Reseller hosting

A reseller is basically an independent contractor who buys web space from an ISP and then turns around and sells that same space, in smaller increments, to businesses and individuals.

The reseller often guide individuals with less technical skill by giving them an opportunity to put their company, their personal pages, or other interest, onto the Internet. Resellers, on the whole, are independent contractors dealing in many different Internet related areas, the most common being web space.
Miami Lakes, FL
Bandwidth, Co-Located Servers, Dedicated Servers, Dialup Access, Merchant Card Services, Network Backbones, Network Operating Centers (NOC’s), Real Time Credit Card Processing Services, Search Engines, Tech Support for Virtual Dialup Access Operations, Telephone Gateways (VOIP) and Virtual Servers.
Reseller De Hosting
Florida, US
Every Hosting Provider offers some sort of reselling plan. These plans come in all shapes and sizes and are generally presented in a way that emphasizes that particular Hosting Provider’s strengths.
Some Hosting Providers have strong e-commerce packages, which include free or discounted e-commerce software. Their reseller plan reflects this by catering to resellers who wants to resell to e-commerce sites.
Some providers may have a simple feature set and their prices reflect low cost solutions. They would cater to resellers who wish to have ‘bargain-based’ plans.
Before we go with a reselling plan, check to see what type of customers we wish to cater to. If we already have a customer base, check to see what features company need.
Our client’s requirements and determine if the reseller plan meets those requirements. If we are reselling web space to e-commerce sites, be sure to get a plan with plenty of e-commerce extras.
What happens if we’ve found the perfect plan, but they don’t have a few options we need? Our best choice is to ask them for it. Many Hosting Providers are adding new features everyday, and if they haven’t added it already, we may be able to get them to add it.
Reseller De Hosting
Florida, US

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