The best cheap ssl certificate providers

SSL certificates are a very important part of any hosting company, more so those that offer e-commerce web hosting services as they are very delicate. SSL certificates ensure the authentication of a web hosting company and thus are very crucial if a clients is running an on line business thus needs e-commerce hosting services that are reliable and allow for safe and secure transactions with no threats of their business systems being hacked by anyone malicious.

            An ssl certificate provider is a company that offer clients ssl certification to ensure that there is security and safety in the transactions that their users carry out. There are two main companies in the industry that offer cheap ssl certificates: Go Daddy web hosting company and Comodo SSL store. These two are the best cheap ssl certificate providers in the hosting industry. These ssl certificate providers offer comprehensive ssl certificates to cater for the varying security needs that their clients may have. SSL certificates more so serve as away through which professionalism of the company is promoted and clients are able to continuously build confidence with the web host.

            Comodo SSL store is located in St Petersburg, Florida and is a platinum partner of COMODO. This company is also recognized all over the world as the largest provider of ssl certificates in the world.  More so, the company offers affordable ssl certificates, for instance, from just about 86.50 dollars, clients of the company can access security products along with various ssl certificates ranging from high assurance certificates, EV ssl certificates, standard SSL certificates, SAN certificates, Wild card SSL certificates, code signing certificates SGC certificates along with many others so that they can cover all grounds when it comes to the best ssl certificates and yet cheap ssl certificates. There are several other features that the company offers for instance a 30 day money back guarantee, along with round the clock technical and customer care support many other features.

            Go Daddy web hosting company is among the best cheap ssl certificate providers as it offers clients ssl certificates starting from only $ 69.99 per year along with offering other great hosting features and offers when it comes to bandwidth, e-mail accounts, network up time statistics with up to 99.9% uninterrupted, and a technical team and customer care team that are accessible throughout, 24/7/365 along with so much more in terms of features. Some of the other features that come with the ssl certificates include the fact that it is issued within minutes, offers 256 bit encryption, has a warranty, comes with an installation tool, there is an unlimited re-issuing period, along with IDN support and a verification tool and a free Malware scanner among many other great features. Further more, the company offers two basic ssl certificates, the standard ssl certificate which comes with a $ 10,000 warranty per year and the deluxe ssl certificate which also come with a warranty of Rs 4589.88 per year. Therefore, when looking for the best ssl certificates, these two ssl certificate providers are the way to go, as they offer the best and yet affordable ssl certificates. These two web hosts go a long way in offering their clients the best ssl certificates are very reasonable prices along with other great web hosting features that come with the company’s hosting.

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