PeakHosting Review

About Company

PeakHosting, one of the top OaaS Managed hosting provider, was founded in 2001. World’s largest Web properties are design, create, support and maintain by this company. It also offers 17 important elements which are essential to run any data centre. As internet plays a significant role to lead your business and internet plumbing cannot be handled by you properly, so you required more than managed hosting provider. So, here PeakHosting helps you.

Company Services

PeakHosting Internet offers various types of hosting services and solutions to their clients.

1. Operations-as-a-Service (OaaS) solution- This service serves as a technical department for your business. Company allows you to focus on your business growth and left all the technical aspects such as handling of servers, software up gradation, OS installation etc. It takes care of applications, networking, databases, security, data centre, monitoring, operating system ,storage and others.

2. Managed Hosting Service- Service offered by company comprises of following:

  • Managed Hosting Service: Design- To develop a successful managed hosting solution, first you need to design the same.
  • Managed Hosting Service: Build- After designing same, now it is going to build. For this, everything is put together in bi-coastal data centres and migration process begins. Application softwares which are available free will be installed by company. And those are licensed, for them, company helps staff to install and run quickly.
  • Managed Hosting Service: Migration- When your present managed hosting company is outgrown by your business, then you are required to search or explore something good. Everyone resist change as they are complicated but here it is not.
  • Managed Hosting Service: Maintenance and Support- Staff of the company is from technical background as they have done engineering. With this, they are having an average experience of around 15 Yrs. They are completely dedicated towards your systems design and deployment. And they take good care of your infrastructure.

3. Always Up Architecture- This term suggest that the architecture offered by company for your website hosting is always up. This is required as sometimes when your site goes down due to any reason, it may affect your business tremendously. There are severe losses occurred like you may loose your confidential data, increase the costs incurred in redeployment of code, configuration of applications etc., your customer database can be reduced or you may loose your new customers and many more. So, in consideration of this, PeakHosting offers great services which offers a good platform and keeps your website always up. And in case, if any issue occurs, they took immediate action on the same.


PeakHosting offer high performance based web hosting services and solutions.

Customer Service

PeakHosting offers a good customer support to their clients for 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, as its team of employees is highly skilled and trained. They provide satisfactory answers to your queries within a short span of time. With other services, company offers a very good customer service to their customers.

What’s New

PeakHosting has recently announced regarding the expansion of their Executive Leadership team in order to promote their growth.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, concerns or comments for the company, you can reach them by following ways:

  • By visiting their website
  • E-Mail for Sales:
  • Mailing Address:
    19801 SW 72nd Avenue
    Suite 300, Tualatin
    OR 97062
  • Phone: (888) 476-7325, (909) 945-4826, (855) 901-7325
  • Fax: 503-783-6116