.info v/s .us

Which one is better .info or .us?

What are your opinions on these two extensions?

I preffer .info than .us domain becasue .us domain sounds like my site is from US or for USA citizens.

With .info domain you can target worldwide audience, however .us somewhat doesn’t look good for worldwide audience.

.info is cheaper then .us

I prefer the .info. Not only the price is a lot better, .us is in my opinion (probably is) country bounded (USA)

i also prefer .info as they are generally cheaper, and you can make a good profit from them.

.info for anyone and .us for US, so i prefer .info domains.

I love .us domains.

The other posotive thing about .info is they are universally recognized and u can make money from it much quicker.

I also prefer .info in most cases but .us does have it’s applications also.

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