Hosting Reviews and Comments


Facts, thoughts and meaning are conveyed through n-number of websites developed to rate and review hosting companies. To express and mold opinion, the number of review and rating websites has outnumbered the hosting websites. These websites behave like leaders and want to control their followers through intimidation and persuasion. Initially, the websites were in the form of forum sites and gradually converted to review and rating websites.

All attempts to influence and control opinion are conditioned by the fact that visitors had not yet acquired knowledge about the latest developments and news of the company. Everybody tries to share their own opinion based on their experience, few of them seems to be logical, rest appeared to try to build reputation and importance through their own literature and promotional sales plans. The websites inviting reviews, ideas and opinion have a acute sense of public relationships.

The Hosting companies hold the authority of such websites and pay attention to the activities done by them.

Shakespeare called opinion “the mistress of success” and French Philosopher Blaise Pascal called it “the queen of the world”.

Hosting community has taken it actively to contribute their opinions on different websites. Most of these review and rating hosting websites are controlled and owned by the hosting companies, which is also a concerning issue. Using them, the hosting companies obtain free publicity and prestige. Questions can be raised, when it is being propagandized that unbiased reviews and opinion can be found on their website. Not all the websites, come under it, there are websites whose policies are influenced by their audience and public opinion. These means of communication are used with definite theme, objective and strategy, to reach public opinion.

Abraham Lincoln in his words said “public sentiment is everything; with public sentiment nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed”.

Up-till Hosting Company practices were secret, very little opinion on their ethics were in existence. But as the complexities of hosting a website diminishes, there was speed up in communication and it has made public opinion as a growing concern in the industry.

Change in technology has provided the climate of constructive change. Hosting customers are more knowledgeable and are aware of their rights and share experiences and opinion on the online media. This also has lead to the brutal competition among hosting companies. To score over the competition, companies started building large units by taking over small companies. To mold the opinion in their favor they started hiring people solely for the purpose of writing positive reviews, comments and ideas on different websites. Most of the small hosting companies, which depend on any extent upon advertisements, take it as a mode of free advertisement. SiteGeek openly express its worries about the effects of such activity. It is a kind of unjust to the rest of public. Such biased reviews or comments destroys the goodwill of the reviewing site, begets distrust and reduces its value and a well founded suspicion that a site is the property of the hosting company. Although, the Hosting company employees do paint attractive pictures and present only favorable facts, it shows that companies do recognize “how vital favorable opinion is” and are compelled to put their efforts in bring it.

Conclusion: Customer interest has become a dominant force as companies are exposed to continue scrutiny, criticism and constructive actions.

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