Best SSL Certificate


Before conversing about Best SSL Certificate we should have the answer to the question that What is  SSL? and have to deal with some other terms related to it. If the data has to be sent and encrypted in a secure manner in between two endpoints then there is the requirement for the protocol and that is called SSL(Secure Socket Layer).

After getting the answer of the question that What is SSL ? we will confer the other terms related to it.

SSL Certificate :

SSL Certificate is the resource by which web servers prove their identity to web browsers, allowing a secure site to communicate privately with the web browser via the HTTPS protocol. A SSL certificate contains the following information:

  • The certificate holder’s name.
  • The certificate’s serial number and expiration date.
  • A copy of the certificate holder’s public key.
  • The digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority.

Cheap SSL Certificate :

The Cheap SSL Certificate are digital certificates that legalize the identity of websites and encrypt information that is sent to the servers via SSL technology at a minimal cost. Cheap SSL Certificate is very indispensable so as to bear security measure for our online business.

SSL Web Hosting :

SSL Web Hosting or Secure Sockets Layer Hosting is a protection technology that is used by the internet webmaster in order to protect and maintain a website. This technology guarantees security whereby even the PIN of the particular user does not suffer from the menace of furtiveness. SSL Web Hosting establishes encoded links between a web server and a web browser .

Now we deal with our main issue i.e. Best SSL Certificate.

The Best SSL Certificate  include information about  the ecommerce Web site owner which allows the  customers to get conviced about the fact that their site owner is trustworthy.

While choosing an SSL Certificate provider, however, online businesses have to be aware what competitive services are being offered by these SSL enterprises so that they get the best value for their money.For choosing Best SSL certificate we should ensure following  features:

  • Strong encryption levels to meet your security strength demand (128/256/1024/2048 bits)
  • 99.3% browser ubiquity
  • Guidance on what SSL security suits you the best
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Best pricing
  • Cost-saving offers such as multi-year savings, bulk purchase discount packages
  • Attractive features such as free “SSL secured site seal”
  • Unlimited free re-issuance policy, easy renewals
  • Installation support

Providers of Best SSL Certificate :

The providers of Best SSL Certificate are :

GoDaddy :  Godaddy is a low cost, popular, trusted SSL certificate provider. GoDaddy SSL certificates.
Verisign : Verisign is another trusted SSL provider. Verisign SSL certificates features :

  • 40-bit to 256-bit encryption
  • $100,000 warranty
  • Get VeriSign Trust Seal and services
  • Green address bar
  • Price starting at $399/year

Comodo : Comodo is another low cost and Best SSL provider trusted by many business owners around the world. Comodo also provides a fully functional FREE SSL certificate trusted by over 99% of browsers for 90 days.
Digicert : Digicert is another trusted  and Best SSL certificate provider on internet. All DigiCert SSL Certificates features:

  • 24/7 SSL Support via Phone, Email, Live Help and Chat.
  • The strongest 2048-Bit and SHA-2 encryption
  • Supports both 256-bit & 128-bit https AES Encryption
  • DigiCert® Secure Trust Seal Included
  • Unlimited Reissues no charge
  • Variety of SSL options available. (WildCard SSL for multiple sub-domains, a Unified Communications Certificate designed for Microsoft Exchange Server, the stronger identity assurance and green address bar of Extended Validation EV SSL, or a standard Single-Name Certificate)
  • Price starting at $144/year

Thawte : Thawte is a leading global certificate authority, trusted by millions around the world.

StartCom Certification Authority :  StartCom Certification Authority is a leader of the digital certification industry which provide us with everything from free low-assurance SSL certificates up to the most advanced PKI and security solutions for our business and personal use. Price starting $59.9/year.

Thus, Best SSL Certificate works as a trust builder for the websites.

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