Basic Submit – Alta vista

This is the basic submit service which enables the clients to add or remove up to 5 URLs at a time from the AltaVista global database. URLs will generally be evaluated within four to six weeks of submission. Basic Submit is a free service. As discussed with other search engines, free submission might take more than a month until your web pages show up. An automatic submission through submission software may not work with this URL, as it requires insertion of a specific code that is displayed on entering the submission page.
AltaVista’s paid submission program has a fee of $39 per page for six months ($78 for a year).
For additional 2 to 10 web pages the fee is $58 per page per year, whereas for an additional 11 to 500 web pages the fee is $38. AltaVista also provides Bulk Program wherein you can add thousands of web pages at a time. A small fee is charged each time someone clicks on your web page.
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