Cloud Security – Guidelines for Enhanced Cloud Architecture

Data Center Knowledge

With bulk growth of cloud, it is clear that many organizations are giving some kind of cloud model to optimize their business. Big cloud service providers are doing great job around security, some areas are there for improvement within private data center. Smaller cloud providers ensure always integrity of client base. Three important points are there to consider:

  • Cost of data breaches increased : To break downward trend over past two years, both organizational cost of data failure or stolen record has increased. Cost of data breach for an organization represented in study increased from $5.4 million to $5.9 million.
  • Malicious attacks result in highest per capita data breach cost : Consistent with prior reports, ex filtration or data loss resulting from malicious attack produces highest cost at an average of $246 per compromised record. Both system glitches and employee mistakes results in much lower average per capita costs $171 and $160 respectively.
  • A probability of material data breach is shown by result over next two years involves minimum of 10,000 records is nearly 19 percent.

Areas need for improvement in cloud security aspects in terms of creating cloud platform:

Checking for port openings : If its a small organization, will be bit easier. But in case of large cloud organizations, if anyone has multiple data center points and different firewalls to manage. How well anyone keep his eye on port controls, policies and resources are distributed? Network, port and security policy mis-configurations are causes for failure. If anybody has heterogeneous security architecture, there are some tools help in monitoring security appliances from different manufacturers.

Improper position of Hypervisors and VMs outside-facing : In many cases, a VM should face externally facing or in DMZ a hypervisor needs to be positioned. It is difficult to take extra care by these kinds of infrastructure workloads. Other internal resources are interacted or not. Network policies are controlling access to Hypervisor and VMs. Hypervisor of user has access to lot of critical components within his data center. If it will not be locked down properly then host-level access can be dangerous.

Portals, databases and applications not locking down properly : User can have best implicit server, hypervisor and data center architecture but if some holes are there in application then they have other problems as well. Some big failures may happen because an application was not patterned and database was not locked down properly. These applications are proved via cloud so this can’t be overlooked especially.

What users are monitoring externally vs internally : Monitoring and visibility are important to keep secure cloud and data center architecture. Management and Log correlation allow user to catch subject quickly and isolate them to network segments, VMs or physical server. Users are allowed to control flow of information granularly by security tools within own ecosystem. So that user can specify one server communicates over a particular vLAN pointing to a specific port on a unique switch. Data can be encrypted internally and externally. This key is capable to monitor all process and automate responses. Not only better visibility is created but also security model will be more proactive.

Lot of moving parts is there in cloud. Like gears, complex workloads are allowed to be delivered by all these parts, work together for variety of users spanning the world. Cloud adoption will be growing continuously. By testing and monitoring own cloud and data center environment and applying best practices of security, users will be prepared for anything that comes in way.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud Hosting is a type of hosting in which several no. of servers are used together which are further break up into multiple servers for hosting your websites. It is reliable and an affordable hosting as it allows you to pay for only those resources on a server which you need and used. Thus, it is also known as on demand hosting.

There are various cloud hosting providers, but if you wish to know the best ones, then there are few factors, which you need to consider, and analyze for every web host. As these factors are important from hosting view and may affect your desired results severely.

These factors are Uptime performance offered by web host, total no. of websites hosted by provider, price they are charging for the plans they offered, rating assigned and social media sentiments.

So, after analyzing these factors, it is concluded that following are the best cloud hosting providers.

1. Arvixe Arvixe is considered as one of the top cloud hosting company because it offers 85.51% uptime performance which is quite good and it shows that their server is very rarely gets down and hosted websites are mostly up and run.

If we take the estimation of the social media sentiments, Arvixe offers 89 percent positive social sentiments which is very high than other companies positive social media sentiments .

If we look Arvixe, as the number of sites it hosted, then you will find the answer very interesting. Arvixe hosted 1,22,765 sites. That’s good more than a lakh. It shows that it has a good experience in handling servers and hosting sites.

From aspect of rating, Arvixe obtains 4.5 stars out of 5 stars , again a very good figure.

2. Zipcloud Zipcloud is also a very reputed organization and counted as a good one in offering hosting services to their clients. It offers 100 percent uptime performance, means your hosted sites are always up and running throughout the day.

Positive social media sentiments for Zipcloud is only 25 percent.

You will be surprised to know that Zero sites are hosted by Zipcloud but still it is considered as a best hosting provider as it is reliable and soon it will host several number of sites.

From aspect of rating, Zipcloud score 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.

3. Site5 Site5 offers 98.73 percent uptime, showing their servers rarely gets down, most of the time they are up and your website runs smoothly for the whole day.

In terms of social media sentiments, Site5 has 65 percent positive sentiments.

107501 sites are hosted by Site5, again a good figure and shown that people really rely on this company.

From rating point of view, 3.5 stars assigned to Site5.

4. Justcloud Justcloud again counted in the list of the web host that offers 100 percent uptime performance. This is a very famous hosting provider.

From the analysis, it is known that 80 percent social media sentiments are positive for Justcloud.

Just like Zipcloud, this company hosted none of the sites but still considered as a good provider.

3.5 stars are assigned to this provider out of 5 stars.

5. Siteground 99.84 percent uptime is offered by Siteground and this figure is also not a bad one.

This company has 60 percent positive social media sentiments.

Maximum number of sites are hosted by Siteground,is 1,39,266 sites. Really having a great experience.

Siteground rated as 3.5 star out of 5 stars.

As several cloud hosting providers are available but if you asked me, then I advised you to try any of the above, as surely they will give you good and satisfactory results.

Free On-Line Cloud Storage Services

Many online storage devices reside in cloud and provide perfect solution, ensuring access required to documents. Some best free solutions are there:-


In Microsoft Office, this solution is best to use. SkyDrive role as a minimal version of Office 365 is totally free. Anyone get free cloud storage of 7 GB and lot more also. User gets basic online version of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. It means user can create Word Document on his computer, upload it on SkyDrive account and lesser adjustments are made in cloud before downloading again. Entire documents are created in cloud.

Windows solutions like Windows 8 and Office 2013 is well integrated with SkyDrive, is available cross-platform if user goes mobile. A folder is synced on PC so that user can create syncs and provides third-party apps. A small business will be run by everything provided by SkyDrive. If anybody need more storage space, options of 50 GB, 100 GB and at maximum 200 GB are available at annual fee $105.

Google Drive

Google Drive is offering a large 15GB free and also a big integration. App options of Google Drive like Spreadsheets, Google docs, Presentations and Drawing copy options of Microsoft software but not like SkyDrive. Documents created in Microsoft Word can upload by user and migrate to Google Drive’s native format. Large organizations are using to run their offices.

Same document is created by two or more people at the same time. Number of implications is dealt with customers according to their requirements. Gmail and other services like Google+ are integrated and 15 GB of space is growing slowly- for people having certain mobile phones gets 25 GB of free space. It is mobile option and excellent app available for iOS and Android devices. Storage options are available up to 200 GB additionally at only $9.99 per month.


Dropbox is original and offering 2 GBs of free disk space, therefore it is a good option. Being a famous solution with ‘first-is-best’ type loyalty, also a cross-platform solution supporting mobile and desktop devices. Dropbox excels in mass of third party options and community support that has advantage in Dropbox’s open API format. With other options again, user can sync desktop with Dropbox. Therefore, user can be sure of cloud-based backup of user creating things. Storage of 500 GB is available additionally at $499.00 paid monthly with discount of 17% for annual payments.

Box is offering a range of features and a professional’s solution. People need to use range of computers for their work and great backup. Links for file sharing are generated so that documents are accessed by people are collaborating with them. In business and well-known companies it is a famous solution utilized by them. Large email attachments are converted into stored files by Box before sending an email. Box is user-friendly and solid offering 10 GB of free storage with maximum upload size of 250 MB. Unlimited storage is offered for $35 per user per month.


People who own Apple devices, iCloud is beneficial for this and strong option. Files are synced on Apple devices like photos, music, apps, documents and calendars etc. and allow user to share saved files. Free cloud storage of 5 GB is offering and apps of iWork is providing option similar to Google Drive. Documents can be created by Google Drive similarly as do their desktop using Microsoft software.

Norton Antivirus is known as best available antivirus solution, it is providing safe location for files. Being a cross-platform solution, it excels in providing security options. On user’s PC a downloadable app is available and anything gets sent up to put in this ‘folder’ which means efficient syncing is there. Storage of 5 GB is available free of charge while personal plans up to 100 GB at $11.99 a month. Built-in device management including ‘Mobile Password Management’ is offered by Norton Zone so that access can be blocked by user to lost devices.

Make website visible on SEO

In today’s world, Your online presence allow large number of people to reach you on web. Upgradation of online presence on your site and on third party websites is essential.

1. How to build up websites

First of all your website must be of proper size. Number of pages on your site must be appropriate. However, if number of pages are more, site is shown up in search engine results.

Your home page must contain several headings such as “About Us,” “Contact Us,” “Services,” “Testimonials,”, “Gallery“. All these heading must contain information accordingly. Try to use keywords as much as possible and write unique content for every page. Make use of photos and videos also.

More pages can be added to your site by writing a blog also. Make sure that it is of your company domain only.
Posts on your site, add sharing buttons to them so that your content can be linked by readers to their social media accounts such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and always make comments turn on, so that people can give share their feedback with you. When designing your website, try to avoid using Flash.

2. How to integrate social media in your website

To make your site visible on SEO, social media sites such as facebook, twitter must be integrated in your site. You just need to update your account timely so as to increase the visibility of your business to SEO.

You can set up your business accounts on various social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. These days, Pinterest is also used but not very important for everyone. If you wish to see your site in top results of search engine then your account of twitter must appear second, linkedin third and then google+.

While setting up your social media accounts, make sure you used logos and picture and all your contact details must be same across all the networks. When setting username for your accounts, should include the name of your business and try to use max keywords.

Always remember, if post something, then post it in all your accounts and if you are having a habit of forgetting, keep reminder for same.

3. Leverage Yelp

Leverage Yelp plays a significant role in getting results in SEO. If you are having your business offline; it has a physical presence then keep your Yelp listings always exact, claimed and updated. Reviews of Yelp also plays an important role in providing better results in SEO. In the list of Yelp, every business could not appear as there are some rules governing this. So if you’re interested or thinking about submitting your business on Yelp, then go for it and see the result. Business in Yelp list will increase your online presence.

4. Organize/ Publish Press release

If you wishes to generate max no. of back links to your site and through it, wishes to attract many readers then organize or publish press releases. The basic objective behind this is advertising and popularity. Some websites also charge for this like they are charging 100$ per release. However, Internet is a great way of increasing your business online presence and to generate max no. of users.

5. Video Connection

To increase popularity of your business, you can made some mini movies on youtube as when searching for your business or site, it displays in the search engine results as google assign weight to these channels. It will definitely improve your online presence. Make sure that you always link back on your YouTube page. With this also link to other social media websites.

E-Mail Marketing

If you asked someone, how many marketing mails you received in a day, answer is 7 or 8 or more than this. Most of companies used this method to market and popularize their products and services but is this really affecting people. I think no. Rather than read these mails, people deleted them very fast without even open them.

Despite of ignoring marketing mails by people, it is consider as a good channel for direct marketing as it offers highest Return on Investment (ROI).

Now smart marketers are considering ways supported by latest technology by which they can engage customers and generate high sales offline and online, leads to high ROI.

1. Automate Workflow

Marketers took hours, sometimes even days to prepare a campaign workflow. The process is a long one; it includes creation of good content, recreate the same from your site, its conversion into responsive HTML, proof reading, editing, exporting and last sending.

Automating workflow reduces a large proportion of costs and time both. Task such as recreation of content from your site can be automated, so it helps in reducing a large amount of time.

2. Optimize Content

To optimize content on their site, most of e-commerce or online companies run A/B or multivariate tests, calls to actions and advertisements on constant basis. But are these buttons really generate any sales? Earlier it was seen that e-mail marketers divide their customers according to some criteria, accordingly send version of mail, wait for their reply or results and last redeploy.

It is known, from the report of marketing of Sales force for 2015 that 23 percent of marketers are unaware of kind of device which emails can read on. These days, due to good technology, e-mail marketers know on which device user is opening their mails, whether user is checking their mails on a tablet, smartphone, desktop, laptop. After being send button pressed, on basis of device used and some other factors, many things like copy and images can be tested and optimized on automated basis.

3. Personalize content

Same as content marketing, contextual marketing word is also overused. But most of us don’t know its real meaning and how it can apply to email marketing.

Contextual marketing means to sell customer what he or she actually needs. It is a campaign in which marketers are customer oriented, thus sell and becomes pure of providing people with something actually they required. In the real world, Contextual marketing means like when a guy in a new suit walking out of his office into a downpour and is yelling “umbrellas here!”.

Now, if we replicate this in online world so as to reach millions of people together-by offering umbrellas to those who are standing in a rain, offering ice cold lemonade to those who are standing in hot outside and a cup of tea to those who are standing in cold or chill.

As the messages of your customers are important, so it is a duty of marketers to make them personalize. Thus, marketers with the help of scale of email and right technology, personalized messages for every customer on basis of a name of customer, its location, device, whether, time of day, availability of product, past purchases and others but always makes sure that content must be of good quality and relevant.

Contextual marketing makes marketers think what exactly customer needs and accordingly fulfill their requirement.
In terms of campaigns, thinking for marketing is difficult as it always define what is the task of marketers. However, e-mail can be transform by marketers to achieve success by making alterations in content and process with a focus on customers.

Bluetooth Headsets in Customer Communication

Today the life which we all are living, we don’t have so much time in that, as we are very busy with our hectic schedules. If we consider this in our daily business, then to lead, we need to be in touch with our customers and for this we need to communicate to them. For this, various modes are available such as phone, mail, chat, letter etc. but most convenient mode is talking to them on a phone as it makes things between two people clear at the same time and removes confusion.

But what to say, entrepreneurs are so busy that they don’t even like to hold their phone in their hands for so long as it disturbs them. However, talking to customers is also important, so if there is any device which allows them to receive their calls without holding mobile phones in their hands and they can talk on same for so long to lead their business, what is better than this.

So, here comes Bluetooth Headset.

Bluetooth Headset

A Bluetooth is a very common term, definitely you all heard somewhere. Now see Bluetooth headset, it is considered as a device which permits you to connect with others via your mobile phone, smartphone. Rather than using cables or wires, it makes use of radio waves to enable connectivity between two devices.

It is a wireless technology meant for short range communication between two devices. It is very popular these days as it is found in almost every product which we use in our daily life. These including smartphones, mobile phones, laptops, headsets and portable speakers.

Bluetooth headset is a product having Bluetooth technology, contains a computer chip of very small size inside of it. This computer chip contains the Bluetooth radio and software that allows devices to enable connection between each other.

Thus, products such as smartphones, mobile phones in which Bluetooth is enabled when comes closer to each other, connection or pairing is formed between them. And now you are able to enjoy the music or can talk on the phone without using cords, cables or wires.

After understanding this, now you want to know, how it works. See how…

Pair with a Phone

If you wish that your Bluetooth headset will work with your smartphone or other phone, you need to pair or connect both devices i.e. Bluetooth headset must be paired with your phone. Now you need to follow given steps:

  1. First of all you must be sure that your Bluetooth headset is completely charged, if not, charge first as without being charged, task cannot be completed. Then make it turn on and after this check its compatibility with smartphone with which you wish to connect.
  2. Next, your phone must be turn on. After this, go to Settings option as mostly feature of Bluetooth is given in Settings.
  3. When you found feature, select same.(Important note; When your feature of Bluetooth is turn on, a signal will be sent by the phone and it began scanning for those devices in which Bluetooth is enabled and turn on, for instance, your headset.)As we are discussing here for Bluetooth headset, so continue with the same.
  4. When headset is founded by your phone, in list of devices you can see option of headset also. Then you are required to enter a PIN number so that both devices can be paired or connect with each other. The PIN number which we are discussing here is the number which comes with your headset. Mostly it is seen that the pin number is 0000.
  5. When both devices connect to each other, all your incoming and outgoing calls will be automatically connected or transferred to your Bluetooth headset, only, if it is turned on and you can easily talk to the second person without using your hands. And you are not required to repeat the same process.

Tips for Troubleshooting

  1. If anything happens wrong, first turn off everything and then repeat pairing process.
  2. Next you are required to check your headphone batteries and if they are not charged, completely charged them.
  3. Check the compatibility between your phone and headset.

If still your problem persist, check headset manufacturer’s instruction manual or their website.

At last, I like to say that this device allows you to form good and proper communication with your customers at your convenience, which leads to good.

Measuring Bandwidth and Management of Website by Hosting Server Tool

Web hosting service also called Internet hosting service allowing organizations and individuals to make accessible their website via World Wide Web. Sharing of hosting servers can be there among shared hosting or dedicated hosting, it is specifically common for larger websites where owner of website has more necessity of control and requires bandwidth also.

Web hosting service plays crucial role to establish website. Hosting server stores website files as well as transmit them via internet. Exchange of data between browser and web server is a difficult process. As more advanced technology being used by site, exchange of data will be more complex.

To measure bandwidth and manage websites hosting server is excellent method. Along with server hosting is offering many solutions regarding maintenance. In market, many web hosting companies are available. These companies ensure clients to make visible their site always on web and also have reliable and efficient servers. Here are some servers and their features:

Dedicated server : Webmaster or client can take whole server not sharing with anyone in this type of hosting. It provides flexibility to platform in which user can control server easily while selecting operating system and hardware. Web hosting company provides server hardware and client will get right to maintain and install operating system in an appropriate manner. This server is allotted only for website and expenses will be little bit higher. User will get full backup in case of server failure.

Webmaster will be provided advanced technical support by this server. Many functions are offered by server management servers such as server security service, server side programming, firewall configuration etc. Above security functions can be easily be accessed makes website safe and secured.

Virtual private server : It works like hard drive mainly on PC. User can easily run different OS on each part. Each partition acts like complete server and further names it as virtual private server. Each VPS has own operating system and it is kept separate from other hosting servers.

Virtual private server is more flexible than shared hosting. Although it is offering limited customization. Less technical knowledge is required than shared hosting. User need not to worry about reliability and performance while associated with virtual server. For small scale businesses, server is perfect as price is low and provides complete control like dedicated hosting.

Cloud server hosting : Latest form of technology is cloud server. Cloud hosting server is aggregation of many servers and reliability is more than all connected servers with each other. It is low cost and provides many solutions. It is consisted as redundancy so it is mostly used in recent times.

For small and medium sized businesses, cloud hosting is best option. Using shared hosting can create problem for some companies and when user encounter it then VPS provides better solution as per their need.

True Bandwidth offered by best Hosting Providers :-

iPage provide users with bandwidth, disk space and other resources. In most cases, company will not provide specific amount of bandwidth and disk space but refer as “Unlimited”. Services are used normally if any excessive usage will happen then iPage will discontinue or delete account of customer. Hosting space is limited for web files active e-mail and hosted website content. This space won’t be used as offsite electronic files storage, electronic mail or FTP hosts. Company manage all these services if it will find any misuse of bandwidth and disk storage, services will be disconnected. Users will not be eligible for refund as they already comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations. Users won’t able to utilize copy material from third parties like graphics, music, videos, text or other material. Users have to take authorization from company for this action.

Arvixe monitor customers bandwidth and disk space. They advice not to exceed bandwidth and disk usage ordered by customer on order form. Company has right to take action if customers bandwidth or disk usage exceed the usage limit. Company will include additional charges, disconnection or discontinuance of any and all services, or termination of the agreement.

Certifiedhosting offer option to add Certified Protection to your account. UNLIMITED storage and transfer means you can use unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth for websites. The unlimited policy is limited to optimized websites for hobby,business, photo galleries, personal, blogging and membership sites. This unlimited offer is only for unlimited storage, actively run and operate your website. You won’t able to backup or use as storage of picture and other files. Copyrighted material is not allowed to store with license to distribute.

Site5 provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. Clients agrees to pay all fees related to bandwidth, connection, surcharges and other charges. Customers are able to transfer between their website account and visitors of website. Company will allow only up to 2GB of an account’s website backup data to be stored within the same account. Company’s servers will restrict all backup and storage activities which exceeds the limit. On shared hosting plan reselling is not allowed.

Inmotionhosting provides large amount of bandwidth, disk space and other resources. Services are intended for normal use only. Customers are advised not to exceed the limit of bandwidth otherwise company will take an action. Customers can read about all applicable laws, rules and regulations on Web site, customer content. If company found that users exceeding the limit of bandwidth and disk storage then it will discontinue the services or block the user’s account. Customers are not allowed to use server as backup device for their sole usage.

Reasons Colocation Hosting is Expensive

Colocation web hosting is most expensive web hosting available, therefore most people don’t consider it while shopping for potential hosting plan. Most people even don’t know about colocation hosting plan or the term “colocation” means. Colocation hosting plan allows user to store privately owned web server in a state of art data center that is stabilized and secured at all times. It is way to save money from regular storage unit. Colocation facility provides constant airflow, ideal climate and specialized server racks that are configured specifically to accommodate web server hardware needs. Following are the reasons why colocation hosting is more expensive than conventional web hosting:-

Futuristic Data Centers

A “colocation facility” is a data center actually which is large building that house hundreds of web servers in future environment controlled rooms. Datacenter contains millions dollars of equipment and multiple high-speed internet connections are maintained by them with various Internet service providers simultaneously. Multiple connections are provided to colocation hosting providers which can offer redundancy so that web server will be online at all times. Data centers are connected with professionally trained in-house internet technology specialists, fire extinguishing systems and air filtration systems that cost as much as $10,000 in each room. To provide server care and service stability to customers, colocation hosting providers charge more expensive monthly fee.

State-Of-The-Art Surveillance

It defines second reason why colocation hosting is more expensive than conventional web hosting. Reason is amount of effort and monetary investments that hosting provider devotes to keep web server secure. This technology not only monitor the facilities but insured all of equipment, so no risk is there having damaged hardware without being it restored. Datacenter of colocation provides facilities which are guarded by several tall watch posts and height of 8 feet is exceeded barbed wire around entire perimeter.

As colocation hosting provider has many expenses regarding employee payroll and equipment overhead, to make business profitable additional expenses have to be passed to customer.

Additional Value of Web Server Performance Optimization:

With colocation facility user is gaining access from various Internet service providers to multiple high-speed internet connection. Therefore, user has an advantage to maintain optimal connection to Internet for web server regardless of local circumstances affecting Internet and other hosting providers. If anybody choose to store his owned web server within home or office then this assurance is not possible because all tasks of current server is lost, if it loses internet connection.

Difference between professional and free web hosting providers

1) Description of professional and free web hosting

Online presence is must when establishing a business and for its growth. For creating website, web hosting is required. It is vital for their perfect growth. But one thing needs to be understand here is that web hosting is also of two types. One professional web hosting in which you paid to hosting provider for availing their web hosting services and second free web hosting, in which you avail or experience the hosting services at free of cost.

As there are so many Web hosting providers in online market and among them who offer their hosting services at free of cost to their clients are considered as free web hosting providers and who charges fees from their clients for offering their hosting services are considered as professional web hosting providers.

2) Type of clientele for these two hosting providers

As we have discussed here about two types of web hosting, so clients or customers who avail services of these hosting are also of two types;

As money matters a lot in business and everyone needs it at every stage to run the business smoothly. But everyone can not afford same, so some web hosting companies decided to offer their hosting services at free of cost. Clients who avail services of these companies are mostly beginners or start-ups who don’t have enough money in their hand in starting for investment, for them this is the good option. Same is with business owners who started their business on small scale and for budding entrepreneurs also it is an attractive option as cost associated with hosting is eliminated here.

On other hand, multinational companies and persons who are operating their business on large scale and individuals having sound financial position are mostly clients or customers of professional web hosting providers.

3) Points that differentiate two hosting providers

The major differences between professional web hosting providers and free web hosting providers are as follow:

  • First major difference between two providers is domain address they offered to their clients. Free web hosting providers offer a domain address which include their company’s name in the URL and by this professional image of business or company also gets affected. And professional web hosting providers offer a personalised domain address which creates a different or unique identity for online businesses.
  • Professional web hosting companies are more reliable than free web hosting companies. Former one offers great uptime (99.9 percent uptime) as compared to the latter one which offers more downtime which leads to loss of revenues, profit, clients and thus businesses.
  • Unprofessional links and unnecessary ads display more on free web hosting platform which leads to frustration. This platform is mainly used by spammers so as to build dummy websites. On the contrary, professional web hosting platform do not display irrelevant ads and links and thus leads to higher ranking in search engine and better online accessibility.
  • Bandwidth and disk space matters a lot while choosing any web hosting plan. Professional web hosting providers allow their clients to select their best web hosting package containing required amount of bandwidth and disk space among all available plans which allows them to upload images, graphics, text, maps and many more content on site and also transfer them easily. Whereas free web hosting providers offer bandwidth and disk space in a limited quantity. Which sometimes make businesses wait to modify content of their website for longer period. Such kind of issues is not experienced while using professional hosting services.
  • Free web hosting platforms do not offer great level of customer service and technical support. Complicated websites which rely on Perl scripts, Myself Databases and PHP faces severe issues. On the contrary, paid web hosting companies offers 24 hrs customer service and excellent technical support via live chat, e-mail or phone. This leads to peace of mind at the difficult time also.

4) Name of web hosting companies providing these two services

Now if you wants to know the name of the companies which offer professional hosting services and which offer free hosting services, so here comes a list for you.

Some of best providers which offers professional hosting services;


Some of the best providers which offers free hosting services;


Small Scale Businesses Options for Web Hosting Services

Each organization starts at very small level. Using proper resources and little manpower, it is very critical for any beginner company to get stable and successful future. Proper planning, using right marketing tools and management are the keys to success for any organization. It is important in today’s world where communication with people is fast through internet.

Virtual world is more popular platform for organization regarding promotions. Every business has established an official website for customers and other organization to check and get information about their products and services. Websites make easy for company to advertise but small businesses are not capable to afford due to their budget.

So there are many important questions in mind of a businessman having his own website. Is it costly to establish online presence? How much cost it will incur? What benefits are provided for company? Establishing online company is good investment. This can be done without breaking any budget.

For small businesses, Web hosting is not much expensive. It depends on capability to choose right web host meet all demands and standards. Some right aspects are given below for small organizations:-

Reliable provider should be chosen which will be able to provide 24/7 technical support. Website being always up and running essentially to sort out technical issues cause disruption to the site. Own research should be conducted for many web hosting to determine reliability.

Knowledge of disk space and bandwidth is necessary. These are very important factors determine quality and performance. Disk space is defined as space in amount to allocate for website while bandwidth defines capacity of website during handling of web traffic. Above two factors are effective in terms of cost of service. If anyone wants more bandwidth and disk space he has to pay little extra.

Cost should not play important role for web hosting services which would be beneficial for small scale industries. Many providers are there offering different hosting packages for accommodation of every budget.

Each user has virtual server for his web URL then processing quality is fast for presentation of website. Resultant is many people copies which are important in their specific web pages. It is better having such hosting likes them of company. An important deal enhances the overall performance and appearance of page.

Rather than visualizing website package one has to focus on 24/7 technical support, server, call-outs information, experts provided by company. Huge structured servers, live backup server to settle on websites and others are providing these services at no cost. A quality, result oriented service is important and defining this is not an easy task.