websiite hosting

I have developed a site but I would like to now promote it then how can I do this because now a days lot of hosting companies and types of hosting present in the market?
Miami Lakes, FL
By Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans – CPWebHosting technology a company provides you a facility to launch your site over a word wide web platform so that everyone can see it,work with it and connect with you.
If we talk about free hosting than there is no cost for the service, users will find their sites of limited functions. There will be very low bandwidth and storage space compared to a paid web hosting service.
Reseller De Hosting
Florida, US
If we concerned about shared hosting then in this hosting a number of people share one web server and each person has own website on the server. While this is an economical option, the security of each individual website may be very much safe.
In other hand paid hosting is starts from some dollars to very much according to the demand and functionality of the site and business type.
The other thing in paid hosting is the storage space, usually measured in gigabytes, determines how much information in files you can keep on the site.

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