Want to Change Credit Card Details


My credit VISA credit card has expired, now I want to enter the details of the new card, how to do that ?


From your control panel, Billing section, click on the billing info, a new window will appear in which you would be able to view your current billing info. In front of Edit Billing Profile, a combo box is given, click on the drop down button of that. Select the credit card and click on the Edit button given in front of that, a new window will appear from where you can change your billing contact and info.
To change the Credit card, click on the drop down button of the combo box, given in front the Type, and select the Card. Provide the card info and click on the Add button to make changes.
You will get back to your billing info form, but now you have new options to choose from. By default new Credit Card info is active, but if you had Check payment enabled before, you now can choose if you will remove old billing profile from the system, or if you will keep it, and at some point when it is needed reactivate Check profile again.
If you are sure you will never have use for old profile, then you can delete that, you will be promoted for the deletion, just click on the OK button.

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