Steps on Hshpere control panel to create a Temporary SSL Certificate

Temporary certificates are generated from the control panel, not by the trusted authorities, so when visitors enter site, they get the “unknown certification authority” warning window. You can generate a private key and temporary certificate, for that the following steps can be taken:
1. First of all, Select Domain info in the Domain Settings menu.
2. Then you need to Click the Edit icon in the Web Service field.
3. Enable SSL for the domain in the list.
4. In the SSL Support section you need to click on the Import SSL certificate.
5. Now, On the page that shows click Generate a temporary SSL certificate and certificate request.
6. On the page that appears, You need to apply your details by clicking Submit. These data will be used to generate the certificate.
7. You need to follow the instructions that appear at the top of the next page.

* SSL Certificate Signing request includes the details that you submitted on the previous step. Use this request if

you want to get a permanent SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority, such as Comodo CA, Thawte or VeriSign (see

* SSL Server Private Key is the secret key to decrypt messages from your visitors. It must be stored in a secure

place where it is inaccessible to others. Don’t lose this key, you will need it if you get a permanent certificate.
* Temporary SSL Certificate validates your identity and confirms the public key to assure the visitors that they

are communicating with your server, not any other party.
8. In the last step, you need to Click on the Submit Query.

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