Fast Joomla Hosting

Fast Joomla Hosting

Joomla is Content Management System (CMS), which enables a person to construct web-sites and online applications. For running a fast Joomla hosting service, a person needs to select a perfect host for his website. It is better to choose paid hosting service instead of free hosting. It should be a speedy web host provider as well as with uptime more than 99%.

Joomla Cache

Next thing required for fast Joomla hosting is Joomla cache. Joomla renders 3 types of cache. These are component views, module views & page views.

System Cache

System cache in Joomla hosting with caching especially for dynamic pages like contact forms, captcha, etc. Is mus for fast Joomla hosting. Jot cache and Cache-Control are both extensions that can help a person to control, what is cached and what should be excluded. No number cache cleaner is excellent for cleaning up cache automatically.


With G zip turned on pages are compressed in a zip-file, with the help of G zip it becomes very easy to download files which are in GBs or even more than that. It also supported in all browsers, and is safe to turn on. After switching it on, a person can use a tool to check the compression rate. Generally, it is found that content has been compressed over 50%, with the help of G zip.

Need to remove unwanted Extensions

Unwanted extensions can cause low speed of Joomla hosting of a person, therefore he needs to eliminate those extensions. Social media scripts like counters for likes and tweets usually need additional java scripts and connect to the remote network, which can slow down fast Joomla hosting awfully. Even if a person needs features like these, he should think about their need at the home page.

Browser Caching in .htaccess

If a person has renamed his htaccess.txt file to .htaccess, than he can use it to add some code which tells his browser not to request specific image types from the server if they are already present on PC. As often images make up large chunks of a given web page, this saves a lot of bandwidth & therefore save speed for hosting.

Use of CDN

Content Delivery Network or more commonly known as CDN is used than stack files will be on the global network of servers of CDN provider. This ensures that users far away from the server receive their files from the nearest location, except for the HTML code that contains the content that frequently changes. This sounds difficult, but actually, it is easy to implement and affordable also. It is not only useful for sites operating globally but also for sites in large countries.

Optimize CSS + Java script

Especially current sites usually have many CSS and Java script files.

Speed Optimization Extensions

Extensions are available to make Joomla hosting speedy. They especially address the issues described, while they often have some extra options under the advanced tab like JCH-Optimize, JBetolo, Yireo Script Merge & aeSecure.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

If web hosting is working properly on PC, it will not work in the same manner on mobile. The key to improving this is only to load what is actually required.


We have learned about the requirements of fast Joomla hosting, whether it is on PC or on mobile. A person should avoid free web hosting services, if he or she wants to run hosting site properly.

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