Web logs analysis

The final step in your search engine optimization campaign is web log file analysis. The value of raw web logs are often not understood, but the truth is that your web log files are one of the most valuable resources you have as an Internet marketer.
Here are just a few examples of what your server logs can tell you:
• Measure the effectiveness of banner ads and PPC search engines.
• What search engine spiders have found your site?
• What keywords are people using to find your site?
• What search engines brings you most traffic? »
• How many have book-marked your site?
• How well do people like your site?
• How many people visit your site?
• What pages are most popular?
• Why do people leave your site?
• Who is linking to your site?

Web log files tell you if search engine optimization and other marketing campaigns are working. They will show you exactly in what areas you have success and where you need to put in more work. So, if you run a site but haven’t seen your servers web log files, get a hold of them right away. They will teach you things you’d never expect about how to make your site better, not just for you, but also for the people who matter – your customers.

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