Difference between Web Editor, Online Site Builder, CMS and Blog

Websites can be created and updated by people in one of many ways:

Using Web Editor or Text Editor:

Articles are written on computer using a type of program called an editor. Those articles can be saved as web pages that mean articles formatted in special way can be displayed using a web browser. Article can be transferred to special computer on Internet run by company called “web host”. This “editor” program can either be visual web editor like Dreamweaver or KompoZer or just a plain text editor like Notepad that comes with Windows.

User can run editor using this method on his own computer and complete web page can be created on that computer. On internet, the page is transferred to website when user is done.

Using an Online Site Builder:

A service is provided by some web hosts which will be advertised as a “site builder”. To design website, user has to use his web browser to log into web host’s site and directly design on their site. User can’t run any program on his own computer in using an online site builder in comparison to standalone web editor. Different site builder is provided to each web host and all work different with different pre-made designs available for their use, which can be customized by user to a great extent.

Using Standalone Site Builder:

Some people want to design website on their own computer before transferring it to internet, an “offline” version of site builder have some web hosts. Software have been downloaded by user from their website and install on own computer. By using that program, website can be designed and transfer it to the web host.
Site builder not necessary belong to same class as general purpose web editor. When move to another web host, user can’t use site builder but also cannot transfer web design to a new host. Designs are created by builder that use elements owned by web host.

Using a Content Management System (CMS):

A CMS is a part of software which is used to install on web host’s computer. Rather than installing program on own computer, the way user do a web editor, install directly on website User can use his browser to log into his website and use it to add articles, photos or whatever to website. For example, when CMS is used by user, he need not to install any program on his own computer to update and create website. Website can be connected with browser and modified. There are significant differences between web host site builder. Firstly, with the help of CMS, user control software, visual design of site and an end product. Any user is not tied to web host at all. If hosts will be changed by user, he can bring his entire site, stock and barrel, lock, over new web host, user can use standalone web editor in same way. Secondly, CMS is much more in comparison to site builder. User can use CMS to create an online community, own accounts, their own member pages.

On the other hand, some disadvantages of CMS are also there over web host site builder. For example, CMS has less probability of huge range of web design templates than online builder has. User can find some free templates on Internet, even possibly on CMS author’s own website, that user can adapt.