End users traffic graphs

Is there is any tool, which displays traffic graphs to end users?

MRTG (The Multi Router Traffic Grapher) is a logical server used for dedicated hosting. It receives servers’ traffic data from network switches and displays traffic graphs to end users. This software is installed from hsphere-mrtg-rrd system package in H-Sphere 2.5+.

how to add MRTG Logical Servers

u can add MRTG service when u have installed H-Sphere 2.5 and higher. If you haven’t done it with the installation or if you installed H-Sphere by updating from a version under H-Sphere 2.5 (which didn’t have MRTG service yet), you need to add this service later. This procedure will result in installing the hsphere-mrtg-rrd system package on a target H-Sphere box, and MRTG logical server will appear in the H-Sphere interface (in the E. Manager -> L. Servers menu). If you plan that your resellers lease their own dedicated servers, besides the ones that belong to you, and that servers’ traffic data is displayed properly to their end users, make sure to add a Service IP to this server.

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