Importance of In Text Links from SEO Point of View

What are in text links? In text links are links which are naturally placed with in the content of the page.

Link building has been an important factor in deciding the ranking of a website in the search engine. As the competition grows stronger the accuracy of works need to be refined and the algorithms need to be understood better to beat the competition.

SEO Companies have been running after links, the fact where these links are lying was of very little relevance to them as long as they were coming. But now things are changing we can now which links are better and which links will get you better rankings.

In text links are the best form of links and are better then resource page links where you find loads of links lying. The basic difference is simple.

  • Resource page links are understood as links that are put for link exchange point of view to build ones links popularity ad increase rankings.
  • In text links are put to actually take a visitor to a relevant source of information which the webmaster is recommending.

Way to get in text links The following are the recommended ways to get in text links.

  • Article submission
  • Press releases
  • Hosted marketing pages
  • Blog post

To effectively use these techniques a lot of research is required to get it right. So if you have the will i am sure you can be at top position.

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