which control panel I choose

I am looking to purchase a web hosting account. which control panel I choose. cpwebhosting.net provides H-sphere control panel with their web hosting account.how it is?
H-Sphere is a scalable multiserver web hosting solution. It is the most complete, powerful and dynamic control panel for web hosting resellers. Its proposed competitors don’t come close: cPanel, Plesk, Ensim, Helm. No other control panel puts so much functionality at your fingertips.
H-Sphere is the best control panel for Reseller.
H-Sphere has many advanced features and a sophisticated billing system to automate and improve your web hosting tasks. H-Sphere was designed to work on many servers and can be scaled by adding more web, mail, database, and DNS servers without any downtime. It provides a simple, easy-to-use web interface that can be maintained from any computer with internet connection. H-Sphere was written in Java and works with any SQL-compliant database. It runs only industry standard software.
H-sphere is also good for individual users.
H-Sphere offers the highest level of web-hosting operations by providing:-

Complete automation for Linux and Windows platforms
Billing solution
Private label resellers
User-friendly control panel
Comprehensive set of hosting features

H-sphere provides automatic sign up facility for Reseller’s customer. H-Sphere takes care of all stages of customer signup. No longer is it necessary to add each new user to the system – users can complete the registration all by themselves.
H-Sphere automatically performs all charges to your customers credit cards for the services you offer. All you need to do is choose and configure a merchant gateway.
H-sphere provides Automated Domain Registration.
Reseller’s customers can register domain names without leaving their control panel. H-Sphere automates all procedures and charges related to standard domain name registration. .

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