Sends the email feedback to a Distribution List in his Outlook

one of my client has requested a form that sends the email feedback to a Distribution List in his Outlook Contacts. So…is there a way to code a form to pull the emial addresses from an Outlook Contact distribution list?

This looks like an attempt to steal email addresses from an address book and spam the heck out of them. Is that what you are trying to do?

You can save the contacts as a text file and input them all to a database which is stored on the web server.Then when the form sends an email it can send it to all the addresses.

If your outlook uses exchange server on active directory. I believe you can then query the server using ldap to get what you want.

Zip a directory on hosted server

I’m moving hosts and one of my directories is huge, so I’m wondering if there’s a way to zip it up before I transfer it to the new server. this is on a windows server and I can only run classic ASP on this account.

any suggestion

There wasn’t a way to do it with that host. However, If the new host uses cpanel and there is a way to zip and unzip via the file manager utility.

Contact your host and ask them to do it.

Upload images to send as an email attachment using ASP

Does anyone know how to upload images to send as an email attachment using ASP?

Thanks in advance

here is a scrip that attaches the file from your server

<BODY BGCOLOR="white">

<H1>aspSmartMail : Sample 5</H1>

    On error resume next

    Dim mySmartMail
    Set mySmartMail = Server.CreateObject("aspSmartMail.SmartMail")

'   Mail Server
'   ***********
    mySmartMail.Server = ""
    mySmartMail.ServerPort = 25
    mySmartMail.ServerTimeOut = 35

'   From
'   ****
    mySmartMail.SenderName = "Your Name"
    mySmartMail.SenderAddress = ""

'   To
'   **
    mySmartMail.Recipients.Add "", "Friend0's name"
    mySmartMail.Recipients.Add "", "Friend1's name"

'   Carbon copy
'   ***********
    mySmartMail.CCs.Add "", "Friend2's name"

'   Blind carbon copy
'   *****************
    mySmartMail.BCCs.Add "", "Friend3's name"

'   Reply To
'   ********
    mySmartMail.ReplyTos.Add "", "Friend4's name"

'   Message
'   *******
    mySmartMail.Subject = "aspSmartMail Sample 5"
    mySmartMail.Body = "This mail which has been sent with aspSmartMail."

'   Parameters
'   **********
    mySmartMail.DateTime = "Wed, 23 febr 2000 12:00 +0600"
    mySmartMail.Organization = "your Society Inc."
    mySmartMail.XMailer = "Your Web Application"
    mySmartMail.Priority = 1
    mySmartMail.ReturnReceipt = false
    mySmartMail.ConfirmRead = true
    mySmartMail.ContentType = "text/plain"
    mySmartMail.Charset = "us-ascii"
    mySmartMail.Encoding = "base64"

'   Attached file
'   *************
    mySmartMail.Attachments.Add Server.MapPath("aspSmartMailsample.txt"), false

'   Send the message
'   ****************

    if err.number <> 0 then

        response.write("Error n° " &  err.number - vbobjecterror & " = " & err.description  & "<br>")


        Response.Write "aspSmartMail has sent your message with this file as attachment : <br>"
        Response.Write mySmartMail.Attachments.Item(1).FilePathName

    end if

    set mySmartMail = nothing


sp code in a text file

I need to write asp code in a text file ( .txt extension) . How do i make it work?

You can use notepad to write the code and save the textfile as .asp or .txt for safekeeping.

Thanx for reply but i need a way to make asp engine parse the text file as asp file.

you need to configre your server to use ASP for .txt extensions

Yes, Unless you have access to configure the server this is impossible.