How to Encrypt Dropbox Files

How to Encrypt Dropbox Files

Privacy is the one word on everyone’s mind. It all began with the NSA leak, but it definitely doesn’t end there. It’s now more than obvious that any company based on U.S. soil is susceptible to government scrutiny, and that includes the possibility that the government may take a peek at your private files.


Bare-metal Servers: Perfect For The Cloud

Bare-metal Servers: Perfect For The Cloud

When choosing a cloud hosting provider, you might want to consider one that offers bare-metal servers. Not only do they offer greater flexibility, they bring a higher level of performance than dedicated hosting.

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Dalai Lama’s Chinese Website Hacked, Visitors At Risk

Dalai Lama’s Chinese Website Hacked, Visitors At Risk

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Hacking of your cheap hosting website is a real threat, no matter who you are. That’s right, even the Dalai Lama has fallen victim. An expert is betting the viruses that are infecting all visitors were put there to keep watch on those human rights activists that frequent the website. Review Review

Flavors are good. Baskin Robbins has 31 of them, and is an amazing way to set up a really great looking site in no time. If you’re tired of WordPress or you just want something different, offers a cheap hosting alternative and a fast way to put up a site. review

All About Google’s Dynamic Remarketing

All About Google’s Dynamic Remarketing

Have you heard about Google’s new Dynamic Remarketing strategy for your cheap hosting website? If you’re an online retailer, this is a great program. Users may feel differently! Let’s say you just looked at backpacks for the kids’ first day back at school. You clicked away to another site, and there are those backpacks you just looked at in the form of an advertisement. What gives? How did they know you just looked at those backpacks?

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Zendesk: A Complete Review

Zendesk: A Complete Review

Your cheap hosting site needs a solid customer service solution. No matter how big your customer service department is or what your cheap hosting site is selling, you can put the power of cloud-based Zendesk to work for you! Over 30,000 companies around the world (Zappos, Box, Airbnb, Tumblr, Sony, and Groupon to name a few) rely on this solution for one simple reason: its simplicity. Easy to use. Easy to buy. Easy to implement. Easy to integrate every form of support you may offer (email, chat, social media, Internet, etc).

WordPress For Your Online Training Site

WordPress For Your Online Training Site

You are building an online training site for your employees on new software they’ll have to work with. Where do you begin, and how do you do it easily? Rely on WordPress and a plugin called WP Courseware!


Should Cloud Companies Move to Canada?

Should Cloud Companies Move to Canada?

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Today, one of the most popular Google searches is “non-Us cloud-based companies.” Cloud users not living in the states have been frightened away by government spying. That’s not good news for cloud hosting companies based in the USA. But, it might be good news for cloud companies in other countries.

Do Your Terms of Use Hold Up In Court?

Do Your Terms of Use Hold Up In Court?

Terms of Use are something that every website must have. Even if you’re just running a cheap hosting company, chances are that you have a ‘Terms of Use’ blurb on your page. What you might not realize is that many sites boast Terms of Use jargon that is completely illegal.

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Ananova’s contest starts today!

Ananova’s contest starts today!

Got Tech Skills? Prove It! You Could Win $1000!

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