Cheap Web Hosting – A Blessing In Disguise?

Depending on the company, cheap web hosting can either be a blessing or complete nightmare. As with everything in life things are cheap for a reason. Whether your site will be hosted on an old server or whether it will have restricted functions, there is always a reason why a host offers cheap web hosting. Sometimes hosting will be cheap initially as the hosts hope to get you to upgrade to a more expensive hosting solution as you discover you need more functionality.

Before you sign up for cheap web hosting ensure that you get the right hosting for you.

The first thing to compare will be bandwidth and disk space. The key point to remember is that disk space costs a host very little whereas bandwidth is quite expensive. So if host A offers you 20gb of bandwidth and 100 megabytes of disk space and host B offers you 500 megabytes of disk space and 15gb of bandwidth Host A is making the better offer.

The next step is to ask the hosts to show you some sites that they are already hosting. You are asking to see these so that you can see the speed that the site opens at. Too slow and you should not use them. It is advisable to check these sites several times during the day as some servers get very busy throughout working hours but quiet for the rest of the time

Never combine your domain name purchases with your website hosting it will give the company too much of a hold over your sites and should you have a dispute they could prevent access to your site or domain. Finally, remember. If cheap web hosting looks too good to be true it most probably is.

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