Free or Paid hosting

There free hosting option is available then why we go for paid hosting.
Which hosting will you prefer Free or Paid and Why?

Paid hosting, as is usually more reliable than free hosting.

For the websites that have long-term targets paid hosting is the best option.

I also suggest you paid hosting because the support ,reliabilty and uptime are the important factor which you get under paid hosting.

You get what you pay for so “paid hosting”

Of cource Paid!!!
because Free hosting don’t intend for solving serious tasks.

The free hosts put up an advertisement either in the form of text link, banner or pop ups on the websites. Many users find these ads take away from the design of their sites and also these ads sometimes are very annoying to the visitors.

Free hosting can help people test their web sites until they decide to turn their websites into serious businesses, or until they need serious hosting service.

If you go with free, then you might need to exchange a link or a banner, or there are hosting companies that use mod_layout in their apache, and so you will have forced ads put on your website.

There are many other feature too which you are not able to get under free hosting(because of costly software) but get under paid one easily.

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