Managed Joomla Hosting

Managed Joomla Hosting


Managed Joomla Hosting should not be baffled with managed hosting, in which server environment is managed. Managed Joomla Hosting is a standard with most hosting accounts which is used to manage Joomla website for customers. All Managed Joomla Hosting accounts are usually available for a minimum of 12 months period. Every person cannot afford their own dedicated server, and shared hosting can be a prime attack vector for hackers as they often host thousands of poorly secured and outdated sites. Managing a busy website can also be a full-time job.

Use of Joomla Managed Hosting

A custom built clean server environment which is optimised for Joomla security and performance is best for managed Joomla hosting and is only used for hosting clients managed sites after they have passed initial security audits. It also manages the server, customer site, its extensions, templates and performs all of the continual maintenance that a full-time webmaster would undertake.

Joomla managed hosting service should be flexible on an ad-hoc or fixed term.

Managed Joomla Hosting is basically a hosting package in which the server is managed by hosting service providers. While an individual focus on creating his website and driving traffic to it, hosting service provider will set up and maintain his server.

System requirement

Joomla requires certain PHP extensions to be installed, and an individual may be constructing a custom module that requires a PHP extension installed. System administration team of hosting provider should be highly skilled in custom server setup and configuration and able to install many different applications to help in providing an individual with the greatest Joomla hosting experience.

Repair using Joomla Managed Hosting

Software ordinarily doesn’t break, but it requires to fix something. For example, due to known bugs in PHP 4.3.9, PHP 4.4.2, and PHP 5.0.4, Joomla does not suggest to run these versions of PHP on managed Joomla hosting server. If an individual server runs on the PHP versions, then hosting provider should be able to fix the problem by updating PHP to a newer more stable version.

Different levels of Managed Joomla Hosting

Hosting providers offer three levels of hosting. They are shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. Each hosting plan has different levels of managed Joomla hosting. VPS and Dedicated hosting plans offer the highest level of customization and server management. Shared hosting can be linked with renting an apartment. When renting an apartment, most often an individual is not allowed to paint the walls the colour of his choice. When he rent a town house (VPS Hosting) or a single family home (Dedicated Server), landlord is more lenient in allowing him to do such things as painting the walls or hanging custom fixtures. In shared hosting, the server setup is done by service provider, and they also ensure that everything stays up to date. If a person needs additional server extensions or Lamp stack configured in a very specific way then he needs to choose a Joomla VPS Hosting Server or Dedicated Server hosting plan.


In various Joomla hosting services, it is a great option for an individual to go for managed Joomla hosting, since it has options that are suitable for every person who wants to go for hosting. With managed Joomla hosting, it becomes easier for a person to select hosting he is in real need of.

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