H-Sphere hardware requirements?

What are H-Sphere hardware requirements?

H-Sphere can be installed on any number of computers. A minimum configuration can be installed on one box, but more is recommended.


If you are going to install H-Sphere to only one computer, make sure it is at least Pentium II, 200MHz, 512RAM, 1GB HDD free. This will allow to host only a small number of customers. Adding SiteStudio will require at least 500MHz CPU and 512 RAM.

Other Requirements

  • Full control of DNS, mail, web and other hosting servers is a must while installation and testing.
  • H-Sphere can be installed only on public IPs.
  • You will also need a Full Access account at OpenSRS to provide domain registration services.

To accept credit cards in real-time, you will need an account and gateway access through one of the supported merchant gateways.

Can H-Sphere control NT box?

Win2000 is supported. NT4.0 and older versions are not supported.

Can H-Sphere control panel be installed on Win2000?

No, Win2000 can be used only for web servers

Do I need Win2000 box to run H-Sphere?

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