TeamSpeak Server Hosting Free

TeamSpeak Server Hosting Free

TeamSpeak Server – Best for Friends Group Communication

TeamSpeak is basically a communication tool that is used for delivering clear voice communication over a network. It is mostly used in the online gaming industry for voice communication so that players can easily do real-time conversation with their friends and enjoy the graphics of the game. Through TeamSpeak hosting server, games are accessible by different clients at the same time. It uses VOIP protocol for initiating real-time conversation, and it is also used in a different application for more work other than playing online games. The question arises how to host TeamSpeak server free well the answer is you need a server for hosting it, and many companies provide such facility to the user free.

About TeamSpeak Server

This server allows users the customizing and controlling facility for chatting with friends, has full administrative control functions which allow deletion and addition of more features and function to the site. You can add more time slots anytime and can manage every aspect of group conversation of online friends. Having owned TeamSpeak server hosting on the computer allows various benefits like you can get clear audio and video control, web-based administrative control and also get fully adjustable user permission system control. Due to this server, you have full access control over the network on how you and your friends are connected online and how you can connect. For audio and video communication on the server, you just require microphone and headset. It is very easy to set up and can enjoy live support, unlimited hard disk space, RAM space and other services in free or at a cheap cost.

Features and advantages of TeamSpeak Server

It contains local address book that is used for connecting with favorite server very quickly. Next feature of it is that it contain web server list which easily find TeamSpeak server and that to without IP address. In this, you can create channel and sub-channels that help in creating different chats on the server. The TeamSpeak server contain channels that are secured with passwords thus no unauthorized user can access server. It also consists hot keys which are completely configured and used for joining specific channels very quickly and also you can mute your headset or microphone. It also comes with whisper functions so that you can speak to an individual or in group privately. It is a very excellent feature because it keeps your conversation private with your friends. In this you do not need to adjust microphone settings, the system manually does it. You can change bandwidth for more voice clarity. You can also manage and customize database in the server using any database application. With optimal bandwidth servers can handle many users.

The advantage of the TeamSpeak server is that you can get the 3D sound effect in real time conversation for unmatched voice clarity. On this server, you can transfer files that are stored on TeamSpeak server. The installation process is very easy. After installation, you can very easily and comfortably run TeamSpeak server on the computer and enjoy its features.

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