Dedicated Server Benifits

What are the benifits or advantages of having a dedicated server?

Having a Web hosting server that is totally your own. It is the American dream right? You could put a little white picket fence around it, plant some flowers and call it home. Well not exactly. For you and me, buying a dedicated Web hosting server is a little bit difficult or out of our range. Some can cost up to $500 to keep it for month and running. So with that being said, what are the needs or benifits or advantages of having a dedicated Web hosting server?

Well the number one benefit of having your own dedicated server would be reliability. Just think it, as you being stuck on a deserted island. You don’t have to worry about anybody else throwing coconuts at you or trying to take over your island. You are alone there and you can do whatever you want.

When you are on a shared Web hosting server, sometimes other people on the server can make you disturb. Due to processes or other activities, your Web site might start coming up slower due to those other people. With a dedicated Web hosting server, you are the only one on that server and you are not subject to such pesky activity. Well, unless you are the one causing it.

Having your own Web hosting server also provides you with a more cost effective way of hosting more than one domain. You can split that Web hosting server up as many times as you want, depending on how much space each Web site needs. True, you could do that with a Web hosting reseller account too. The only problem is a reseller account is still on a shared Web hosting server. As long as you are on a shared Web hosting server you are going to have reliability problems.

With that being said, you can also expect to see greater performance from your Web sites. Without sharing the server’s resources with 10 to 100 other people, your pages will come up quicker, your scripts will run faster, and it will be as if your entire Web hosting experience was on steroids.

Security is another good reason to go with a dedicated Web hosting server. With a shared Web hosting server, some things on the server itself are more open to see. Within a dedicated Web hosting server though you can keep more things to yourself and locked down for only your eyes to see.

Now when shopping for a dedicated Web hosting server, you might be confused by the “managed” and “unmanaged”. With an unmanaged Web hosting account, you or somebody in your company will need to know how to deal with the server. That is when hiring a system administrator might come in handy. Then they can worry about all the server side problems and configurations.

With a managed dedicated server though, more of those worries are in the hands of the Web host you bought it from. The only problem you might run into there is you want to make sure your Web host has a good quality staff of people who know what they are doing when they are working on your dedicated server.

So these are the big benefits of having your own dedicated Web hosting server.

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