hundreds of apps are provided by Shopify with a choice of professional themes. It offers features abandoned cart recovery, Point of sale system, Mobile app, with unlimited data transfer capacity and other products. Its packages begin at a price of $14 per month.
  • BigCommerce– A reputed and famous online shopping cart tool for small to mid-size businesses. Features offered are gift cards, real-time shipping quotes, customer support rendered for 24*7 via e-mail, live chat, phone, abandoned cart recovery, unlimited disk space, bandwidth and several other products. It can be integrated with Google Shopping, eBay, and others in a user-friendly way and certified by Google trusted store. Its packages start at a price of $29.95 per month.
  • Yahoo Store– One of the famous shopping carts meant for small businesses. Yahoo Store was the first one which provides an online eCommerce solution. A well known and a reliable brand offers impressive features, several options of integration for payment providers, a system for inventory control and back office with shipping carriers. Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and other products are offered. Yahoo store provides with no. of discounts on services it offers; 20% discount offered when user click on Yahoo/Bing advertising network. Packages start at a price of $19.95 a month.
  • Volusion– After Yahoo store, Volusion comes on the second one. A famous online brand ranges from leading 10,000 websites to the entire web. It is too cheap also, starter plan offered at $15 per month comes with required features with abandoned cart recovery. Essential features offered are Built-in Deal of the Day option, integration with eBay and Amazon, Built-in loyalty program.
  • 1ShoppingCart– An overall online e-commerce solution permits for setting up and manage a web store with integrating the payment functionality to the website. Features offered are shopping cart, autoresponders for follow up with clients, built-in integrated affiliate program, great upsell abilities with proper support. It is an expensive e-commerce platform.
  • Wix– A free Website builder also offers e-commerce features. It has gained popularity recently and famous among youths. It is different from other platforms regarding providing excellent visual design interface which is used to position each and every element of the website in the color user wish. It is a cost-effective platform as it does not incur any transaction costs and packages offered at low prices. With instant and user-friendly setup, a visual editor with no. of templates are provided.
  • X-Cart Cloud– An open source hosted e-commerce platform version of X-Cart Downloadable continuously working with the team of developers for improving their products. Good features it offers are Cloud Search, Point of Sale module comes with the Standard Edition with no transaction fees. Its starter plan is offered at $19.95 a month.
  • 3dcart– An unpopular online e-commerce platform, people are not much aware of this, yet it is rich regarding features. No transaction fees, features offered especially for web developers with mobile front-end and a mobile back-end with SEO and no. of shipping options. Yes, but it is not a cost-effective option, so users who are looking for an affordable platform, for them, not a good option.


All of the above given online shopping carts are very much different regarding tools, and some of them have same. The Good thing is that they all are available for a try at free of cost but for that have some patience as it takes a little bit time. Rest it depends on users budget, features required and pattern of usability.

eCommerce Web Hosting Provider

Ecommerce hosting is a type of website hosting which is used to meet the needs of an electronic commerce site. Ecommerce hosting is different from usual web hosting. In basic web hosting service, there are few requirements which are different from e-commerce web hosting. It includes SSL, database support, shopping cart software, etc. but in electronic commerce web hosting additional e-commerce software and security, initiatives are included.

Ecommerce hosting is designed to provide entrepreneurs and businesses fundamentally with all the tools and services needed to set, manage and convey an eCommerce business. Ecommerce hosting offered by various web hosting service providers. It appends eCommerce functions as well as it also renders web server to host an individual’s website, an email server for email support, SEO server, technical support and other facilities required during web hosting.

Functions of eCommerce Web Hosting

Electronic commerce or more ordinarily known as e-commerce deduces technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange or commonly called EDI, inventory management systems and automated data collection systems. Nowadays eCommerce uses the internet for at least one part of the conduct or carrying on of trade despite it can also use other technologies.

Various uses of eCommerce Businesses

Ecommerce web hosting used for online shopping websites. It is for retail sales forthwith to consumers. It can also use to participate in online marketplaces, which process various businesses to consumer or consumer to consumer sales. It is utilized for business to business buying and selling.
Ecommerce web hosting can also employ for gathering and use demographic data through web contacts and social media. As well as business to business electronic data exchange via both ways. Ecommerce web hosting can be utilized for marketing. Prospective and established customers can be contacted via email or fax. Ecommerce web hosting can be used to contact various individuals for launching new products and services.

Selecting an eCommerce Web Hosting Provider

When a person decides to go for eCommerce web hosting, then he should choose a service provider which is right for his e-commerce business & fulfill all of his requirements. An individual should double check with the service provider whether they have all the tools & software which comes & are must to have for hosting e-commerce website. After reviewing all the requirements, a person should introspect now for support provided by eCommerce web hosting provider after selling its services. Ecommerce web hosting company is supposed to render full support to its customers at any time or most of the time.

An individual need to confirm through reviews or other sources that the e-commerce web hosting provider he is selecting is genuine. An important point related to web hosting which an individual never forget & that is up time of his website. It is the time for which services will be available to the customers through its web hosting providers. It should be 99% or more if it is 99.9% then nothing like it. Now let’s come to the final thing an individual should enquire about before buying any services & it is refund policy. Ecommerce web hosting company, if valid one then must have a return policy within some period.


After solving all the queries mentioned, an individual can go for eCommerce website hosting.

Ecommerce Domain Hosting

E-commerce domain hosting is a website hosting service which is used to meet the needs of an electronic commerce site. An individual can use a new or existing domain name for his eCommerce site. It helps an individual to configure their existing domain, or he can buy a new one.

Difference between eCommerce Web Hosting & Usual Web Hosting

Ecommerce hosting is different from standard web hosting, but domain name may remain the same. In basic web hosting service, there are few requirements which are different from e-commerce web hosting, but that will not affect domain in any case. This includes SSL, database support, shopping cart software, etc. but in eCommerce web hosting additional eCommerce software and security initiatives are included. Ecommerce hosting is designed to provide entrepreneurs and businesses fundamentally with all the tools and services needed to set, manage and convey an eCommerce business.
Ecommerce hosting offered by various web hosting service providers. It appends eCommerce functions as well as it also renders web server to host an individual’s website, an email server for email support, SEO server, technical support and other facilities required during web hosting.

Domain Name Registration

For registering a domain name, there are two ways an individual go through. First one is to do it through buying hosting rights from a web hosting provider. Another one is to register a domain name with an organization known as ICANN with the help of a domain name registrar directly. While doing this an individual needs to pay some fee. It is must for all people who want to register their domain name. For eCommerce domain hosting, a procedure is same, and a person needs to register his domain name initially to start hosting. Without domain name registration, it is not possible to host a website & start any business. Through domain name, only a customer can reach to an individual & an individual can get customers for running his business through his domain name.

Various Methods of Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration done through different ways. One of them is to decide route preferred by an individual. He needs a place then to store files or content, and he wants to display on his eCommerce website. He can do it on his computer or else can store them on another company’s servers, depends wholly on his choice. Most web hosting services can register a domain name for an individual’s website. He needs to select his way, and he wants to take and follow the appropriate set of instructions.
An individual needs to verify with his ISP means Internet service providers. He can go for the web hosting only if his ISP allows him to do. There are two TLDs or better known as Top-level Domains used ordinarily, and that is .com or .net. On any of these TLDs, an individual can use to register his domain name. These are available at a high price than other TLDs. There are more domains available for registering a domain name, and these are .info, .biz etc. which are available at a low price than TLDs, used for a better business purpose.


Ecommerce hosting is different from usual web hosting only in the means of business, but domain name remains the same for both types of hosting, it totally depends on an individual.

Best E-commerce Hosting


E-commerce stands for electronic commerce. It just means any business or commercial transaction. It involves the transfer of information through the Internet. It helps to buy or sell products online, by using digital and physical way.


A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service. It allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible through the World Wide Web. Web hosts are the companies who provide space on a server which may be leased or owned for use by clients & provide Internet connectivity too. Web hosts also provide data center space to the Internet for other servers located in their data center.

Feature of eCommerce Web Hosting

Best e-commerce hosting includes all features of the personal plan, advanced anti-spam protection, free static IP & SSL certificate, Stats2 web analytics and much more. These web hosting companies also offer Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, free Domain, merchant account support, dedicated secure SSL certificate, toll-free 24/7/365 tech support, instant account activation, money back guarantee, unlimited email accounts, enterprise-class webmail, and much more.

One Stop Shop

These best e-commerce web hosting offers you everything you need to set up your online store. Everything already built in whether it is a site, newsletters, store, blog, email, CRM or point of sale.

Mobile and Social Ready

This web hosting has responsive themes. It helps you to provide the great look of your online store on mobile phones and tablets automatically. It also helps you to sell on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest by linking them to your products.

Powerful Admin

This e-commerce web hosting helps you to manage your store with the ease-of-use platform. It has intuitive, responsive, streamlined design for simple & efficient store management.

24x7x365 Expert Support

These best e-commerce web hosting offers you 24X7X365 technical support, always there to help & assist you. Whenever any problem occurs, you just need to contact support, and your problem gets resolved as soon as possible. The toll-free facility is also available. You can call, email or chat with their experts at any time, free of charge. Their customer support staffs are knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated & skilled.

Regularly Updated

Your business needs the latest technology to stay competitive. That is why these web hosting companies regularly refresh the platform with new releases time to time.

Faster Response Times

They offer you the fastest response times. This helps you to remain updated in your business.

Sell easily, quickly and securely

Ecommerce web hosting helps to sell anything online. It makes easier to create, design, and manage your store easily. Their built-in features help you to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Conversion Optimized Themes

These web hosting companies have various conversion optimized themes. From which you can select, apply, and get started quickly. They have a professionally designed theme that looks great and converts visitors into buyers.

Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Provider

Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Provider offers website hosting packages. These packages are the leading solution for all e-commerce internet needs. They offer various features with their “basic” packages, such as – mailing lists, AllWebCo websites feature, pre-configured CGI scripts, daily statistics, shopping carts and much more.
There is various web hosting company available in the market who are specialized in Business Web Hosting. Their all-inclusive robust Business Plan brings e-commerce website hosting to a whole new level. It is also designed for a small business with web hosting needs which grow over time. These e-commerce web hosting plan can fulfill almost every needs and requirement.

E-Commerce Web Hosting Benefits

The word E-commerce or Electronic Commerce is the facilitation of trading in services and products, done by using computer networks such as the Internet. The phrase E-commerce hosting explains a website hosting platform which is used to provide electronic commerce site.
This type of hosting includes Database support, payment processing services, SSL, Shopping cart software along with additional security initiatives and e-commerce software. Through this article, users will get complete information about E-commerce hosting, its benefits, and other useful info.

Overview of E-commerce Web Hosting

Unreliable infrastructure, poor website performance, and security vulnerabilities can damage your online revenue generation plans. E-commerce hosting helps internet retailers to come out from these obstacles. This high technology web hosting designed to meet stringent security measures through which retailers experience unparallel levels of performance and safety.
Its operating systems are fully configured to increase site performance and minimize exposure to current and future threats. Along with this, it optimized reliability, overall performance, and efficiency by removing unnecessary applications and data.

Shared VS Dedicated Ecommerce Web Hosting:-

If users are planning for their present or future internet needs, an issue of shared and dedicated hosting will possibly consider. If we go through with their positive and negative approaches, it can be dramatic.
Shared web server, sometimes also called virtual hosting, mainly shares resources with other websites. Moreover, multiple sites hosted on the same physical server.
On the other hand, dedicated server, user’s site is the only one on a server.

Why Ecommerce Web Hosting?

E-commerce Website Hosting is very featured rich. Let’s have a look:

  • Managed Firewalls– Through e-commerce hosting, company enterprise grade firewalls, fully manage their configuration and examine performance to increase security for PCI DSS compliant e-commerce solution.
  • Superfast Network– It’s fast fiber network was designed to deliver excellent performance to support immersive e-commerce experiences. Now almost every hosting provider offer fast performance and reach customers demand and expectations rapidly.
  • Secure Web Application Firewall– Fully managed security as a service WAF, designed upon alert logic technologies, provides sharp and proactive security.

Benefits of Ecommerce Web Hosting:-

  • Persuasive performance and experience– It is always a challenging act to deliver balancing website performance and expertise. However, due to fully optimized infrastructure, wholly operated a super high-speed network and components like AnyCast and CDN, enabling users to be experienced the best online shoppers without any sacrificing in performance in online marketing.
  • Shopping cart benefits– Through this excellent shopping cart benefit, allowing users to make a purchase on sites quickly and easily. Ecommerce hosting ensures hassle-free and secure checkout for customers along with PayPal and Google Checkout Integration, UPS and Fedex payment security software and shipping calculations for USPS.
  • High Uptime– Most e-commerce hosting providers guarantee high uptime rates of 99.9%. It is important to provide high uptime percentage for businesses to maintain a reliable and professional image on the internet.
  • Security– Since safety is a top concern, e-commerce hosting providers has introduced top-notch security concept to keep the site safe from hackers and viruses. This will gives customers peace of mind to make purchases on the site. SSL certification provides encryption technology to transmit data safely. Web sites are typically monitored 24/7 and detect any questionable activity.

List of Ecommerce Web Hosting Companies:-

To sell product and services online, a reliable and secure website is an important consideration. Here check out the names of some top e-commerce hosting providers:

  • BluehostSiteground
  • UK web solutions direct
  • IPage
  • Clook
  • Layershift
  • Rackspace
  • ekmPowershop
  • oDaddy
  • Shopify

Conclusion:- Overall, E-commerce hosting business provides other companies whatever they require to sell services and products on the internet. It includes website design along with catalog pages. This type of hosting also includes providing templates for building virtual storefronts, offering software for customized electronic shopping cart, arranging for secure credit card purchasing and tools for managing and tracking inventory.

Cheap e-Commerce Hosting

E-Commerce Hosting

E-Commerce Hosting comprises of two words, ‘E-Commerce’, means business activities conducted between seller and buyer through online mode and ‘Hosting’ means purchasing space on a computer server to make site accessible over the web. When both of them integrates, it refers to E-Commerce Hosting.
E-Commerce hosting implies any business in which two parties enter into a contract, first party, means an online store purchase space on a computer server of a second party, means an e-commerce hosting company to make its business site accessible over world wide web so that different business activities and transactions can be conducted online. With purchasing of space on a server, other things which are required to run any online business is all offered by an e-commerce hosting company to web stores.

Cheap e-Commerce Hosting

After having a brief introduction to E-Commerce hosting, now let’s move to the topic. From the above it is clear ‘What is E-Commerce hosting and why it is required’. So, it simply denotes the e-commerce hosted platform or e-commerce hosting companies who are offering their services at cheap or low prices to their clients.

Cheap & Best E-Commerce Hosted Platforms

  • BigCommerce– It is considered as one of the best e-commerce hosted platform which is quite affordable too. It does not charge any transaction fees on the packages cost above $79.95 per month. It is an affordable platform, especially for mid-sized web stores. It offers various designs or themes with features for conversion optimisation and multi-channel and SEO marketing.
  • 3dcart– One of the most cost effective hosted e-commerce platform. It does not involve any kind of transaction fees, and its hosting packages starts at a nominal price of $19.99. its services are offered at low prices. It offers flexibility as it offers a no. of features and options for customizing the online store as per the requirements of the user. Overall, it is a prompt and light weight platform.
  • Volusion– A well known and recognized brand offering affordable e-commerce solutions to a no. of clients. Various e-commerce templates are offered, and user is required to choose among them. Processing fees charged is low, and it does not involve any fees for transactions. Starter plan begins at a very minimal price of only $ 15 per month.
  • Yahoo Store– It is an affordable hosted shopping cart offers online e-commerce solutions. A set of features is offered includes unlimited products, disk space, and bandwidth. It starts at a lower price of $19.95. This platform has the biggest market share in leading 10,000 and 1,00,000 websites.
  • Wix– A free website builder recently gained so much popularity among all the range of users. With impressive e-commerce features, excellent virtual design interface is offered at affordable prices. Services are offered at low prices involves setup in a simple and easy way and does not involve any fees for transactions except the monthly charges. It is priced at only $120 for the complete year, quite reasonable.
  • X-Cart Cloud– A reliable and low priced hosted e-commerce platform incurs no transaction fees. It is an open source product, packages begin at only $19.95 per month, making it this a reasonable option.
  • Etsy– A unique and affordable hosted e-commerce platform hosting 30 million users all over the world at affordable prices. User is required to pay only 3.5 percent for every transaction and $0.20, a one time fee for each and every item given in the list.

Cheap & Best E-Commerce Hosting Companies

  • Hub– A best and most cost effective E-Commerce hosting company offers best features, best support, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains with 90 days money back guarantee at just $ 1.95.
  • Justhost– An affordable e-commerce hosting option comes with unlimited features like disk space, bandwidth, domains with anytime money back guarantee is offered with 24*7 customer support at just $ 3.75 per month. It ensures instant setup for WordPress, Joomla.
  • Fatcow– With unlimited disk space and bandwidth, lifetime free domain, instant setup for free, no hidden charges, fatcow offers e-commerce hosting solutions at $3.67 only.
  • Hostclear– Packages begins at a price of $3.95 includes free domain, host unlimited domains, bandwidth with anytime money back guarantee offers high quality and reliable e-commerce hosting solutions.
  • IX Web Hosting– E-Commerce hosting plans with a shared SSL Certificate for free, unlimited storage and bandwidth and customer support offered at just $3.95 per month.

Ecommerce Hosting

The word “E-Commerce hosting” is formed by using two words E-Commerce and Hosting. In simple words, E-Commerce refers to purchasing and selling of goods and services via online. Hosting refers to assigning space to a website on a server to make it accessible over the web at anytime and anywhere.

So, E-commerce hosting refers to a business in which one service provider offer everything to online companies which they required for running their online business. Online business means purchasing and selling of products and services on the World Wide Web so to conduct the same, whatever need by companies, is provided by a service provider.

It includes a Web server for serving web pages of business, Web site design and some specific capabilities required for accepting, processing, and confirming the sales orders. E-commerce hosting comprises of an offering of templates to develop online catalogs, providing software to build customized online shopping carts, take the orders from clients and file the same, make arrangements for safe and secure purchasing of a credit card, and providing an inventory tracking and management tools.

How E-Commerce Hosting works

When an organization wishes to conduct the business via online mode, the first thing it requires, space on E-Commerce hosting providers server to make the Business site accessible over the web. For this, both companies enter into an agreement to purchase and sell hosting space on a server. Billing usually is done on a monthly basis with the leasing of software to process online orders. Hosting server offered to run on any platform, shared if other clients are also there and dedicated if the company expects a substantial amount of traffic.

Payment processed in a secure and reliable manner and to ensure the same, e-commerce hosting companies encourages setting up of Web merchant accounts. These are bank accounts created for the purpose of processing transactions related to MasterCard, Visa, Discover credit card, American Express. The domain name of the company also gets registered by some of the e-commerce organizing companies as a part of a hosting package.

Technical aspects required building, hosting and maintaining a business site of their clients, and e-commerce hosting companies manage all these. For small size companies, it is considered as cost efficient than creating and maintaining online sites on their own as the cost involved in buying expensive equipment and in establishing web connections with other service providers is shared between two.

Besides above, e-commerce hosting providers may offer other services such as collecting demographic information or other mainly for the purpose of marketing, EDI, B2B transactions (business-to-business e-commerce).

Best Hosted E-Commerce Platforms for Online Store

E-commerce platform comes under two categories: hosted and self-hosted.

Hosted reflects that website will be hosted by the company, while self-hosted indicates that software will be provided by company and web hosting will be done by the client himself. It’s suggestion, go for a Hosted platform as it offers stability with dedicated support and high uptime server guarantee. But on the other side, it incurred a monthly fee, which can be even quite high also, depends on the service provider chosen.

Some of the Best Hosted E-Commerce Platforms

  • Shopify– A famous online tool for shopping cart favorite among small shops.
  • BigCommerce– a great online shopping cart popular among small to mid-sized online stores.
    Yahoo Store- A reputed and reliable brand and the first one which provides online e-commerce services for small businesses.
  • Volusion– After Yahoo Store, a second most famous online shopping cart popular among all size businesses.
  • 1ShoppingCart– An all-rounder solution permits setting up of a web store and integrates payment functionality to daily sites.
  • Wix– A well known free website builder providing e-commerce features in their packages.
  • X-Cart Cloud– An open source product and a hosted version of X-Cart Downloadable.

A list given above does not include all but the best, or top ones are here. They all have some tools standard and some tools entirely different from each other. So, it depends on the user’s requirement and budget, to go for which hosted e-commerce platform. After choosing the same, a user can purchase the services of a good e-commerce hosting company who is using the same platform and can run his online business successfully.

Online shopping

Many fashion sites like infibeam gain rank in the online gold rush regarding books and electronics. Although clothing shoppers were cautious about logical reasons. Nowadays, service of online fashion is going

Shoppers are not able to provide any item immediately according to the requirement still has other benefits. Customers get benefits by online clothes shopping to order some sizes and try them at their home according to their comfort. They can send back if they feel uncomfortable in size. No rush in parking, dressing room and no tracking for missing tag by a sales person. According to a survey in 2012 online clothing sales was only 13% and nowadays it has reached good level.

Product videos, lookbooks, magazine quality content and better photography help buyers to make their minds what to wear. Reviews of shopper are helping to increase clothing sales. More tools are there to find the right size or selecting more colors, will gain more online customers which enhance online sales. Many other methods help to develop include flash sales and daily deals, cross-channel integration gains access regarding sales information and reliable inventory counts by smartphone apps. Shop shelf or company website help to ship in-store pick-up, whether in company store or social networking. Shoppers can upload videos regarding users modeling clothes on their shopping sites.

More people are interested in online shopping for their convenience. Customers have better options, more choices, and easy access for many international brands that can’t be easily available on local shops. A good content can attract customers, so useful descriptions are there to make knowledge about a specific brand. On behalf of this description, people can easily order their required stuff.

Retailers are developing innovative ways to influence customers like to develop same key words and applying learning strategies, making price dynamic to stars, providing online loyalty programs with some schemes. The Internet is gaining rush or unlimited access which improves the in-store experience so they can compete with shoppers. Comparison of price will be easier, and expectation of shopper’s increases in many fields like more informed sales staff and some innovative items are required. Retails have to make proper use of huge data to enhance shopper’s experiences.

Many options of shopping are available on a particular site. For example, a website of purchase like provides numerous items related to men and women both to shop. It is providing clothes, footwear’s, accessories of various things, artificial jewelry stuff and much more. These all are readily available on a single site. The user can find quickly and order more than one item from his home. No need to go outside to shop for different items in separate stores.

Best Ecommerce Hosting In UK

Are you Looking for cheap web eCommerce hosting services? How much do you pay for the e-commerce web hosting? These are general questions arise in every customer’s mind before choosing any hosting. In every business including large or small organization and individual, sole proprietorship, require a website at affordable price.
The UK web hosting industry has strongly established and very active in the global marketplace. If you are looking to sell services and products online, below you can find top 10 eCommerce web hosting providers. This list has estimated many biggest and favorite players on the UK web hosting. Scoring has been done according to reliability, features offered, price value, customer services and more.

List of Best Ecommerce Hosting in the UK:

  • BigCommerce– Most well-liked hosted solution in the UK. It is home to nearly 1500 British Estores. Due to hike in traffic, your online store will not crash.
    This hosting company comes with features such as search engine, automated generated XML sitemaps, SEO formatted pages.
    Bigcommerce creates an easy going environment for customers.
    You can choose from a variety of templates to create beautiful sites. Moreover, get access to the backend for developing your custom template.
  • Shopify is mobile friendly and the most modern eCommerce platform.
    The company has proven to be efficient, reliable and cheap hosting solution for customers looking to create a low-cost shop. Shopify has introduced a range of modern tools like purchase journey analytics and gift cards. Security in the online shopping of Shopify certified as PCI compliant.
    In the UK, Shopify is a second favorite choice of e-commerce provider. For business owners who want to set up and hassle free services, Shopify is the best option. Customers can choose from free and paid themes, and free options are reasonable decent looking. Shopify allows a business owner to manage their inventory and develop collections of products.
  • UK Web Solutions Direct has given reliable and quick services along with 1click installs via WHM and cPanel. Managed VPS and Managed Server options are also available for those who need more support for eCommerce hosting. From the last 13 years in web hosting industries, this company delivers full knowledge and experience with best web hosting. There plan packages give premium services as standard, including data backups and spam protection to secure mailbox from junk mailers.
  • Clook is the another website host in the UK. Their server supports a broad range of e-store solutions including Zen Cart, Xcart system, Magento, and OpenCart systems for online shopping with payment processing.
  • Godaddy is the well established and most popular eCommerce hosting provider. It has rock solid global presence and huge client base. The company has provided a range of innovative online marketing tools and domain names.
  • Siteground offers solution optimized for e-commerce applications. They install OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop and other popular eCommerce at zero cost, free CDN and advanced caching options to make customer’s experience enjoyable and fast. The customer can choose between 18 e-commerce applications in Softaculus Autoinstaller in cPanel which can easily install.
  • HostPapa- Plan packages offered by Hostpapa, which is unique and allow an unlimited number of products, unmetered storage space, email accounts and bandwidth. Prices rely on some monthly sales volume.


Overall, Best eCommerce hosting platform depends on your budget and basic feature requirements. You can choose from these hosting providers to enjoy features and schemes offered by the companies. All hosting companies are very different tools, pricing, and usability.

eCommerce DNS Hosting

Electronic Commerce

Electronic commerce is commonly written as e-commerce. It is the trading of services or products by using computer networks, like – the Internet. It draws on technologies, like – electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, mobile commerce, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, online transaction processing, and automated data collection systems. Modern e-commerce usually uses the World Wide Web for at least one part of the transaction’s life cycle. It also uses other technologies like e-mail.

E-commerce businesses offers – Online shopping websites for retail sales direct to consumers which provides online marketplaces, process third-party business-to-consumer or consumer-to-consumer sales, business-to-business buying and selling, gathering and using demographic data via social media and web contacts, business-to-business electronic data interchange, establish customers through e-mail or fax (for example, with newsletters), engaging in retail for launching new products and services and many more.

DNS Hosting Service

A DNS hosting is a service which runs Domain Name System servers. Most domain name registrars include DNS hosting service with registration. There are many companies who offer free DNS hosting services also.

Domain Name Registrar

A domain name registrar is an organization or commercial entity who manages the reservation of Internet domain names. A domain name registrar must be accredited by a generic top-level domain registry or a country code top-level domain registry.

Domain Name

The domain is a subnetwork made up of a group of clients and servers under the control of one central security database over a local area network (LAN). In a domain, users authenticate once to a centralized server known as a domain controller, instead of repeating authentication to individual services or servers.

Online Shopping Cart

In online marketing, a shopping cart is a piece of e-commerce software on a web server which offers visitors to an Internet site to select items for ultimate purchase.

B2C E-commerce Site

The term B2C refers to the online selling of products in which the retailers or the manufacturers sell their products to consumers over the Internet. It is one of four categories of e-commerce, along with B2B (business to business), C2C (customer to customer) and C2B (consumer to business).

E-commerce Hosting

E-commerce hosting is an attractive option for many online businesses. It provides e-commerce functionality to its customers. Many web-hosting services providers are capable of providing a web server to host your website along with an email server and with many other standard web-hosting features. They offer an extensive selection of professionally designed website templates which are fully customizable. You can modify the fonts, layout, colors, images, backgrounds, and buttons. There are lots of stock images in the Image Library, which help you to create the perfect website.

eCommerce Domain Hosting

There is various E-commerce domain hosting companies in the market. These companies provide the global approach to the organization. They assist you to increase your new buyers & to retain the old buyers. They have lots of plans from which you can choose any of the plans as per your need & budget. These companies have various packages too. These packages are customizable also. You can customize it as per your need. You can upgrade the plan as your business grows. These companies bring something new on a daily basis.