Linux Servers Understand the Difference

Linux vs. Windows Hosting

linux-vs-window-300x225As far as prevalence is concerned Linux system has been considered more secure and robust server than Microsoft to choose. In fact both have their own vulnerabilities, which depend over the administration level. The basic difference is the way you get access to backend. Radically, choosing the operating system type on hosting server lies over consideration of some key points:


Linux and Microsoft WindowsThere are some common features does not matter which platform we select for our hosting site. All web servers are configured to support HTML files and JavaScript. It can also include FrontPage which is an extension and provide a set of capabilities that is utilized by a wider range of software. It can be installed on either a Windows or a Linux server.

Both Microsoft and Linux use FTP to access server but Linux allows telnet and SSH access as well. Linux uses CPanel and WHMCS whereas Microsoft uses Plesk.

Key advantage Comparison:

Linux web hosting is referred as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) which is widely used by webmasters who prefer a flexible environment. It is an open source which allows another open source such as MySQL. It is based on GNU (General Public License). It is most popular as it is inexpensive. It is known for its security and stability.

On the other hand, Windows hosting is used by webmasters who need to design specific dynamic websites and require scripting language such as ASP or ASP.NET. It is used in web application and XML services. Windows is compatible with ColdFusion which is a script language created by Adobe Systems. With the help of Windows developers can easily integrate COM objects with a combination of IIS and ASP.

Top benefits of Linux hosting:

Linux is beneficial in many ways. As it is an open source platform so that can be modified, improved and distributed to the public. It is more flexible so that it can host e-commerce application, blogging websites and multimedia applications. It is less expensive in nature. Linux is generally easier and simpler to use. It comes with preinstalled software that is ready for modification and extension. Linux was designed to support basic web hosting which means users can install PHP, MySQL and Perl script to maximize website productivity and performance.

Top benefits of Windows:

Windows operating system provides lot of benefits. Dedicated server based on Windows will be an excellent hosting platform for any website. This platform is a good option for the use of Visual Basic and DOT net programming. Microsoft access for database functionality is easy to use in windows hosting servers where in much more options for integration between these two. MySQL Server is used in window web hosting which is used to create websites. Microsoft is also compatible with new technology like php and mysql. Microsoft SQL Server is capable of coping with high loads and load spikes very well meaning that it is ideal for use in a situation where your website receives a large amount of traffic.

Comparison Platform:

Linux and windowsReliability: Linux is more reliable. There are good servers without any downtime. Microsoft Windows 2000 is much more stable and reliable than previous versions.

Functionality: Both have different functions in the technology point of view. The technique which one can use on Linux can’t be use on Windows. For example, under Linux for database driven website, one can choose either PHP/MySQL combination whereas on Windows we can use ASP/MS SQL combination.

Security: Linux is safer because it is open source. Open source programming would be more secure than closed source programming. To install Linux one has to create a unique password which is called “root” access password whereas in Windows there is no need of root password.

Price: Linux is an open source (free) so it is easier to maintain Linux server than Windows server for the same level of reliability.

Comparison Chart
Database Support
* My SQL
* SQL lite
* SQL Server
* MS-Access
* Sql Server
* Sql Compact
Script Support
* Zend Optimizer
* Silverlight
* Drupal
* Joomla
* Magento
* WordPress
* Neucleus
* Drupal
* Joomla
* Umbraco
* WordPress
Data Traffic
Depends on Plan
Depends on Plan

Data TrafficDepends on PlanDepends on Plan

Which one is more secure?

Linux and Windows both have their separate security issues. Both has users of hosting accounts which should periodically change all passwords used for access of server and files. Website account holders should change passwords in the event of any detected threat to their sites or after major modification such as updating a CMS or uploading new software.

Some Common Attacks over Linux:

Unauthorized access: People who shouldn’t use your computer services are able to connect and use them. People outside your company might try to connect to your company or to NFS server.

Denial of service: This cause the service or program to cease functioning or prevent others from making use of the service or program.

Eavesdropping: This is the simplest type of attack. To protect against this type of threat avoid use of broadcast network technologies and enforce the use of data encryption.

Some Common Attacks over windows:

Fake wireless access points: This hack is easier than any other. Anyone using a bit of software and a wireless network card can advertise their computer as an available WAP.

Cookie theft: Browser cookies are wonderful that preserves state when a user navigates a website. Cookie theft has been around since the invention of the web but these days tools make the process as easy as click.

Linux is the platform for the future of computing. More developers and companies are contributing to the advancement of the operating system.

Windows is a proprietary operating system; it has fixed number of web developers and programmers working on improving and extending the code base.


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