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Cpwebhosting also provide some special kind of hosting solutions for the database holders which can be beneficial for them regarding their business point of view.
Also there is some special features provided by the cpwebhosting the secure and affordable database hosting provider offers our clients the wide range of high-speed solutions that are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. All database hosting services offer reliable connectivity, business-class features like multiple email accounts, free dial-up service, technical support that’s available 24/7, and more.

If you are looking for a cheap web hosting plan and for your database hosting then cpwebhosting is the best deal for you because cpwebhosting is one of the most challenging and reliable hosting provider that offers low cost database hosting services for small or medium businesses and enterprises. Every day our hosting company works on improving of our services and increasing the quality of severs, so be sure that your website will be hosted securely and professionally.

The expert hosting company like cpwebhosting is proud to offer you cost effective web hosting with database. We offer you enough disk space for your main website as well as for your alternate or less important projects and enough monthly data transfer to receive thousands of website visitors.


IIX stands for Indonesia internet exchange. The Internet in Indonesia, like most countries, was started at university campuses, but unlike the US, without the involvement of the Military. In the beginning ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung –- Bandung Institute of Technology) and UI (Universitas Indonesia) were the pioneering institutions. The University of Indonesia was especially active in the development of the Indonesian internet, with IANA appointing the University of Indonesia’s Mr. Rahmat M. Samik Ibrahim as the Top Level Domain for Indonesia with the country code .id

The basic internet service that was first introduced in Indonesia was UUCP (UNIX to Unix Copy Protocol), for exchanging e-mail with others in Indonesia as well as the global internet. Without military or other government aid, the high cost of international dedicated transmission was not an option for the connection, and therefore International Direct Dialing (IDD) was used for the UUCP link.

IIX HOSTING web hosting servers are located in IIX (Indonesia Internet Exchange). IIX Web hosting is suitable for a website that has a customer / visitor in the country (Indonesia).

Every IIX Hosting package contained the following features:

  • Control Panel (Cpanel 11.x).
  • Web Based Email (Horde, Squirellmail).
  • Email Accounts POP3, SMTP, Fowarders.
  • Auto Responders, Mail Blocking, Email Aliases.
  • PhpMyAdmin Support.
  • MySQL Databases.
  • Sub-Domains.
  • FTP Accounts.
  • CGI, Perl, PHP, GD, Curl.
  • Secure Server Includes (SSI).
  • File manager.
  • Zend Optimizer.
  • MS Frontpage Extensions.
  • WAP / WML / Wireless.
  • Cron Jobs.
  • Web Based Statistics.
  • Password Protected Files.
  • SMTP Mail Server.
  • Real Audio / Video.
  • MX Record Changes.
  • Shopping Cart.
  • Custom Error Pages.
  • Fantastico.

IIX web hosting service offers three basic plans which are named as expert hosting, business plus hosting and unlimited pro hosting. All of these plans offer unlimited free space and also unlimited bandwidth which is perhaps the most attractive feature being offered.

The basic plan, expert hosting, is being offered at a very low cost. The package includes all basic features and 1 free domain name registration. The two other plans i.e. the business plus and unlimited pro both offer similar features and are available at the same price of about $8 per month.

The companies with iix hosting offers a complete and unconditional 30 day money back guarantee to all the customers.

All package plans in IIX hosting include essential features such as setup utility and website builder and are offered free of charge. These hosting plans have support for most popular developmental tools such as Joomla, WordPress, osCommerce, Yahoo and Google search and MIVA advertisement system.

These companies provide Support & UP Time of 24 hours. These companies also provide technical support via email so that customers can file a detailed description of their problem without any rush. The response time against any complaint is very impressive and they also offer free credit for any downtime that might occur due to any uncontrollable factor. There is a guarantee of 99.9% uptime which can be easily observed during the initial trial period also. If customers have any problem, the company’s technical officers are always available to provide complete technical assistance.

Expert Hosting

expert hosting

Expert Hosting

CPWebHosting offers Expert Hosting Plans to fit any need. No matter whether you’re starting a Blog with Word Press, installing a CMS solution with Drupal, opening a Forum with PHP, starting an Online Store with e-commerce, or any number ventures beyond those mentioned above, our Expert Web Hosting plans are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

As a expert web hosting service provider, it is most essential to know the importance of having a top-notch army of server administrators and specialists who cannot just install, configure, maintain or backup an OS but can effectively keep the server and your website operational with optimum performance.

An expert hosting provider offers a bunch of advanced web servers to ensure fast and prompt response from the server and other vital operating systems resources. Most of the web hosting service providers offer good amount of support in very affordable price on the Operating systems like Windows NT, Sun Solaris UNIX or LINUX.

An additional part of expert hosting provided by CPWebHosting is that you can acquire enough web space to aid additional content, for example pictures, videos and audio tracks. Can be challenging be a vital strategy for making your web blog be noticed, or of communicating information for your readers. Again, without having enough bandwidth, adding this additional content can very seriously lessen the pace of your blog, so having expert hosting professional’s on-hand to offer advice and support is certainly worth the investment.

Expert Hosting Package for Customers:

Price $13.9
No. of Websites 40
Bandwidth provided 200 GB
Disk space given 20 GB
Email Accounts 40
MYSQL Database 40

Expert hosting is that hosting activity which comprises all the Web Hosting features in a perfect manner, it avail the services of Web Hosting in an efficient and convenient way as per the user requirement.

The concept of Expert Hosting undergoes different functionality and strategies if web hosting services are taken into account. This would be clear by the following example which explains the services and strategy rendered and followed by Expert Hosting.

If the strategy of Expert Hosting Online is considered, a person needs not to order products and to be an affiliate member for registering an account on the specific website. Each affiliate user is given a unique affiliate link and banner advertisement that can be post on his/her website, any user who follow the link and purchase the items within a 90 day period will earn that affiliate commission.

A cookie is placed on the user’s computer with a life span of 90 days, if it is purchased within that 90 day period the cookie is used to make sure the correct affiliate earns commission payments. Thus, this system will not work if people delete their cookies meant for corresponding website since there is no way of knowing which affiliate link they came to us from. There may be a minimum amount of commission earnings before a payment is made, if used, the commission delay will usually be set to around 25.00 which means that once an affiliate has earned at least that amount, a payment will be made on the next commission payment run, this usually occurs on the first of each month.

The plan of Expert Web Hosting is designed for webmasters or those who are comfortable with the website development and hosting. The package of Expert Hosting includes cPanel access and pre-installed scripts (wordpress, joomla etc.) for easy automation or installation. It allows us to easily set up and control the website(s) by mean of in-built features i.e. rich Control Panel. With the package of Expert Hosting, up to 10 commercial websites can be hosted. It proves a perfect solution for those acquiring personalized websites. This is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) package. WordPress Hosting Experts can help track down and troubleshoot WordPress issues. The WordPress Hosting Experts are ready to solve every issue and find a solution for every need.

Features Of Expert Hosting

The most common features of Expert hosting are:

  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • Perl, PHP5, C++, Python
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Full CGI Access
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists
  • Free SSL Secure Server
  • Detailed Website Statistics
  • SSH Secure Shell Access
  • Add-on Domains
  • Redundant Nightly Backups
  • Virtual FTP Accounts

It is necessary to hire an expert web host for running online business successfully. If a company has newly started it’s business then it is necessary to check whether their hosting partner is capable enough to deliver the desired services. The basic hosting is sufficient at the time of pre-stage of the business which has been started recently. Not all the startup businessmen are much familiar with the hosting requirements so in such a situation hosting partner should impart knowledge about the benefits of different plans and packages that is suitable for the business.

Any reliable and expert web host can provide the technical assistance to the areas of obstruction which is due to poor performance of the website.

Now we will study about the companies providing services of Expert Web Hosting:

  • The Hosting 24 hosting company : The hosting 24 hosting company was started about 8 years ago to provide expert hosting services to people from all over the world.
  • Maya Web Services : This hosting plan provides much better services so as to meet the requirement of large or personal website.
  • Liquid Web : A variety of Expert Shared Hosting Plans are offered by Liquid web so as to meet out any sort of requirement and this requirement can be start-up of a Blog with word press installation of a CMS solution with Drupal, Forum-opening with PHPBB, start-up of an Online Store etc.

Thus, Expert Hosting is essential to meet out every sort of business need and application which is possible by mean of updated technological features and tools.