Multiple websites in one webhosting acount

Is there a way to host multiple sites with multiple domains to directories on one host.

I mean

Host with folders
dvd is one site
cd’s is one site
games is one site.

If your hosting company allows and has enabled it you can. It goes by various names. Addon domain is the cPanel name for this.

yes’! There are two methods to do that.

1st method:
You buy a plan hosting –> (in H-sphere) click Add-on –> enter new domain which you wanna create (you must rename domain nameserver before to do), enter directory (domain will associate with) -> [Add]
And your services will create a directory for your domain.
2nd method:

– Create directory
– Add domain to your account
– Go to site manager -> select directory -> select domain associate with
– Finish web hosting service support this feature.

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