Reselling Domain Names

Becoming a domain name registrar as a reseller is a great solution for webmasters who registers many domains, and a great money making opportunity for anyone on the Web. Here’s how reselling domain names works and where to sign up to be one.

How Reselling Domain Names Works:
The domain name registrars offers reseller programs to any individual or business who wishes to sign up. If their request is granted an access then they register domains according to the register norms and might sell it to customers again. Even though the buyer pays the reseller and may even access the domain name control panel at the reseller’s site, the domain name is actually registered with the reseller’s parent registrar and all the business transactions is in hands of registrars only. Normally the initial registrar will still take care of all services like registration and customer support.

Driving Down Prices:
Well a Reseller can provide discounts also on registering Domains with registrar. He can then provide any fruitful offers to its customers with this earning.Domain resellers have become very successful by offering these lower prices, and the competition among resellers has driven the price of domain names down from over $35 to as low as $9.95 and still dropping!

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