Dedicated servers V/S. virtual reseller hosting

Are dedicated servers any better then virtual reseller hosting?
Put your suggestion here

i thought deicated server is good but normal servers are too working better so no need to change but if you are running a great site then change to dedicated server for fast speed

Servers al better than VPS, more ram, more disk, more bandwith, more all
like more responsability

VPS is the medium stage between shared and dedicated, it gives you the opportunity to learn the ropes without wetting your feet, if the VPS server is managed. VPS is usually a makeshift, as any mission-critical project should be hosted on dedicated plan to have ALL the resources at its disposal.
Dedicated server is good for big project.
Dedicated servers are the same servers that hosts use for selling shared or reseller hosting. The difference is that the entire server is yours in a dedicated.Dedicated servers are for medium to Large Business.
A dedicate server is a single server dedicated to a single customer. Most appropriate for users that require lots of disk space or data transfer, as well as sites that are database intensive or have specific software requirements.
I don’t think so. It is just that dedicated servers let you control the entire server and VPS is a part of a server.
Often, the specs of a dedicated server might be *less* powerful than a shared server (at a quality host). Typically, hosts put extra RAM in shared servers that you might not need on your own server (depending on what your sites run). But unlike shared servers, you get all the resources on a dedicated server. So, instead of a small piece of 4GB or 8GB RAM, you get all of whatever you put on your server: 1GB, 2GB, or whatever. Same with CPU and bandwidth.

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