Resources and Tools for Search Engine Marketing

*Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO)*The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) was formed recently with the objective of increasing awareness and promoting the value of Search Engine Marketing Services. This is this biggest organization in its field comprising of more than 300 reputed Search Engine Marketing firms.
SEMPO’s mission is to not only increase understanding of Search Engine Marketing amongst marketers but also to provide core educational materials about tools, vendors, consultants, programs and successful search engine marketing campaigns.
SEMPO represents the common interests of more than 300 search engine marketing professionals and provides them with a credible voice in the marketplace. To achieve its objectives, SEMPO will demonstrate how search engine marketing programs have become important components of the marketing mix.
SEMPO’s website can be accessed at Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization – SEMPO
*Tools*We studied a few ROI tracking tools in the earlier section. Listed below are some of the tools that cater to other aspects of Search Engine Marketing.
Alexa, an company was founded in 1996 and provides various services ranging from Web Search and Site Stats to a load of other marketing tools for the webmaster.
The site can be accessed at Alexa the Web Information Company Keyword success SEM tool suite
Keyword Success provides a host of tools for the Search Engine Marketer. These include tools for monitoring web pages with keyword alerts, keyword density analyzers, listing simulators to improve search engine rankings, and tools to measure success of keyword campaigns.
The site can be accessed at phpinfo()
** runs a service that lets you know the link popularity of your website with most of the popular Search Engines. This is an extremely useful tool considering the importance of link popularity for Search Engine Marketing.
The site can be accessed at The Free Link Popularity Service Live Keyword *Analysis*This tool as the name suggests analysis your website’s keyword density. All you have to do is insert the insert your keywords and the text of your web page and automatically receive feedback about your keyword density.
This tool can be accessed at Live Keyword Analysis

*Tools from Marketleap*
Marketleap offers a set of Search Engine Marketing and Analysis tools. These tools also give you critical data necessary to help you improve upon your current search engine marketing efforts.
Some of these are:
• Keyword Verification tools to check whether for a particular keyword your website would be ranked within the top 3 listings of Search Engines
• Search Engine Saturation tools that calculate the number of pages a given search engine has in its index for your website domain
• Link Popularity Check that gives a complete analysis of your link popularity.
The site can be accessed at Marketleap Search Engine Marketing Tools NetMechanic HTML Code checker
This tool checks the HTML code on your web pages for errors. Some of its functions include testing links, checking HTML code, rating page load time, and checking spelling.

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