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Cpwebhosting provides you advanced e-commerce features and tools like SSL Certificates, shopping carts, Asp.Net support, etc. with one web hosting plan.

When your server is down this can negatively affect the results of your business that’s why you should look for web hosting service provider that ensures high-speed connections, unparalleled uptime and experienced technical support. Do you want to minimize your ecommerce risks? Web hosting service provider cpwebhosting guarantees that your site is absolutely protected and could be reached from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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Website Hosting Services

Website hosting is a type of internet hosting service that allows organizations and individuals to make website accessible through the World Wide Web. Web hosts are those companies who provide space on those servers which are owned for use by their clients and also providing internet connectivity in data center. Web hosts provides internet connectivity and data center space for servers to those clients who do not possess their server .It also provide facility to the client who has their own server to be located in their data center, called Housing. The most basic form is small scale file hosting, where files can be uploaded through File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The subscribers are provided free services by ISPs. For personal web pages Single Page hosting is more efficient.

Unparalleled hosting :

Businesses looking for affordable, high quality and up to date hosting infrastructure are able to take benefits from the services offered by Digital server. It provides the most virtuous web hosting, cloud and domain registration services. It allows clients to host more than 1 domain on the same space. The company’s technical support is convenient for clients to troubleshoot problems and get answers of queries within minutes. Another offering of DigitalServer is “esbueno” which is their premium dedicated server offering under Windows or Linux. The settings provide a variety of low-cost servers with 100% online connectivity. This service provides facility to clients to host accounts, total server customization and gain total access to the WHM control panel. The company is also offering reseller hosting services. This service is used to sell web hosting services without having to make high capital investments during setting up virtual dedicated server plans.

Cloud hosting impact :

Internet services have been around for a long time but cloud computing is littlebit newer to it. Cloud computing is not a single technology but it is a combination of technologies all working together to deliver information and data through Wide Area Network (WAN). Organizations who are willing to adopt cloud computing environment first they must understand how the cloud environment works. Many different cloud providers are there which have different services but some components will be same. After switching to cloud hosting platform small and large business would definitely gain benefits. The main advantage of cloud hosting is that it is off-site and remote. The infrastructure is supported by an outside provider who will manage the resource utilization, the connection and accessibility into the environment. Cloud computing is built on both dynamic and shared resources. It means shared equipment will be used by user many times. Besides these user can also request to use dedicated hardware or resources as per needed. The most important thing of cloud hosting is its distributed nature. It is a collection of distributed servers which are designed to host customer relations.

Choosing a web host :

Choose a web host with reliable technology that support a site specific to the business. It fulfils all the required criteria for user’s desired online strategy. Some web hosts provides website builder packages. Some templates are advised to fit the criteria with applications, themes, graphics, images and navigation. Industry-specific packages can help in cost cutting to save time in website creation. A web host should offer 24/7 technical support to help their customers according to their needs. Constant accessibility to a support team is necessary to provide good service. The amount of space which is required for website will depend on the expectation of the growth of website. For example, a website requires videos and images then it will need more space.

Hosting provider: best practices :

Hosting companies establish a stable operating environment and reduce additional customer support costs resulting from network operators which are blocking the service frequently. It is also advised that company’s terms and conditions must require customers to keep all software updates. Hosting companies should consider hardware-based intrusion detection system (IDS) which help to deal with an attack, implement internal network telemetry reporting and use software-based security scans and firewalls. There are some feedback loops from network operators which provide reports on abusive email sent from their servers to the hosting companies. This can help to identify potential problems.

Photo Hosting Solutions

A photo has lot of meaning of its own. If there are some photos in anyone’s website then it mean something. So, it will be nice view to host these photos. To host any website online, a reliable photo hosting service is needed.

Choosing online image hosting solution:

There are some tips for choosing right online image hosting solution:-

  • Find out the sizes of largest files: Knowledge of file size helps to choose right tools to handle the files. If one has large, high quality photos then he should need a large image hosting solution.
  • Know what file types will be uploading: Mostly image hosting solutions allow GIF, PNG and JPEG and provide best work for files that are optimized on the web. If anyone is looking to host AI, TIFF or EPS then he will need a more specialized solution.
  • Decide on privacy needs: Users want some files to be private until they are ready to be released. They want some files to share with a selected group and other files they want to be seen by many people. Some solutions provide privacy settings and password protection while others provide public hosting. If they want their files to be private then choose a solution that offers multiple settings.
  • Know how image has to be presented: If anyone is looking to get a URL to share a single image or want to create professional image gallery then all images can be customized with various services. Color, style is to be used to add more style to the pages.
  • Consider what features are needed: E-commerce, custom URLs, social sharing, download options and customization are all important features. Some paid sites provide a watermark to protect photographs that user want to sell.
  • Choose a solution that is easy to use: Always choose a solution that is simple and user friendly. No need to waste time in figure out that how the images can be uploaded and managed.

Some websites of Image hosting and sharing:

Uploading photos has never been easier. The best sites store those photos to keep back up, make their sharing easier, provide tons of space and editing tools and showcase them in good looking galleries. There are some websites which provide Image hosting services:-

Google+ Photos : It gives many tools to mange snapshots, whether they all are automatically uploaded from Android or iOS device or uploaded manually in batches from computer or camera. Google+ Photos provides automatically back up and store photos from multiple sources. It also automatically organizes photos into “moments” or “events “and will automatically create date-based galleries for user so that photos can be shared easily in a group. There is a process named “auto awesome” which can make photos look better.

Flicker : Flicker helps in storing and sharing photos online and it is primary destinations for photographers. Changes have modernized the site’s layout, updated its mobile apps, made galleries more attractive and responsive so user can upload and edit and browse photos from groups and friends any time. It is a good place to host photos, better option to make photos public or private at any time, multiple licensing options and groups for every possible interest. Company is free for an ad-supported account for 1TB of storage. “Pro” is ad-free account option which gives unlimited uploads.

Smugmug : This company has been around for a long time. It never stopped improving, updating and giving its users sharper, more features, more designs and tools they needed for their photos. There are many designs to choose from and anyone can modify all; using company’s built-in tools and user will feel comfortable to modify the layouts himself. It also gives photographers complete control over download options, licensing, watermarking and many other. Photos and videos are uploaded at full resolution. Smugmug is a premium service completely with plans range from $40/yr to $300/yr depend on the amount of storage which user want.

The Best Web Hosting Service Provider

To choose right web hosting customer’s perspective is important. According to the blog 40 percent customer will leave the site if it takes more than 3 second to load and end user conversion to 7 percent. Along with loading time, website uptime also makes effect. The three important features generally asked by newbie users are reliability, speed and support. Traffic volume and size of website also plays a vital role to affect loading time negatively. Shared hosting is the better option for small businesses but future incoming traffic and size of website also matters. For huge traffic and large over disk it is better to select bigger plan.

Some important things to assess are:

  1. Business budget awareness : To choose best web hosting provider, price plays a vital role. If anyone is spending a large amount to prepare business promoting plans then he should be concerned about budget. If website needs less disk space and low bandwidth then there is no use of bigger plans, because it can splash the budget.
  2. Bandwidth Management : There is a question from hosting provider that how much bandwidth should be allocated or any limitation while using? And if there is any limitation, then what cost might occur if limit is infringed? Many provider charge customer with undisclosed prices to gain more profit.
  3. Disk Space : The size of disk must be flexible. If any website is providing music audios, images, videos it means a huge space is required. If anyone has uncertainty about disk space then allocated disk size must accommodate according to the business needs.
  4. Emailing : The email which is particular to business can build strong relations. That hosting provider should be chosen which provides email solution along with its hosting package. A business specific mail is more effective and useful than an email which is provided by a common email provider.
  5. Site statistics : It provides insight to the growth of online business. These statistics help users to analyse how many visitors have gone through website? Where they are from? User may also know about the flaws of website.
  6. Social sentiments and Customer review : Anyone can’t be able to know about the service provided by the company unless he hires that provider’s service. Therefore, to make perception one should choose user reviews and comments from social media about their provided services. In this way wrong decision will not be taken.
  7. Security concern : If anyone is holding e-commerce business then he should primarily focus on data security. One can ask provider about security measures and the tools used to prevent illegal attack. Users are also provided some add-on which includes frequent virus and malware scans to provide an extra security layer.
    • SSL : These certificates are common technique used to exchange data with encryption. SSL ensure that data is transmitted privately; it is just a handshake between two servers. Anyone can determine that whether the site is using SSL or not through its URL. If web address starts with HTTPs it means SSL is used otherwise not. Google trends are focusing on those websites for indexing who are using SSL certificate. These sites are considered more secure and reliable.
    • Firewall Protection : If user‘s website is running on his own server then firewall mechanism is also necessary along with other security measures. The firewall prevents the server from outer disruptions. Firewall protection secures the server from any unauthenticated access as the important data cannot disclose to unauthorized person. There should be backup solution to save data in case of any failure.

Select type of hosting:-

One has to choose best web hosting type according to the business type. Every company offers hosting types. It can be classified into different kinds:-

  1. Shared Hosting : All resources are allocated between multiple clients. This hosting is beneficial for user due its low price which requires less resources and size. Bandwidth is shared among multiple users allow them to use limited share.
  2. Virtual server : These servers are enhanced form of shared servers as resources are allocated with some limitations. Every user is provided his own space for expansion of business. If there is more expansion of business then some extra resources are also added to it. The cost is little higher than shared hosting. User can manage his server by its own according to the requirements.
  3. Dedicated server : This is the most costly server than any other server. Entire server is used by one user only. One should have technical knowledge to hold this server. Many companies are providing dedicated hosting where provider is responsible to provide proper backup, protection and other configuration.

Joomla Best Templates

Learn about Joomla

Joomla is content management system for creating website and powerful online applications. Many feature like ease-of-use and extensibility makes Joomla most popular website CMS. It brings content and modules together for creation of dynamic webpage by using templates. Three functions are required to create Joomla website; Content, Module and Template.

Joomla Templates for websites

Joomla template changes the way your site looks. Two types of templates used by Joomla. Front -end template manages how your website is presented to the user viewing the website’s content. The back-end template takes the administrative tasks which controls by Joomla administrator. Here we discuss some most useful Joomla templates :

JV Furniture Store:

JV furniture stores An Attractive Joomla Template comes with a beautiful color and design which could increase product values and sales. It displays your furniture product in living room, bed room, and office. customers might feel like they are having wonderful,and comfortable life style. Product becomes center of attraction by this template. JV furniture supports Virtuemart, helps to look more professional, simple to manage products and provides the shopping cart on the top right corner. JV furniture supports K2 which is a powerful content option for Joomla. The template has designed to support all retina display devices like iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro Retina and all smart devices with high-resolution.

It is incredible option for launching your furniture or interior design store online. All interactive, clean and crisp themes are available in this template.

As it run on JV framework 3.0 with Bootstrap so enables anyone to feel like they are working on tablets and mobile device. This platform has right to left language layout mode, and Firefox, IE8, Chrome, Safari, Opera web browsers compatibility.

JM -Studio:

JM studioA multi- purpose Joomla template comes with professional Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 photography enthusiasts. An extension and feature supports you to design a stunning and slick new website. By JM Delux layer Slideshow ,users can easily create animated slideshows. The template also expands parallax modules, full screen video, animated scrolling and multiple homepage layouts. You can easily manage the styling and color while having full control over the modules and module positions.

JM-Studio deploys any kind of businesses like industry, school websites, medical websites, corporate companies, blue chip companies, travel and holiday companies. JM-studio includes own custom layouts and own color schemes with no coding experience and uses the easiest layout builder. It includes Mega Menu in the backend interface. Users can define a number of modules around the menu items. Advanced portfolios has also included to make your website a perfect showcase of great content of project.

LTheme : The new Joomla template is built with strong template framework bootstrap with drag-drop layout, 6 color styles and unlimited positions. Being a 100 percent responsive template layout, it works on all smart device and mobile devices as well. The template framework has strong short codes and module positions that make your website more powerful with its easy drag-drop layout content feature. It is built with six different color styles and changeable via template settings much easily with color picker tool. Additionally it comes with many features like: Bootstrap twitter CSS, Font, Helix and Awesome framework.

Now let you try its demo to get more experience and enjoy its wonderful theme.


Deepali Bansal

SSL Certificates are necessary for security of website

SSL Certificates are small data files used to encrypt user’s personal information on a server. Authentication is provided to user for security purpose that their details cannot be shared. Padlock and https protocol are activated at the time of installation on web server. Personal information of users involves are credit card transactions, logins and data transfer.

Security of website

Any entrepreneur aims to develop online business and security issue is underestimated. Internet world is full of risks and threats and building trust of customers is insistent. Anyone can make his business website risk-free place for his customers. More trust shown by customer towards website, more interest in products and services. Customers should believe that their personal information is safe on website. By winning trust of customers successfully, there will be possibilities of long success.

Pricing depends on requirements

Many options are offered by good website security solutions provider at affordable pricing. Analysis of requirements and business scale is necessary before providing authentic website security certificate. User will get trust on server with their personal information by perfect security solutions. Further, validation will be extended. Deeply examination of business is involved providing highest degree of user trust. So, it is necessary to buy SSL certificates.

For unique domain name registration

For domain registration, user must be alert to make a choice. Business is recognized by domain name and brand will be represented. Many things included in process of domain name are of business nature, its intensity and scale, targeted audience and products and services which are dealing. Knowledge of online marketing makes an effective domain name. New online business owner is unable to develop right path then experts will help by implementing knowledge of entire process.

Important illustrations to fix a domain name

  • Most common users can easily understand.
  • In reference of spellings and grammatical mistakes it must be completely error-free.
  • Entire web world is recommended by domain name, so it must be insisted strategically.
  • Business should be close to it as much as possible.
  • If anyone is not capable to select ideal domain name then expert help is recommended.
  • It should be clear, sharp and direct to make customers easy understandable.
  • It should include innovation, creativity, domain name experience and language proficiency.
  • It should not contain any confusing or irrelevant word or expression.

Searching is necessary

At the time of website launch, domain name is most important for both. Research of exact domain name is instant before finalizing domain name for business. Domain name that reflect business idea and is useful for target audience should be selected.

SEO advantages offered by Dedicated IP address

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is science and art both. As the higher search rank of Google, there are more chances of people to see listing. Hence, they visit user’s site and products and services will be purchased. For higher ranking provided, many SEO experts experiments with each characteristic of websites and hosting to make exactly benefits of website which ranks them higher and what can be done to neglect decrease in ranking. One field of intense advise is to focus benefits of websites from Dedicated IP address instead of Shared IP address.

IP address

Device which is connected to Internet can be a PC, a laptop, web host server and a mobile device and has unique IP address. It is a collection of 4 number string, begins from 0 and end up to 255. It will look like:-

Above code helps to identify machine currently using. After identification, data can be send through Internet, means large number of websites can be accessed by user offering by Internet.

Shared IP address

Web host uses server to host website is a single machine with single IP address. At given time, server can host thousands of websites in shared web hosting. Single IP address allocated to host’s server recognizes all these websites.

Dedicated IP address

If anyone has own server and one website only on that server then IP address is dedicated by default. On a particular server, more than one site resides usually. Dedicated IP address is an IP address which is allocated on a server for single website instead of machine itself.

For what Dedicated IP addresses

Dedicated IP addresses are mostly used on larger ecommerce websites for secure encryption. It means sensitive data is stored such as credit card numbers. According to many people, it is more advantageous that a website has its own IP address regarding SEO rather than hundreds of website sharing same IP address.

Is it beneficial having own IP address of website as concerned with SEO?

Speed : In some cases, dedicated IP address can be beneficial for SEO. To a single server, thousands of shared hosting is added. It means websites will have some sharing resources with that sites which will be more successful than its own. Resultant, those sites might slow down website. As site is slower, Google’s ranking further goes down. Unique IP address is added to website doesn’t mean fast loading but it will be migrated to Dedicated Server having Dedicated IP address. Therefore, instead of adding Dedicated IP address of website on shared server, site will be moved to website hosting machine. It gives dedicated IP address to website and pay dividends. Website of client will be more reliable, secure and faster.

SSL : Google has started to give preferences to that websites which has added SSL 2048-bit key certificate. Website URL changes from HTTP to HTTPS. Unique IP addresses are utilized by SSL sites. However, Google has advised some changes in terms of SSL, effecting search less than 1%. It is still authorized SEO benefit. Encryption of website visits is done by SEO. Website that store sensitive information utilizes SSL. Website will be more visible by SSL through public networks and websites can operate fast. It means website might be hit by more visitors and operates more quickly in concern with Google causing higher placements.

Malware : Shared hosting is utilized by server which can port thousands of websites and some sites containing malware. Some observed that user IP address is shared by those sites, so that website will be recognized as ‘bad neighbourhood’ residence and as concerned with search ranking it will be penalized. Dedicated IP address will be more beneficial in these cases and again move website to reliable server and web host.

Off-site SEO techniques for website

For search engines visibility of any website/blog is very important. Users are always trying to increase visibility of their website at search engines. The process used to make better ranking of website at search engines called as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Excellent ranking plays an important role to earn money.

SEO has different types of techniques provides platform to WebPages bringing internet program. User need to optimize website readable by web spiders on priority based. The term SEO refers to business communities getting projects in making user’s website on top ranking at search engines. Importance of SEO can be analyzed by website ranking of desired search engine while searching particular keyword.

Many search engines are providing guidelines about their recent coding and changing. Webmasters can learn from sitemaps of Google to solve problem of indexing of website. On internet many tools are available to find traffic rate on website.

SEO can be differentiated based on white hat and black hat techniques. Black hat techniques help in ranking of website visible for short time. White hat are real and right technique providing long term visibility on search engines. Websites which are optimized through black hat will be blocked within no time span.

There are two kinds of techniques for website optimization on-site and off-site tactics. Each has important role providing visitors to website. Offsite SEO plays vital role and external platforms are used to get huge traffic on website. Following are the ways to mange off-site SEO techniques:

Directories of Articles

System is crushed by latest Panda updates of cultivating links at various forums. Article directories don’t help in building links on website. For SEO purpose these can be strong source to create back links through article. Link farms are used to post back links in huge amount to any website.

Most top directories like Goarticles, Ezine famous sources having strong back link for website. Major advantage of SEO through article directories, that particular traffic is provided regarding website rather than general traffic. An article submission on top directories contribute important thing on internet.


It is essential to engage users in some useful things if anyone wants response at his blog. Many web 2.0 platforms can be savior of website. Visibility of blog depends on search channel mostly but entertainment factor provided by Web2 make site visible. Blogs and Wikis are content management systems of Web2 are good source making website alive. These two are textually rich, interlinked and regularly updated.

Guest Blogging

This is one of the best tools making website visible in search engines. It is a technique by which user gets best results. No extra links will be posted on webpage during guest posting. According to people’s point of view increased back links provide more SEO for website. Extra links posting is not beneficial for SEO but posting content on web page contributes quality thing on web. Blogs of different kinds have their own grammatical rules. User has to read all rules of guest post before contributing anything on website, so that they give according to their rules. Anyone can’t replace quality content written on website and this can be best source for SEO along with back links.

Theme with SEO Optimizing

Search engines and target audience will provide target users by optimizing websites theme. One need to design website in SEO optimized way. To make website visible user has to focus on themed topic thread for search crawlers. Website would lose the chances getting read by search engines without optimized themes. Themes will help in reading website easily. There should not be repetitive keywords so that search crawlers can easily recognize the keyword.

Top domains used to earn huge profits

Website set up is an easy task but choosing domain name is difficult based on unwanted web addresses. The best domains are surprisingly unavailable. Although everything is available for sale, includes domain names also. Dot Com domain and website for Glitter as Service project, has sold for $85,000. sold for $2.45 million.

Top-Selling Domains

Domain Name Journal put 20 most costly domains together in world. Some domains which are gambling-related pulled huge money.

  1. VacationRentals .com: In 2007 this domain sold at $35 million transaction is the highest deal of any domain to date.
  2. Internet .com: This is sold at $18 million in 2009.
  3. Insurance .com: In 2010 this domain sold for $35.6.
  4. PrivateJet .com: This sold at $30.18 million in 2012.
  5. Insure .com: Domain sold for $16 million in 2009.
  6. Fund .com: In 2008 this domain was purchased for $9.9 million which targeted financial service.
  7. Hotels .com: This website sold for $11 million in 2001.
  8. Diamond .com: In 2006 this website acquired for $7.5 million is now working as an online diamond shopping site.
  9. Business .com: This domain is sold in 1999 for $7.5 million.
  10. FB .com: In 2010 Facebook purchased this domain for $8.5 million, it redirects traffic their website.
  11. Beer .com: This domain sold at $7 million in 2004 and is available for website.
  12. Slots .com: In 2010 this website sold at $5.5 million.
  13. Casino .com: This site sold for $5.5 million.
  14. iCloud .com: In 2011 Apple, Inc has purchased this domain for $6 million.
  15. Clothes .com: This domain was acquired by Zappos for $4.9 million in 2008.

Legends of Urban

There was a news about child in 1990s registered and sold to McDonald’s Corporation for several thousands of dollars. The original domain-name holder of was Josh Quittner , an American journalist. Other myths are:

Myth: When anyone register domain name, he will be the owner of domain.

Fact: The truth behind this is to pay for registration of a domain name authorize for a fix amount of time between one and ten years. After ending the primary registration there is renewable fee to continue using domain name. Doing registration is not providing the right to keep domain name forever.

Myth: U.S. Company or resident is required to register domain name.

Fact: Regardless of U.S. Company or citizen anyone can register domain name under most top-level domains. Some countries have specific rules make additional controls to people registering domain names under country’s TLDs.

Myth: Anyone get domain name quick by purchasing and reselling it.

Fact: Anyone can earn money through buying and selling domain names and whole industry has business. Unique domain doesn’t make rich anyone however domain names sold for huge money. Mostly, 90% of domains are there for sale but even not get a single buyer.

Myth: To own a domain name one need a website.

Fact: User can do registration of domain names for projected website or can register domains. Anyone can purchase domain name and decide later to direct the name of new site.

Myth: When anyone register a domain name then he gets website also.

Fact: It is not necessary to get website after registering domain name. Every website needs web hosting company will store files on servers and make website accessible on internet.

Domain names future

Top Domain names are more than in comparison to web addresses. ICANN is a non-profit corporation helps to maintain all Internet domain names and other unique identifiers. With running TLDs, ICANN is busy in adding new TLDs to address future domain names. To activate a brand-new TLD cost can be of more than $100,000.

Some steps to make business website appear more professional

Website designing is now emerging as a business as many new companies are appearing every day. Every organization is trying to attract clients with impressive website according to latest fashion, more content, using bold colours and important features. Websites should be more creative by making simple, clean and clear themes. Launching of non-functional and messy themes lack of visual component and style is not beneficial for any business. Main objective of business website is to make their enterprise successful.

Some steps are there to make business websites more professional:

Website Color should be trendy

Right combination of color make website more attractive and simple to read. On the other hand, inappropriate combination of colors can turn website to loss mode. It can harm the business and make it unsuccessful. Light colors are more impressive in making best website. While developing website for business one should concentrate on simplicity by deciding himself. Color hierarchy can make users to focus on content and information should be defined with different colors and add some layouts to background patterns.

Make Navigation Easy

Website navigation plays very important role for users searching needed section. Many types of navigation are:

  • Horizontal menu bar
  • drop-down menu with sub-pages
  • vertical bar or sidebar menu
  • footer navigation
  • fly-out menu
  • breadcrumb navigation

Top horizontal menu bar is best one to use. During loading of website it is immediately visible easy to operate. Many websites are there having double navigation which are top and bottom menus. No need of scrolling during staying of user at bottom of page. Business website has benefits by navigation. Another navigation scheme for business is sidebar menu. It keeps clean layout.

A catchy introductory Boxon included in Front Page

Many business sites have no intro sections. They are jQuery sliders, content blocks, different geometrical shapes with text. Users will catch information quickly with the help of these details and understand company offering at browsing of site. Welcoming section of front page should not require large, little sentences will be sufficient to combine text with images.

Right Fonts are used

User generally think that website will be good looking if colors are picked successfully, images are uploaded, layout is accurate but nobody has established business yet. Typography plays an important role in website designing as it makes content readable or not. It is very difficult to read hard words close to one another. To spend time on typography choice is better than spend time on connecting unimportant widgets on website.

Balance Multimedia and Text Information

Control of media content is proper in many websites. More specific features are photo portfolios, music related web pages, wedding albums and movie sites. Everything is different in corporate websites, therefore in different themes function are also different. Business site should not be purely text-based. Using images and videos are not sufficient in websites as customers focus on layout and text. Leaving enough white-space on canvas make site readable.

Website should Fly

Loading speed of website should better. Business websites has audience of serious-intended people looking to invest in good project. Therefore, websites should be fast to be observed. Images should be compressed to improve website quality and size as per the requirement. This enhances speed of website. To shorten website loading time, compress CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Contact Form should be added

For perfect corporate website essential part is Contact information and Feedback Form. By this way clients can give direct message to get call back. Contact Form helps in collaboration between an entrepreneur and a client.