Rackspace Review

Rackspace is managed cloud company which provides companies to tap power of cloud without pain of hiring experts in dozens of complicated technologies. Now company has increased more attention on cloud management services comparatively than infrastructure might expand to running applications on third-party clouds.

Company has agreement with users where it manipulates private cloud setups for them in on-premises data centers. Plan for open a new state-of-the-art data center in Crawley, near London.

In cloud infrastructure companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft have more resources to invest. So, move towards services is analytical advancement for company that started with pure hosting offering.

Rackspace use single-tenant cloud networking to :-

  • Connect application or website to database
  • To set up site-to-site VPN.
  • Easy to manage through cloud control panel and powerful APIs.

Cloud networks are software defined offer complete control over architecture, network topology and IP addressing.

Company only provides managed solution offers user to tap power of the cloud strategic business objectives without cost and frustration. From e commerce to hosting, big data to hybrid cloud , specialists will support and architect all of user’s cloud workloads 24*7.

With Rackspace get fast, scalable and fully managed MySQL database services in minutes.

Cloud database offers :-

  • On-demand provisioning and open API
  • Deploy MySQL ,MariaDB with minimal Effort.

Cloud database is available in all of global data centers and support by MySQL experts who can help user with tasks like:-

  • Replication
  • Backups
  • Migration
  • Indexing
  • Query Optimization

Advantages of Cloud servers :-

  • User need powerful and quick way to frequent monitor whole infrastructure and customizable level of detail which identify core issues for quick resolution. It helps to keep applications running fast .
  • Cloud backup protects business through protecting confidential files or application needs. Server quickly restore files after system failure or lost file.
  • Provides object storage for media and files and delivering them globally at blazing speeds over worldwide content delivery network. Store as many files as require.