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Are you Searching Cheap Hosting ?

In our routine life when we are generally on the internet we open the website By typing its address in the browsers address bar we can fetch it from that computer where it is residing to ours computer. Similarly ours website placed on a computer somewhere too. Thus, to visualize our website on the internet is termed as Hosting.

Cheap Hosting is a great way to get Web hosting that provides user’s needs for his/her website without spending large amounts of money every month.It is a web hosting that cost less than $10 per month.

For small businesses,if anybody wants to start a new company then ha can cut his/her cost expenses by mean of Cheap Hosting. A Cheap Web Hosting may be enough for a simple website. For many webpage owners, cheap web hosting is an attractive substitute to pay a huge sum for each month so as to keep a webpage running smoothly. Cheap Hosting proves to be a sufficient storage plan for those who plan on running websites. Best Cheap Web Hosting doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the reliability and service required in today’s highly competitive business environment. Best Cheap Web Hosting offers unlimited email, unlimited subdomains, high bandwidth, extensive diskspace, design and marketing tools at affordable price.

If we want to have the Cheap Web Hosting then what are the essential which should be included by a cheap web host?the answer to this question can be given on behalf of under following heads:

Free Setup :

Cheap Hosting provide free set up as the cost of set up is meant only for getting little extra money from the customer.

Unlimited Space And Bandwidth :

So many Cheap web hosting provider provide either unlimited space or bandwidth.

Tech support :

Many of the cheap hosts provide knowledgebase and FAQs online but very little person-to-person support.

Cheap Hosting can be seen as package dealing over several months or years. In other words, they cost $4 per month when user buy 36 months of service. Otherwise they cost $15 per month. If user is not prepared to hand over a large amount of cash all at once, then he/she must know the amount of monthly cost and the time it is paid.

Advantages of Cheap Hosting:

First, let us have a look at some of the few advantages of a Cheap Website Hosting:

1. Cost-Efficient : The most obvious advantage of a Cheap Website Hosting is its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. There are many companies – especially, new small business – who cannot afford expensive web-hosting packages. For such applications, cheap hosting is proving to be an extremely cost-effective option.

2. Easy-to-Use : The second advantage of Web Hosting Cheap is they are comparatively easier to use. Most of the cheap hosting sites try to provide a ‘do it yourself’ approach to its users. Because of their numerous templates and other stuff, they prove to be significantly easier to use as compared to similar sites.

Disadvantages Of Cheap Hosting:

Now we will deal with some common disadvantages of Web Hosting Cheap :

1. Unprofessional Cheap hosting sites often look very unprofessional. As we are not paying anything, we cannot demand a more sophisticated look and templates for our website.

2. Website URL Another great disadvantage of cheap hosting sites that our website’s URL is often messed up. For example, if we want our website’s name to be ‘’, cheap hosting sites often put our website’s URL as their sub-domain, making it look like ‘’. This is a major drawback in cheap hosting sites.

3. Limited Space Limited space is another great disadvantage of cheap hosting sites. We have limited space to work with, therefore, it becomes impossible for us to upload lots of images and videos. Moreover, we do not get much technical support as well. This makes it even difficult for beginners.

Cheap Web Hosting Company

It is not necessary that all cheap hosting companies are reliable as some Cheap Hosting Companies although offers cheap services but they compromise on quality.Thus the features of reliable Cheap Web Hosting company are:

Ownership of domain for life Maximum disk space & bandwidth
Ensure maximum server up time Provide quick response time
Email accounts Site builder tools
Application software support Server security and Stability
24/7 technical support
Multiple operating systems: Windows, Linux OS or Mac OS.

The Cheap Web Hosting Companies are:

Hostmonster FatCow
JustHost BlueHost
Arviex Inmotion
GreenGeeks Hosting SiteGround

Thus, Cheap Hosting are much more preferred because of its cost effective nature.

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