5 Things You Must Have With a Dedicated Hosting Plan

There are so many different reasons to choose a dedicated hosting plan over a shared hosting plan. Even though the cost might be higher, dedicated hosting means that you don’t have to worry about a slow site or to share a server with hundreds of other people. Any way you slice it, a dedicated hosting option is the better option for a business of any size. Really. That said, there are some definite things that you’ll want to have with any dedicated option that you are considering.

. Awesome technical support: I don’t mean just mediocre technical support, I mean earth-shattering tech support that will make a huge difference when your site is experiencing problems. Believe it or not, technical support that’s available around the clock is something that’s hard to beat. In most cases, tech support options should come with your dedicated plan. If you have to pay extra for tech support, do it.

2. Data center details: Where a company’s data center located is an immense deal. You’ll want to be sure that the data center has the right cooling operations in place, has onsite security, and comes with everything that will protect that center should a natural disaster strike. It might sound silly, but data centers are often subject to water and other types of damage. Found a great hosting company that’s also cheap with data centers located in a dirt floor basement? Think again!

3. Complete management: Let’s be real here. Unless you know what you’re doing, you will need to have an entirely managed dedicated hosting option. This way, you can pick up the phone and call someone else when things go wrong.

4. Content Delivery Network (CDN): Let’s say that someone from Africa accesses your website. With a content delivery network, the server located near Africa will deliver the person’s request – in short, and it’s the fastest and best way to do things. Ask your current host about this possibility.

5. Remote reboot! We can’t say this one enough times. It is essential that you can remotely restart the system if you need to. Why? Because sometimes things happen when you are far away from home.

What Else Do You Need?

When it comes down to choosing dedication hosting plans, the best course of action is to find a company that you can completely trust. I know that sounds trite, but it’s really true. If the company you sign up with has a history of messing things up, data centers that get broken into, and plans that don’t work for anyone, not in the Fortune 500 loop, you’ll need to find a new or different option.

Our suggestions? Go with BlueHost, A Small Orange, HostGator, or another hosting company mentioned on this website. We spend our time reviewing hosting companies so that you don’t have to. When it comes to finding that perfect dedicated hosting choice, there’s no better option than to read through reviews first.

QuadCore Dedicated Hosting


Quad Core Dedicated Servers are servers that have a processor with more than one core. Quad core servers contain four cores. The website owners are able to have multiple processing in a single package, if they have a server that has multiple cores. Four core processors serve the high demand and Quad core processors can be used across many application domains.

In the hosting industry, more processing power you have more is better for you, and this is typically faithful to a large extent when we are talking about things like processing power.

Your website, application server, mail server or web server will get the advantage from faster speeds and reliable operation due to the quad core E3 family-based servers.

The quad-core servers offer larger cache, an increased memory and a higher throughput capacity.

CPWebHosting quad core servers also allow the processors to carry out multiple tasks at one time by integrate hyper-threading technology and due to this speed is improved of various operations, which allows single resource to be used by two or more processes.
It also allows you to create your dedicated server environment in less than 1 minute .This is due to the reason because all our dedicated servers come with instant setup.

They also make commitment that they will provide you more flexibility by allowing you to develop your own quad core server with any combination of hardware.

There are so many quad core dedicated servers but among all of them the most important ones are first is Xeon E3-1270 quad core server which contain various features 4x 3.4 GHz.,6 GB DDR3, 2x 500 GB SATA, 20 TB Bandwidth, second is Core i7 970 which contain 6x 3.2 GHz., 24 GB DDR3, 2x 1000 GB SATA, 20 TB Bandwidth, and next important server is Xeon E5620 which contain 8x 2.4 GHz., 24x GB DDR3, 2x 1000 GB SATA, 20 TB Bandwidth.

In addition to the above standard quad core dedicated server, 100 mbit and 1000 mbit quad core unmetered servers without any usage restrictions at a fixed price are also offered. But here you will see that your connection is not shared which just states that it is entirely dedicated to you only.

Quad core servers contain 2.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, 4GB memory, Dual 500GB 7200-rpm hard drives1, Intel HD Graphics 3000, OS X Lion Server.

Here we are talking about the reduction in the inventory sale on the HP DL140 dual-processor quad-core server line which can be consider as an excellent opportunity to experience the power of the Intel Xeon L5320 processor loaded in a dual CPU configuration.

Every dedicated server without any cost i.e. on free basis include enterprise-grade hardware from Dell, HP, IBM, and Super micro, administrator access or full root, configuration of custom hardware and partitioning, 1Gbps uplink, Remote rebot port, reload utility of operating system, graphs of bandwidth, Fast and in a friendly manner support via Phone, Ticket, and Live Chat, Immediate Provisioning.

HP DL140 [US] Dual Intel Xeon L5320 Processor (8 x 1.86GHz)

16GB Memory
500GB Disk Space
4TB Bandwidth
HP DL140 [US] Dual Intel Xeon L5320 Processor (8 x 1.86GHz)

16GB Memory
2 x 500GB Disk Space
4TB Bandwidth
HP DL140 [US] Dual Intel Xeon L5320 Processor (8 x 1.86GHz)

16GB Memory
1TB Disk Space
4TB Bandwidth
HP DL140 [US] Dual Intel Xeon L5320 Processor (8 x 1.86GHz)

16GB Memory
2 x 1TB Disk Space
4TB BandwidthA
HP DL140 [US] Dual Intel Xeon L5320 Processor (8 x 1.86GHz)

16GB Memory
2TB Disk SpaceA
4TB Bandwidth
HP DL140 [US] Dual Intel Xeon L5320 Processor (8 x 1.86GHz)

16GB Memory
2 x 2TB Disk Space
4TB Bandwidth

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Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud Hosting

You need hosting to build your website, if you are confused, which of the hosting type appropriate for your site, then surely this article will help you to figure it out.

Four main kinds of hosting are available which have their features, merits, demerits, which may help you to choose your hosting platform, as per your need.


Cloud server vs. dedicated server

A cloud server is a virtual server which is a large pool of multiple servers which is built, hosted and delivered by cloud computing. Thus a cloud can run multiple OS using the same resources. It is available to the users for their access.Cloud server allows the user to use applications and store data in the remote cloud server.

A dedicated server is designed to serve the needs of the whole network which contain thousands of computer connected to each other and communicate with each other. In a network, it is a single computer which is set aside to serve the need of the system. It indicates the server allocated to you only for hosting your website i.e. dedicated to the client site only to serve its need.

  • Cloud server performance is better than an average dedicated server.
  • Cloud server has a lack of control, but dedicated server provides full control.

If a physical server fails, Cloud server will switch to other servers, but if dedicated server is a fail, then you are required to build a new server, reinstall os and store the data again.
While the server is running, Cloud server can add CPU power and disk space, but dedicated server must be shut down.

When you are updating Cloud server to a new server then no need to reinstall operating system and device drivers but when you are upgrading dedicated server to a new server then there is a need to reinstall operating system and device drivers

Cloud server are not very costly they costs $29/month to $199/month, and you need to pay the bill for the hour basis and for only those resources which you consume, but a dedicated server is quite expensive they cost from $99/month to $1500/month, and you need to pay on a monthly basis.

If your cloud server fails and is unrecoverable, you can power on the cloud server backup image, and you see that your cloud server is back and start running in few minutes. But in the case of a dedicated server, you need to reinstall an operating system, store files, and data again which is a time-consuming task.

Shared hosting vs. VPS hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular web hosting, in which its providers divide the server between their customers and allow them to share the server. Here all the customers are getting same resources of a system, to perform their respective task, whereas VPS stands for Virtual private server allows clients to share the server and resources of the system, but here customers are given a higher amount of CPU, RAM and more control over the server itself.

Unlike shared hosting, VPS host may not offer unlimited bandwidth and storage.

VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, as prices for latter are usually less than $5 per month but former cost around $15 to $20 per month and may also increase, as per the need of your resources.
VPS is usually not required for busy websites, whereas shared hosting can handle large no. of users and greater complexity.

VPS is not suggested for the first post or for someone who will go to start a small site because it may disturb your site with a lot of traffic or your site is running slow, but these limitations are usually not faced by the users of shared hosting.

VPS is mainly useful for small businesses that cannot afford a dedicated server, but they require a customized Web site. It also allows a single subscriber to maintain multiple virtual servers, but this does not happen with shared host.

In shared hosting, you cannot change anything on the server, as per your need, whatever got from the provider is enough and you cannot do anything about this, but in VPS hosting, you may get this option.
Shared hosting can easily handle 90% of the websites, but VPS may not.

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Dedicated server

If we compare dedicated server web hosting with shared web hosting, then formerly is more flexible and powerful, and it allows its customers also to enjoy full freedom and have complete control over their website. It also allows you to choose an OS for your machine and you can run any software supported by it due to the SSH connection.


Dedicated server web hosting plans offer very powerful and flexible hardware architectures, good network, 3 dedicated IP’s, huge storage space, RAM allocations for fulfilling the needs of your website hosting. They also administer your dedicated hosting web server, provide good data backup, time to time Operating System updates, server monitoring, custom software installation and script troubleshooting services.

Web hosting companies also deploy various software programs for scanning systems and networks so as to prevent spammers, hackers, invaders, viruses and other harmful difficulties like Trojans, Worms, and crashes. They are suitable for web development and system administrator professionals. Dedicated hosting server providers define their level of management based on the services they provide.

Best dedicated server web hosts

  • Here is given few best-dedicated server web hosts-Arvixe-100% managed dedicated server, Constant.com a dedicated server specialist, Hosting and designs,
  • Singlehop-provide free monitoring for life,
  • XL Host.com,
  • Snelserver.com dedicated server with instant setup,
  • Gigapros.com-fully managed dedicated server,
  • Serverpoint.com, Webline services-web line managed dedicated servers,
  • Exmasters.com are the high speed managed dedicated servers, Netshop ISP-Cyprus and UK dedicated servers,
  • Esecuredata- Unmetered servers with KVM/IP and 2487 support, Superb.net, ARP Networks- provide lifetime 15% discount,
  • Hostingsource a managed dedicated server, 15minuteservers.com, Limestone Networks provide straightforward and superior dedicated hosting, 1&1.com latest hardware with up to 32 processor, etc.

Who uses Dedicated server web Hosting?

Dedicated server web Hosting is mainly used by businesses or advanced users who face the problem of a lot of traffic means they run high traffic websites and by very complex databases and CPU-intensive applications.

Support to manage the server

To administer the server, hosting providers provide fully managed support which includes monitoring, security patches, up gradation of software, reboots, and operating system upgrades. Hosting providers also allow its client to self-manage their server which includes regular monitoring and some maintenance. But few hosting providers are not involved and does not provide support to their customers to manage the servers, all maintenance, upgrades, patches, and security are handled by the customers only. Here clients or client has to manage few things which involve monitoring, updates, require an average level of management and limited support.

Few drawbacks of dedicated server web hosting

Dedicated server web hosting has few drawbacks also like it is very costly, consume a significant amount of bandwidth, and it is legally questionable also. Many hosting companies as per their terms of service does not allow to host copyrighted material for which client does not own the copyright.

Companies Server Location Price Price Visit Now
cpwebhosting $75.00 /mo USA/UK/AU/BG/FI Start @ $75.00 Visit Site
servermania $199.00/mo. Ontario, Canada Start @ $199.00/mo. Visit Now
liquidweb $299.00/mo. Lansing, MI, US Start @ $299.00/mo. Visit Now
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Source dedicated server


A dedicated server is designed to serve the needs of the whole network which contain thousands of computer connected to each other and communicate with each other. In a network, it is a single computer which is set aside to serve the need of the system. For e.g. In a network, there are many computers are dedicated to internet connection, some are dedicated to scanner resources, few of them are dedicated to printer resources, some of them are serving as a firewall and others are doing some other job.

Thus in the whole network all these computers are assigned a particular or specific task in the network and they all are working on them i.e. dedicated to their respective tasks. Thus, they all are known as dedicated servers, serving all the needs of the whole network.

Source dedicated server linux is a tool that runs the components of server of game without the elements of client. Server providers who wanted to serve many games from the one computer only, then for them source dedicated server is a good choice and it is mostly used by them. It allows the developers to run this server on their home computer.

How to install source dedicated server Linux?

As we all know that we require some kind of operating system to install the server, so here we will going to install Source dedicated server on operating system called Linux. But for this you must have the knowledge of Linux i.e. how to run the file, how to download the file on Linux and other functions.

Steps to install Source dedicated server on Linux

To install Source dedicated server on Linux, we will start with HLDSUpdatetool. First of all you are required to download hldsupdatetool from the Valve web server. Then make a dir called srcds_l, and save hldsupdatetool in that dir and run it. But remember check this when you have an uncompress error. Now write the following command
Mkdir srcds_l
cd srcds_l
wget http://www.steampowered.com/download/hldsupdatetool.bin
chmod +x hldsupdatetool.bin
. /steam

In the next step down load the file which will take few hours which depend on the connection the server is using. After file is being downloaded, write the following command:

. /steam -command update -game “Counter-Strike Source” -dir

Now in the next step If you want to install a Half-Life 2 Death match server, then use “hl2mp” for the game switch. In the third phase, you will going to install source dedicated server for this you are required to first edit or create srcds_l/cstrike/cfg/server.cfg in the way you want it to be. Now after creating scrds we are ready to run the srcds.

To run the scrds write the following command . /srcds_run -console -game cstrike +map de_dust -maxplayers 16 -autoupdate and press enter. (-game hl2mp if it’s a HL2DM server) Your srcds is ready to run Extra) Running srcds in background (re-attachable) and for this we will make a script that will run the srcds in the background in a “screen “but for this you will need to have screen installed for this. Thus, make a file called server.sh and put this in the following Command:

#! /bin/sh
echo “Starting Cs: Source Server”
sleep 1

screen -A -m -d -S css-server ./srcds_run -console -game cstrike +map de_dust +maxplayers 16 -autoupdate Next save the file, and to run this write the command
chmod +x server.sh

Now in the next step If you want to start your server, only run
It will start your srcd server in the background and to open it type:

screen -x css-server And in the last If you want to close it again press Ctrl+A+D, and it will detach the screen and keep it running in the background.

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Cyon Review and Uptime Report


Cyon is a German hosting solutions provider that has been in the industry f or over 13 years now.
Click on the Link given below to visit cyon.ch

The company is a leader in offering reliable and affordable hosting solutions.  Today the company has 34,130 hosting clients worldwide. It offers various services such as web hosting, cloud servers and domain hosting services. Cyon.ch uses modern hardware and the latest technology servers in their data centers to offer maximum hosting performance. The company furthermore offers their customer 24/7 customer support via e-mail, phone and live chat. Customers can also follow the company via Facebook, Twitter, Google+.


Webserve Offer Hosting Plans to Businesses


Webserve offers an excellent shared hosting plan for limited budget individual and businesses at affordable rates. It is a privately owned company. This company had low-cost source and proven to be reliable with the latest web hosting solutions. Moreover, they include advanced management tools and excellent website building tools available with 24/7 technical support. Their hosting plans are easy to use and come with many benefits and features including high uptime, best quality hardware, and website tools. Apart from this, company’s hosting features include domain name registration, domain privacy, dedicated IP address, sitelock seal, gomobi website mobile and much more.  Webserve is perfect for small businesses and individual, makes it affordable and easy to develop unique, professional and attractive online presence.


LiquidWeb Hosting Company Introduction

The Liquidweb hosting company offers both Linux based and Windows based hosting to their clients from various parts of the world. The company has its headquarters in the State of Arizona in the United States of America and also has three world class data centers, all located in the US. The company was founded back in the year 1997 and has been a pace setter in the industry since then. Today they are leaders in offering managed hosting services to people from all over the world, and they are good at it.


LiquidWeb Hosting company is held in high esteem in the hosting industry as it is deemed to be a leader and also a trusted web host. The most outstanding thing about the LiquidWeb hosting company is how reliable their hosting services are.

Customer Review


The company offers a range of services, from dedicated server hosting to web hosting services and cloud hosting along with VPS hosting services which ensure that clients get a variety. They also offer e-mail hosting, e-commerce hosting and much more.

Hosting Features

On top of that, each of the hosting plans come with a variety of features such as unlimited e-mail accounts, full CGI access, unlimited mailing lists, support of programming languages such as Perl, PHP5, C++, Python, MySQL databases are also unlimited and their hosting also comes with a Free SSL Secure Server, SSH secure shell access, detailed website statistics, Add-on Domains, redundant nightly backups and to top it all up Virtual FTP Accounts.


Hosting Plans

The cheapest hosting plan offered by the company cost only $ 50 each month and comes with features like 1 CPU, 0.9GB of RAM and disk space of 75 GB among many others while the most expensive hosting plan costs 270 dollars per month and allows clients to use up to 4 CPUs, along with 8GB of bandwidth, disk space of 600GB and 6.9 GB worth of RAM. The company furthermore has storm servers to enhance their cloud hosting. In the storm servers platform, there is Cloud VPS Hosting, and Cloud dedicated hosting and SDD Cloud servers which are up to 100X faster than normal servers.

Use of SSD cloud servers which are 100x faster than the average cloud servers.


In their three data centers, they employ the use of the latest technology in the industry, the most powerful and of the best quality. For instance, in their storm server’s platform, the company employs the use of SSD cloud servers which are up to 100x faster than the average cloud servers.

Performance Overview


Clients at Liquidweb get a guaranteed network up time of up to 99.9% uninterrupted throughout the day and night thus their servers are ever online. The customer support is also very reliable with telephone support taking as little as 20 seconds to respond and a technical team that responds within ten minutes maximum thus the company’s clients are a very satisfied lot.

Customer Service

It only takes ten minutes for the technical team to respond to any technical problems that clients may have and phone calls at the customer care desk are answered in no more than twenty seconds, now this is what referred to as outstanding customer care support.

Hostneverdie Review


Hostneverdie is a leading web hosting provider across the world, since 2009. They provide cost effective and quality hosting services at affordable rates.
Click on the Link given below to visit Hostneverdie

Services include dedicated servers, shared hosting with highest uptime guarantee. Moreover, hosting features include quality network of Softlayer, CAT, and CSLOXINFO, high-quality services, and Cisco devices, hosting services with a user-friendly control panel to install Joomla, WordPress, PhpBB, and osCommerce.Apart from these outstanding features, Hostneverdie provides automatic backup and great customer support. The server has an auto installer and unlimited bandwidth for hosting plans. Host fast is powered by Quad-core Intel Xeon and 12 GB of RAM including 1gbps network from ISP’s CAT.


Web Hosting Account Without Domains

You can also host sites without domain names (the so-called stop-gap domains). When you create a stopgap domain you get no DNS zone, and you cannot use e-mail service. However you will be able to access and manage your site using the instant domain alias you get at signup.


An instant domain alias is an additional web address that gives access to your website when you don’t have a real domain name or when your real domain name is temporarily unavailable. Instant domain aliases are generated randomly based on your provider’s domain name and can’t be changed. To enable or disable access to your website by instant domain alias.

Click on the Link given below to More Details: