How to choose best PHP hosting service for small business

As per the market demand, every business needs to appear on the web before or after the inauguration of their physical office. The online appearance will not only increase their product visibility, but it also enhances the awareness of their targeted customer group.

But the thing is that the hosting place, where you are going to host your website,must provide all the needed and required facilities that make the owner independent.

Well, in the market two types of hosting services are running parallel, first is free web hosting and the other one is paid hosting service. Both are providing hosting services, but there are some differences in both like:

  1. The storage of a free hosting server is limited, whereas paid hosting servers are providing unlimited hosting space for their users. The hosting space allows you to host MBs or GBs size websites with lots of images and videos and other heavy content.
  2. The free hosting servers can’t upgrade your website with the latest technologies whereas paid hosting servers allow you to upgrade your technology with the latest available version.
  3. The domain names of a website on free hosting servers contain the name of that server like: whereas the paid hosting servers allows you to host your website on your personalized domain name like:

Best Bargain Hosting Provider

There are various companies which are providing discounts on hosting features. But before going through it you must check the standards of services and features provided by them. In such cluster, top 5 best bargain hosting provider companies are: GoDaddy, FatCow, HostGator, HostMoster and BlueHost.

Best for beginners

It is not true that a discounted hosting service is best for the beginners. The beginner needs to be exposed through their website in the targeted market and for that they can pay according to the services and satisfaction. Top best firms that suits for beginners can list as Bluehost, HostGator, Justhost, HostMoster and IXWebHosting.

Best for advanced

The best hosting provider companies for the advanced that can fulfill the demands of their existing business includes companies like: IPage,Justhost,BlueHost, FatCow and 1&1.

Best for ecommerce

The term ecommerce reveals or denotes to a complete online shopping place where you can choose and purchase your desired item. Thus, it needs vaster and more featured hosting service that suits with its requirements and fulfill its needs. The best ecommerce hosting service or top 5 ecommerce hosting providers can be counted as: Inmotion, Bluehost, HostGator, HostMonster and A2Hosting.

According to the survey results and the facts, we can see that some companies are named for all purposes, either it is Bargain hosting or hosting for beginners or hosting for advanced services or ecommerce hosting. These hosting providers are:

  1. BlueHost : A well reputed hosting provider that offers their unbelievable hosting services in just $3.95/month. In this package, it offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, unlimited email accounts, SSL security and several other features that are required by most of the purposes.
  2. HostGator : Same as Bluehost, HostGator also offers their hosting services in just $3.96/month including 24/7 customer support, Lots of choices for web templates (around 4,500), 99.9% uptime guarantee, 1 click script install and much more. In addition to it, HostGator oblige their advance customers with SSL Secure Layer.
  3. HostMonster : A web hosting company tries to create their value in between their targeted audience and HostMonster is one of them who get successin it. They provide their unbeatable hosting services since 1996 without any negative feedback. Currently, HostMonster offers their unmatched customer support, secure backup, maximum guaranteed uptime, free domain and different ad credits for facebook, twitter, google&bing/yahoo in just $4.95/month.
  4. JustHost : They commit an affordable and reliable web hosting for all and offers their web hosting services at discounted price, $3.50/month. They offer all essential and required features like: unlimited-bandwidth, hosting, uptime, customer support and free ad credits, in inclusion with a secured layer for ecommerce users.
  5. Fatcow : An emerging web hosting company that shows their frontier characteristics through their unbeatable services like: free ad credits, unlimited essential features including mailbox, CMS support, a free business listing on and most uniquely, they offers nextiva service for a toll free phone number.

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