SEO advantages offered by Dedicated IP address

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is science and art both. As the higher search rank of Google, there are more chances of people to see listing. Hence, they visit user’s site and products and services will be purchased. For higher ranking provided, many SEO experts experiments with each characteristic of websites and hosting to make exactly benefits of website which ranks them higher and what can be done to neglect decrease in ranking. One field of intense advise is to focus benefits of websites from Dedicated IP address instead of Shared IP address.

IP address

Device which is connected to Internet can be a PC, a laptop, web host server and a mobile device and has unique IP address. It is a collection of 4 number string, begins from 0 and end up to 255. It will look like:-

Above code helps to identify machine currently using. After identification, data can be send through Internet, means large number of websites can be accessed by user offering by Internet.

Shared IP address

Web host uses server to host website is a single machine with single IP address. At given time, server can host thousands of websites in shared web hosting. Single IP address allocated to host’s server recognizes all these websites.

Dedicated IP address

If anyone has own server and one website only on that server then IP address is dedicated by default. On a particular server, more than one site resides usually. Dedicated IP address is an IP address which is allocated on a server for single website instead of machine itself.

For what Dedicated IP addresses

Dedicated IP addresses are mostly used on larger ecommerce websites for secure encryption. It means sensitive data is stored such as credit card numbers. According to many people, it is more advantageous that a website has its own IP address regarding SEO rather than hundreds of website sharing same IP address.

Is it beneficial having own IP address of website as concerned with SEO?

Speed : In some cases, dedicated IP address can be beneficial for SEO. To a single server, thousands of shared hosting is added. It means websites will have some sharing resources with that sites which will be more successful than its own. Resultant, those sites might slow down website. As site is slower, Google’s ranking further goes down. Unique IP address is added to website doesn’t mean fast loading but it will be migrated to Dedicated Server having Dedicated IP address. Therefore, instead of adding Dedicated IP address of website on shared server, site will be moved to website hosting machine. It gives dedicated IP address to website and pay dividends. Website of client will be more reliable, secure and faster.

SSL : Google has started to give preferences to that websites which has added SSL 2048-bit key certificate. Website URL changes from HTTP to HTTPS. Unique IP addresses are utilized by SSL sites. However, Google has advised some changes in terms of SSL, effecting search less than 1%. It is still authorized SEO benefit. Encryption of website visits is done by SEO. Website that store sensitive information utilizes SSL. Website will be more visible by SSL through public networks and websites can operate fast. It means website might be hit by more visitors and operates more quickly in concern with Google causing higher placements.

Malware : Shared hosting is utilized by server which can port thousands of websites and some sites containing malware. Some observed that user IP address is shared by those sites, so that website will be recognized as ‘bad neighbourhood’ residence and as concerned with search ranking it will be penalized. Dedicated IP address will be more beneficial in these cases and again move website to reliable server and web host.

SSL Certificates are necessary for security of website

SSL Certificates are small data files used to encrypt user’s personal information on a server. Authentication is provided to user for security purpose that their details cannot be shared. Padlock and https protocol are activated at the time of installation on web server. Personal information of users involves are credit card transactions, logins and data transfer.

Security of website

Any entrepreneur aims to develop online business and security issue is underestimated. Internet world is full of risks and threats and building trust of customers is insistent. Anyone can make his business website risk-free place for his customers. More trust shown by customer towards website, more interest in products and services. Customers should believe that their personal information is safe on website. By winning trust of customers successfully, there will be possibilities of long success.

Pricing depends on requirements

Many options are offered by good website security solutions provider at affordable pricing. Analysis of requirements and business scale is necessary before providing authentic website security certificate. User will get trust on server with their personal information by perfect security solutions. Further, validation will be extended. Deeply examination of business is involved providing highest degree of user trust. So, it is necessary to buy SSL certificates.

For unique domain name registration

For domain registration, user must be alert to make a choice. Business is recognized by domain name and brand will be represented. Many things included in process of domain name are of business nature, its intensity and scale, targeted audience and products and services which are dealing. Knowledge of online marketing makes an effective domain name. New online business owner is unable to develop right path then experts will help by implementing knowledge of entire process.

Important illustrations to fix a domain name

  • Most common users can easily understand.
  • In reference of spellings and grammatical mistakes it must be completely error-free.
  • Entire web world is recommended by domain name, so it must be insisted strategically.
  • Business should be close to it as much as possible.
  • If anyone is not capable to select ideal domain name then expert help is recommended.
  • It should be clear, sharp and direct to make customers easy understandable.
  • It should include innovation, creativity, domain name experience and language proficiency.
  • It should not contain any confusing or irrelevant word or expression.

Searching is necessary

At the time of website launch, domain name is most important for both. Research of exact domain name is instant before finalizing domain name for business. Domain name that reflect business idea and is useful for target audience should be selected.

Web Hosting Downtime Will Be Managed

Technology domain has appeared more demanding due to focus of online business towards customer service delivery and acquisition. With uninterrupted delivery availability of complete service basket is more significant. Instead of following size and strength of delivery module, backup plan of fully tested web hosting is associated with service to complement any kind of outage.

A Backup Plan is sketched

To prevent outage completely is difficult for small and medium-size businesses instead of their size and strength. Appropriate selection of technology can put out damage intensity. During preparation of data backup plan service reliability and customer data protection are important issues to be addressed. A robust site information back up plan will be put by hosting providers with their own Data Center Hosting infrastructure for their subscribers.

Regular backups of website

If anyone is in business of lead generation he can afford a bit outage but it may cost thousands of dollars slow down revenue for execution of frequent transactions on website. The basic need is to keep backups daily of website and its associated systems. It is key issue of web host providing safety to website to recover data loss. Free software FileZilla can also be used to copy all files and data to their own systems.

Choose available hosting options

When anybody is going to choose data center and service provider then keep some open options. User cannot ever rely on fake banners offering 100% server uptime and other attractive returns. If a brand will not fulfill its commitment then it is better to leave it. Small hosting organization can also provide level of service and make trust of user. Web host will be trustworthy and committed who ensure data backup policy in a service level agreement. Hosting resource requirement is directly proportional to level of services. Options are effected to choose VPS hosting, Shared hosting or Dedicated hosting.

Monitoring and Logging

Most famous phrase “prevention is better than cure” is more appropriate. So, it is better to make records and monitor logs of website. User can retain some level of control by backups stored in database. It is helpful to maintain manual log of number of events like what changes are on website, when and who made the changes. Software and monitoring services are available help to take initiative.

If Outage Occurs be Proactive

If web hosting provider will face any outage then they can communicate with their customers with appropriate apology about an outage. Inform them about the resumed services and give continuous updates to customers for long halt.

Downtime and Backup stats

Mostly webhosting companies claims 99.99% uptime and automated backup at free of cost. but clients has to go through their terms and services to get detail of their services and backup stats. Here we go through backup stats of five web hosting company.

InMotionHosting provides regular automated data backup on accounts which are equal to or less than 10GB. Company has shown that this backup facility comprises with Business Class or Virtual Private Server accounts free of cost. This service won’t be applicable for accounts which are greater than 10 GB in size however additional service charge will be added on those accounts which exceeds the 10GB size limit.

Arvixe cPanel customer are able to restore backup files by R1Soft Restore Backups button which is under files section. .ASP customers don’t have this ability to their DNP. Restores can either be done immediately but mostly these request should be done via email at Arvixe. Backups are done once every day and once every week for PersonalClass and ResellerClass (Linux and ASP alike).

Site5 has a backup feature which do nightly server backups. This feature stores securely and fully capture each server’s content, file by file. This in-built functionality comes with every web-hosting account. With simple steps you are able to do backup of your own website. Website files, email and information is always backed up st Site5. SiteAdmin and cPanel allows you easy backup in minutes.

WebHostingPad is not responsible for web hosting data back up, keeping any files and databases. Only customers are involved in management and backup of all hosting account data. Company only do backup of customer’s accounts up to and including 1GB of website files only. Company don’t do backup for email addresses, email accounts, databases, or anything else. If customers want to restore, company will charge for it which offer “Backup on Demand” service. This service create backup files and automatically place the file in the web hosting account.

iPage doesn’t guarantee that contents of a Web site will never be deleted or corrupted.

Company gives advice that clients should always copy all content of a Web site to a local computer. Clients have to pay for backup company will not provide on free basis. For further security, backup your files on your desktop via FTP on a regular basis.

Migration to New Web Hosting Provider

Many reasons are there for migration of business to new web hosting service provider. Cause differs from low disk space to miserable customer service or regular breakdowns of server. Selecting new web hosting service provider might appear overwhelming. On the reality check, it’s not so. This article delivers significant points in this perspective.

Choose new web hosting provider

Anybody has to consider different aspects while choosing new web hosting provider. These aspects include operating system, uptime, bandwidth, disk space requirements and customer service.

Type of operating system (OS)

It is better to implement same OS while migrating from one web hosting provider to another. Migration done will be hassle free. OS must not be changed, until and unless there is valid reason. If anybody is planning to take option for new OS, then user must check the OS is being provided by new hosting service provider.

Database such as MySQL or Access is required by website. Both Linux and Windows are compatible to MySQL and Access is congenial with Windows only. When anybody migrates to new OS these points are to be considered.

Disk space and Bandwidth

Bandwidth and disk space are very important features provided by new web hosting provider because speed is affected by former and data storage space is affected by latter. Analyze whether higher bandwidth and disk space is offered at same cost by new service provider. User has to execute analysis related to cost-benefit. It will help to make sensible decision.


When user’s website is down then customers will get disturbed and site’s credibility will be impaired. Web host will end up by losing hundreds and thousands. New service will provide 100% uptime, likely less. Claims are to be verified surely.

When scheduled maintenance is executed check further during peak hours or non-peak hours. At peak hours, business will like to lose significant revenue and traffic.

Customer service

While choosing new web hosting provider good customer service is important. Check whether customer service is available always or not, means seven days a week. They must use phone calls, live chat or SMS. Faster communication is possible by these options. User has to visit website of web hosting provider to check credibility.

Factors after zeroing on a web hosting provider

Make Back-up of website

Switching t
o new web hosting provider includes ensuring safe website from many hazards such as file loss including HTML files, applications, images, scripts, plugins and so on. User should make secure files by making backup in a separate machine. One can download all files by using FTP.

Configure email

Ensure to recheck email configuration after migration of website to new web hosting provider. No task leads to email service failure.

DNS propagation and changes

Transfer of new web hosting provider is not complete until updation of DNS and submitted to new service provider. Until, new service provider assign temporary IP address. By this IP address, user can check functionality of website. Anybody has to ensure for domain name change as per requirement. This is necessary for communication for domain registrar. They advise the procedure to change. Task will be easy for user by inbuilt tools of domain registrar.

Internal links should be checked

After completion of transfer process, internal links should be checked using link checking tools. All links has to work same as before transition. Additionally, always check log files and errors and troubleshoot many issues.

Test new website

It is important to recheck the improper working of website in detail. Especially, check features of web pages includes forms, plugins, apps etc.

Cancel old account

Subsequent to closing all processes involved in transition, user needs to close account by former web hosting provider. It is more important to maintain live account backup option till accurate transition will happen.

To convey message on web pages, requesting visitors must have patience during site downtime because of transition. It will provide impression of cause for concerned trouble and will enhance site credibility.

You have so many options when it wants to make online presence by website.Shared hosting is conventional solution which is mostly used for SMBs. In shared hosting many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. SiteGeek provides unbiased review and rating for web hosting providers.

iPage Rank No. 1 in offering best shared hosting solution so you can transfer domain with some easy steps.

When customer transfer domain to iPage, automatically adds one year time. New customers and existing clients can save up to 60% on each migration of domain.

For transferring domain names customers have to check following points:-

  • Domains must be registered for at least 60 days and in unlocked status
  • Transfers will succeed only if the Admin Contact information is up-to-date
  • You must obtain an authorization code to transfer to
  • Transfers will take between 5 and 7 days under normal circumstances
  • Domains must be valid and already registered with another registrar

Linux Web hosting Suppliers

Insight Of Linux Hosting

Linux is an open-source system, affordable to operate and less expensive than Windows. It offers several benefits such as it crashes less because it is more stable, scalable and offers high speed. Linux offers support to different kinds of software’s, applications and programming languages including Perl, PostgreSQL and MySQL except some technologies of Microsoft such as ASP, Access, MS SQL as for them Windows hosting server is required.

Linux Web Hosting is reliable, safe and efficient. It offers you with several options to fulfil need of web hosting. PHP is a famous programming language and it is compatible with Linux web hosting. It is also good for programmers who are freshers; not having experience, as Linux hosting allows them to test new things. Most important, it is quite affordable because it does not include overhead expenses because proprietary software is not installed in same. Next, you are not required to run Linux on your PC for hosting your website. It offers one more advantage; it can be used to run your website without considering operating system you choose to run on your computer.

With the advantages, some disadvantages are also there; Linux is not compatible with coding conversions and windows applications and thus from hosting point of view, it is not considered good for those websites which are designed for windows based applications.

2) Linux Systems Commercial and popular uptake

These days, setup of Linux is applied everywhere, used in each domain from embedded systems to powerful mainframe computers and has acquired their place in installation and fitting of server using LAMP application stack. Its use has been growing in business desktop and home desktop. Linux usage is also becoming very popular in netbook market along with devices shipping with Linux installed which can be customized.

Linux has entered in mobile device market with Android. Android is one of latest and most used operating system in tablets, smartphones and latest wearable technology. Valve also support Linux leads to Linux gaming. The distribution of Linux is also becoming very popular in different local and national level of governments, for instance Brazil’s federal government is very famous as it supports Linux a lot. Russian Military has created their own Linux distribution and leads to fruition of G.Host project. Even high schools running in Kerala make compulsory to run Linux on their computers. In Spain, Linux distributions are developed by some regions and are extensively used in formal and teaching establishments such as Guadalinex in Andalusia and gnuLinEx in Extremadura and in official institutions also. Caixa Mágica, a personal Linux dispersion of Portugal is used by country can be used within Magalhães Netbook and e-escola which is a political authority programme. Germany and France also took some action for moving towards to Linux and accepting same. China is also using it as one of their most prominent operating system for their Loongson processor family so as to be technologically independent.

3) Best Linux hosting suppliers

Many of companies offered Linux hosting services but best ones among them are only few:

Bluehost- BlueHost is a reliable and one of the top most company offering Linux hosting solutions since 1996. Its servers are dedicated for MySQL and PHP applications, such as Joomla, WordPress etc. It is independent and technology oriented and having their own redundant servers.

Hostgator- Since starting, Hostgator is known as the most reliable web hosting provider. They offer most flexible web hosting packages, various supporting options and great uptime record. Basic features of web hosting, user friendly tools for building the website and notable domain capabilities offered by the company.

GoDaddy- GoDaddy also comes under the list of the top web hosting companies. It offers great Linux web hosting solutions. Various web hosting features through different plans with good level of customer and technology support is offered.

Spotting Web Threats in Confusion of Short-lived Hostnames

1) Rapidly changing domain names creates a cover for cybercriminals

As we have seen in last few years, inspite of having a good security system, Cybercrime has increased a lot. Many of the websites has been hacked, login details of users are stolen, confidential and personal data is misused and others. And when research is done to find reasons behind this, our researchers have found that domain names are rapidly changing on Web which results in weakens effectiveness of security controls and leads to creation of a cover for cybercriminals.

2) Weakens the effectiveness of security controls

Effectiveness of security controls is getting weaker and researchers done research on this also to know the main causes behind this. Researchers have analysed 660 million hostnames at Blue Coat, a security vendor and came to know that out of this, only 470 million hostnames existed and that also for even less than a day. Result is that only 71% of the hostnames existed.

To catch web threats, Companies who are using products of Blue Coat requested for various domain names for a period of 90 days. Most of domain names which are throwaway belonged to Yahoo, Amazon, Google i.e. legitimate businesses and to blogging platforms, Web optimization companies and webhosting services.

Domain names are frequently changing for years, but one thing which is very interesting found, by the researcher, Tim van der Horst of Blue Coat, about numbers, is scale.

Blue Coat also found that out of top 50 parent domains by whom short-lived hostnames are generated, out of 5 only 1 was malicious.

But if we compare the no. of hostnames which are generated by legitimate businesses to the amount of criminal activity, then it was found that latter is very small as compared to former one. And out of total no. of domain names which were examined on just one day, it was found that only 0.43 % largest malicious parent domains were generated.

3) Role of Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs)

DGAs played a significant role in weaken the effectiveness of security controls. In the several families of malware, domain generation algorithms (DGAs)were used, results in the no .of the malicious hostnames. Command-and-control servers exact and real location was hided by the fake names and this task performed by DGAs very well as they create the fake names in large no. Nevertheless, if someone consider the usage of real malicious hostnames, then their small number is also significant.

4) Criminals use the sites for

Sites are used by the criminals for drive and this is done by downloads and by hosting the kits which are exploited. Malware is downloaded by the kits to the victims computers and via phishing attack lured to the location. And to prevent the interaction between command-and-control servers and compromised computers, short-term hostnames are used.

As domain names are rapidly changing, thus correlation between all the attacks and detection was avoided. And companies could not rely only on the blacklists to avoid the malicious hostnames, they required systems also meant for prevention or intrusion detection and anti-virus softwares which must be updated from time to time.

5) Granular policy control and other threat mitigation actions

Granular policy control, in order to create this, risk value on domain names must be assigned by the technology on the basis of several factors such as on the popularity of the website, links to other sites, on the same IP address number of other sites hosted and on the basis of those sites ratings. With this, there must be a transient hostnames baseline also which is either malicious or secure.

According to Blue Coat, alerts and other threat mitigation actions are caused by a potential compromise which was constituted by detecting an anomaly from that baseline.

Difference between Unmanaged Hosting and Managed Hosting

Here this article brings you some major differences between unmanaged hosting and managed hosting. Hope these differences helps you to understand which hosting is right choice for your business. But before this, let’s see concept of unmanaged hosting and managed hosting.

Unmanaged Hosting

As name suggests, this kind of hosting is not managed by others for you. From starting to end, everything needs to be take care by you. Here, a web hosting provider rent you a server and entire responsibility of handling of server and keep your site up, falls on you, whether you have technical expertise or not.

Managed Hosting

It is simply reverse of above. Here, a provider takes the complete responsibility of managing your server. Their team of professionals monitored your server for 24 *7 and 365 days to keep your site up and perform well. Their customer support is readily available to support you anytime of the day.

Now here presents some basic differences which assist you to make right choice for your business.

1. Security

Managed hosting handle issues related to security well. Providers offers tools by which viruses are scan, spams are filter, security audits run, software firewalls are configured and OS updates offered and in unmanaged hosting, you have to take care of all this.

2. Backups

In managed hosting, providers offers proper back up of data, as this is detrimental for you but in unmanaged hosting, all depends on you.

3. Monitoring of Server

In managed hosting, System admin monitor your servers for 24*7 to make network available for your clients all the time but in unmanaged hosting, you need some technical expertise to handle this, as a common man don’t understand servers and their handling session.

4. Storage and Database management

In managed hosting, system admin manage storage needs of your site so that space is properly utilised and scaled thereby saving some money, and database admin design database as per your need and manage the same. But on the other hand, in unmanaged, you need to manage both on your own basis or hire these professionals.

5. Time is precious

As time is very precious for small as well as for large business owners, so if they spend the same to focus on strategies and ways for growing their business, their time will be better utilized. And instead of this, if they spend their time on looking and handling servers for all day, they will be in a big trouble. So, it’s better if we used services of managed hosting, as this part will be handled by their professionals in a proper manner and saves us time.

6. Cost-Effective

Managed hosting is more expensive then unmanaged hosting. As its services include many things, so obviously, it will be more costly to you but if you cannot afford, then opt for fully managed hosting solution. Providers offer various plans in managed hosting, so before selecting the one, go through their features, support, price and other relevant factors, surely you choose the right plan.

7. Meets your specific business needs

In Managed hosting plan, experts offers you solutions by which your specific business needs can be meet in the best possible way and in your budget too. But unfortunately, in unmanaged hosting, no experts are available, its only you.


I hope you understand the differences between these two kinds of hosting. It is clearly defined, managed hosting is better in almost each and every way than unmanaged hosting. So, now surely you can make the right choice for your business.

Select Colocation Over In-House Server

To construct an in-house server room for IT equipment may be costly. With the help of colocation services it can be easily avoided. Service includes housing of servers by service provider and equipment is maintained 24×7. This is the service in which it is difficult to find reasons against it. It is not providing burden to user from all routine and tasks come with running of own server.

Colocation services provide advantage of top facility for a constant monthly fee. Service is more secure and delivers better performance of systems. Some reasons are there to demonstrate business needs of colocation services rather than in-house server rooms:-

1. Best value for money:

Colocation servers can easily be afforded. If anyone decides to maintain servers in-house, he will need to maintain and build whole network infrastructure, server room is created with proper cooling and must protection from flood and fire. In order to prevent internal and external threats such as viruses, cyber attacks user will need to install and design security solutions.

This is reason behind this that server room becomes costly. Entire network is maintained by service provider with the help of colocation. To create accurate IT budget all costs are rolled into single fee. Colocation is less expensive in comparison to costs of building server room, managing utilities and specialized staff and it provides also best value of money.

2. Simple scalability:

Scalability can be simplified by colocation for network and server needs. When additional servers are required by business, user can add them simply to colocation service without any major modifications to business. User can make request of large amount of bandwidth, additional storage space and higher processing power according to requirements. It gives large benefits to servers for its expansion with business growth.

3. High Security:

Servers can be maintained within data center will increase the security of servers. Facilities of data center are very secure, multiple layers of access control and have different security protocols and monitoring tools provides better protection to active networks links to internet servers.

Therefore, colocation is providing safety to data and also helpful in recovery process.

4. Fast Access of network:

Colocation provides fast network access as whole infrastructure of data center and network lines are designed to provide fastest speeds. Servers colocation ensures high speed of network for clients and employees. Data centers has provided bandwidth to handle large network traffics and scaled up or down as per needed.

5. High Flexibility:

Colocation services are offering flexibility achieved with in-house server room. User has option of multiple carriers for network service and will easily change carriers if he is not satisfied with performance of current hosting. He can choose between half racks, quarter racks, and full racks. All above choices can make design easier to meet their needs.

6. For servers professional support is there:

IT expert’s offers colocation services of data centers take care of all important network and environment of data center. Professionals are available to help in maintaining servers. Supporting team providing assistance to install new software and server settings are modified. Experts maintaining business areas enable to concentrate on business deals.

In colocation facility businesses can lease space for their resources and other hardware. Colocation provider offers building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security while customer provides servers and storage. Many colocation companies guarantees for uptime, high availability, compilance and protection.

LiquidWeb provides colocation hosting from its Michigan data centers. These data centers are made with N+1 redundancy on all networks, hardware, power systems, and generators. These centers are composed of Tier-1 premium bandwidth providers. They also allow off-site backup and premium disaster recovery services. Company’s colocation facility comprises SOC 3, SSAE-16, and HIPAA compliant features for high level of security and privacy. Company’s neutral-facility provides connectivity to multiple Tier-I bandwidth providers, ensuring minimal latency and fast connections to all points of the global Internet.

Affiliate Marketing can help Web Hosting Business

Affiliate marketing is the process to earn commission by promoting other company’s products. Customer can find product according to his choice, promote to others and profit can be earned for each sale made by customer. Other internet markets are overlapped with Affiliate marketing to some extent because regular advertising methods are used by affiliates. Advertising methods include organic search engine optimization, paid search engine marketing, content marketing and e-mail marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which one or more affiliates are rewarded by business for each customer brought by marketing efforts of affiliates.

Web Host Company has very limited resources and tight budget. Many companies often struggle in finding prospective clients and their services are signed up. Promotions and marketing are two important factors for survival of business. Brand promotional techniques are there that do not require a lot of money but need to invest a lot of money and time.

Affiliate marketing is taken as one of basic forms of promoting company. Internet marketers will serve as link between company and prospective customers looking for web hosting services. Affiliates are utilized in order to drive traffic to website. By searching online find interested affiliates with good traffic. Search term is used related to products and services. Affiliates are chosen on top list and good amount of web traffic is received.

Next part is beginning of challenge. Being a business owner, his task is to convince these affiliates for website promotion. With careful consideration and planning, represent different deals that are offering to prospective marketers. Best offers such as high commissions and other incentives are looked out by affiliates. From other companies it is to make sure to get offer. Many web hosting companies wants better ad placement, are providing many proposals to affiliates. Bring that deals which are good to pass up and a proposal through which affiliate marketers get attention easily.

By this type of web marketing, when a sale is made then affiliates only get paid. As it is on commission basis means no unnecessary expenses are there at prior and during entire course of program. Since affiliate marketers have no means of tracking sales generated through their services. Web hosting companies are practiced honesty and transparency. There should be well written, clear and fully explained contract to both sides between these two parties. Open line communication is required wherein developments, suggestions and issues can be discussed in timely manner beneficial for both.

To help web host companies affiliate marketing programs are designed to find interested clients that will increase profit. To earn extra income, opportunity is provided by marketers.

Some Tips for improving Web Design

1. Have professional, polished logo that link to home page : For brand, logo is an important part, so it is located prominently on one’s site. High-resolution image is used and placed it on page in upper left corner. So, to link logo to home page it is good thumb rule so that navigation can be easily done by visitors.

2. Get rid of clutter : These days’ websites visually overloaded with images to the point where anybody stop processing the information when too many options are confronted. On site to keep visitors it has to make sure pages have competing calls to visual clutter by which visitor would be attracted from important part of page. Landing pages clutter down further by considering options and links to be limited in header and footer to narrow focus further.

3. Intuitive navigation is used : On top of website primary navigation options are installed in horizontal bar. Underneath primary navigation bar providing secondary navigation options or in site margin, known as sidebar.” People are quitting page instead of trying to figure by confusing navigation layouts. Therefore, rather than putting links to less important pages that reduces from call to action or primary information at top of landing pages.

4. Use color strategically : Mostly neutral color palette can help website project clean, elegant and modern appearance. Small dashes of color are employed for headlines or key graphics helps to guide visitors to most valuable content. To use color palette is important complements logo and consistent to marketing materials.

5. Give visitors breathing room : Sufficient space between paragraph and images are created so that all features of site are absorbed and offer business said by Hannah Spencer, graphic designer, Coalition Technologies which is a web design and online marketing agency.

User will focus on content and control user flow by controlling white space through layout. By many visual competition taking place on mobile and web, less is more. User experience will be improved by controlling white space which increases returns from website.

6. Choose fonts easy to read across browsers and devices : People will be seeking at website while choosing fonts not just not on laptop but on mobile devices. Large-scaled fonts read on well but not scale on mobile, losing desired look.

Typeface has to be picked which can be easily read and size will not be less than 11pt. If web fonts are using by anyone, not more than two font families are used to ensure fast load times. Using font size allows maximum 15 to 20 words per line while using fixed-width design. If anybody is using fluid design, font size is used to allow 15 to 20 words per line at 900 to 1000 pixels wide.

7. Invest in professional, good photography : Generic photos can be sniffed by website visitors in a second and generic impression of company will be left. Company is not generic, this has to show visitors by investing in professional photography. Good photography providing emotional connection to written content.

Design every page as a landing page: Websites are designed in such a way so that through homepage user enters and navigates into site said by Michael Freeman, senior manager of ShoreTel, Inc, providing hosted VoIP, cloud PBX service and business phone systems.