SEO Hosting Europe

SEO Hosting Europe

SEO Hosting Europe

If most of the clients are in Europe region, then you may need to serve them with quick response time whenever they visit your website. If website’s content is hosted in Europe based servers, they can get better response time in Europe. Customer should select Europe web hosting carefully. Mostly clients are from Europe and have various benefits as well. Nowadays search engines consider site’s hosting location as signal to serve search results. So if your site is hosted in UK or Europe servers, you will have chances of appearing on local search queries globally.
Nowadays, if you want to start your website on Europe based servers, then you will get multiple options to choose from. Number of popular website hosting providers’ focus on their operations in UK and Europe. Furthermore, they provide variety of hosting plans with features and reliability. For additional features, customer can upgrade company’s membership plans.

Domains and Sub-domains:

Europe hosting providers offer various plans including more than one free domain names. Apart from this, unlimited addon domains and subdomains are also provided by the company. Before choosing a web host ensures if there would be extra charge for transfer a domain name from other hosting company.

Diskspace and Bandwidth:

High bandwidth provides better ROI if you have number of visitors’ on the other hand large disk space offers freedom to add whatever you require for your website. Through Europe, web hosts get affordable shared hosting plans along with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Control Panel

Industry leading and user-friendly cPanel makes easy hosting. Europe hosting providers control panel is well organized, and all options are easily accessible and clearly embedded. Furthermore, hosting providers offer control panel as a standard hosting cPanel and no doubt about its excellent features and simplicity.

Tracking Tools:

SEO tools are vital to increase online visibility. It is necessary that hosting company you choose should include SEO tools in their hosting plan. Through SEO tools identify the target keywords and analyze the competition. It also helps in understanding the performance of your website with incoming traffic.

Cloud Hosting:

Mostly Europe hosting providers offer advanced cloud hosting. Cloud hosting gives better performance and maintains high uptime because website is not dependent on single server. Depend on single server may go offline in case of any issue with the server. Besides this, with cloud hosting another server is deployed quickly to keep website up.

Some SEO hosting providers from Europe with features and cost effectiveness.

1&1 is the popular hosting provider since 2000. They offer hosting services in various other regions including Europe, USA, and Canada. In addition, their datacenters are in Europe and USA. Company provides a wide range of hosting features according to customer needs. 1&1 has introduced three plans for Windows OS and four plans for Linux.

  • Pros
    1&1 company offers several security features, easy to use web creation tools, variety of apps, free domain transfer and automatic restoration points for data recovery.
  • Cons
    Company’s domain transfer process is not very suitable for all customers, and their basic plan offers one free domain only.

123-Reg is another domain registrar and hosting provider in UK. Their hosting features help your online business to grow. 123-Reg is a subsidiary of HEG that is privately held company in Europe. HEG provides hosting solutions, especially for Europe-based customers. Their plans are suitable for various website needs.

  • Pros
    Company offers easy setup, 99.9% uptime, more than 75 free apps, cloud hosting and free domain names.
  • Cons
    This host will charge additional setup fee, and no monthly payment option is available for the customers.