Daily Backups

Do cpwebhosting, as a reseller taking backups daily, or we as a web-hosting company, have to take care of that?

Yes, cpwebhosting team used to take late night (EST) back-ups.

But, I think, it is also a good idea that web-hosting companies, must be sure that their customers, must be having a backup tape, which they don’t need to do daily, but can do at their ease level.

I do think that hosts should make regular backups of all data on their servers, though it is always a good idea for clients to make a backup copy of their account too – You never know when a backup file may be corrupted or inaccessible, and unfortunately you won’t know until it’s too late, your site is down and you’re losing visitors and/or business.

With easy backup tools available on most control panels, there really is no reason why you can’t hit backup once a week for peace of mind and added security.

I agree with Cobalt, backup on a more personal level are needed. I know so many people who put up their website and then the host went out of business they had no copies of their site, let alone any other information.

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