Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud Hosting is a type of hosting in which several no. of servers are used together which are further break up into multiple servers for hosting your websites. It is reliable and an affordable hosting as it allows you to pay for only those resources on a server which you need and used. Thus, it is also known as on demand hosting.

There are various cloud hosting providers, but if you wish to know the best ones, then there are few factors, which you need to consider, and analyze for every web host. As these factors are important from hosting view and may affect your desired results severely.

These factors are Uptime performance offered by web host, total no. of websites hosted by provider, price they are charging for the plans they offered, rating assigned and social media sentiments.

So, after analyzing these factors, it is concluded that following are the best cloud hosting providers.

1. Arvixe Arvixe is considered as one of the top cloud hosting company because it offers 85.51% uptime performance which is quite good and it shows that their server is very rarely gets down and hosted websites are mostly up and run.

If we take the estimation of the social media sentiments, Arvixe offers 89 percent positive social sentiments which is very high than other companies positive social media sentiments .

If we look Arvixe, as the number of sites it hosted, then you will find the answer very interesting. Arvixe hosted 1,22,765 sites. That’s good more than a lakh. It shows that it has a good experience in handling servers and hosting sites.

From aspect of rating, Arvixe obtains 4.5 stars out of 5 stars , again a very good figure.

2. Zipcloud Zipcloud is also a very reputed organization and counted as a good one in offering hosting services to their clients. It offers 100 percent uptime performance, means your hosted sites are always up and running throughout the day.

Positive social media sentiments for Zipcloud is only 25 percent.

You will be surprised to know that Zero sites are hosted by Zipcloud but still it is considered as a best hosting provider as it is reliable and soon it will host several number of sites.

From aspect of rating, Zipcloud score 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.

3. Site5 Site5 offers 98.73 percent uptime, showing their servers rarely gets down, most of the time they are up and your website runs smoothly for the whole day.

In terms of social media sentiments, Site5 has 65 percent positive sentiments.

107501 sites are hosted by Site5, again a good figure and shown that people really rely on this company.

From rating point of view, 3.5 stars assigned to Site5.

4. Justcloud Justcloud again counted in the list of the web host that offers 100 percent uptime performance. This is a very famous hosting provider.

From the analysis, it is known that 80 percent social media sentiments are positive for Justcloud.

Just like Zipcloud, this company hosted none of the sites but still considered as a good provider.

3.5 stars are assigned to this provider out of 5 stars.

5. Siteground 99.84 percent uptime is offered by Siteground and this figure is also not a bad one.

This company has 60 percent positive social media sentiments.

Maximum number of sites are hosted by Siteground,is 1,39,266 sites. Really having a great experience.

Siteground rated as 3.5 star out of 5 stars.

As several cloud hosting providers are available but if you asked me, then I advised you to try any of the above, as surely they will give you good and satisfactory results.