Monitoring tools

Web hosting providers are offering some utilities and features to clients with every hosting plan, whether dedicated hosting or shared hosting. Besides other features, web hosting monitoring tools are available.

Consider the number of facets connected with the service if any user owns an online business and subscribes to a web hosting plan from a service provider. With every hosting plan, whether it is dedicated or shared, several utilities and features are provided by the service provider.

Web hosting monitoring tools are the most available feature beyond other features. These tools help business organisations not only understand their customers but also focus on their online businesses. There are some advantages that monitoring tools provide businesses:

Users can’t monitor websites for 24 hours, but it is important for webmasters to generate revenue from their websites and to fix things during downtime unless they suffer huge revenue losses. Anyone who is not making revenue from their website then, from a reputation point of view, their site will go down for hours.

4 Great Website Speed Measuring Tools

There are many benefits to online monitoring tools:

A website is a microscopic platform used to create a bridge between potential users and services. If one is offering quality services, visitors will visit the website again and again. Controlling and tracking website visitor traffic is difficult for website administrators.If someone wants to try manually, it becomes tougher. Monitoring tools help to track the visitor traffic and create a log file of related records on the website. Records have some information, such as:

  1. Many visitors to the website.
  2. Part of the website has more visitors.
  3. A piece of content has frequently been downloaded.

Precise Statistics

For webmasters, these tools are very helpful and important. Website insight from these tools is very important. Analysed data is available in many forms, like web server log files, web hosting logs, etc. Several solutions related to analytics are available, through which web hosting data will be accessed by webmasters. To analyse traffic details, these data are helpful to convey information quickly about website activities.

Security check tools:

If a website will be exposed to the outside world, then there should be the possibility of threats. Malware attacks can be harmful to the use of information stored on websites. The best hosting service provider provides infrastructure, the best team for the job, and data centre support with appropriate security tools. It prevents any website attack that is not reliable or the introduction of SQL from sources.

Some Online Monitoring Tools: Brief Description:

Pingdom: It is important for paid monitoring services to offer a free account. This free service lets anyone monitor a single website because it comes with a free iPhone app and provides a solution to monitor the status of websites.

Uptrends: Free options are better suited to providing uptime data than alert-based services. Once the button is embedded on a website, this tool is used to monitor website uptime every 30 minutes from worldwide checkpoints.

Web Hosting Monitoring Tools for Enhanced Statistics

The status of unlimited websites will be checked by this tool every 15 minutes. It alerts clients via SMS or email about any kind of trouble. The daily uptime report is generated with a 2-week history. Besides these, services are used to add defaults, emergency alert schedules, and backups according to preferences.

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