Managed Cloud Hosting Subscription Plan


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In a Managed Cloud Hosting subscription plan, service provider plan, deploy and manage the services for its clients. Customers or clients can focus on their business and the hosting provider takes all the responsibilities which includes:
Configuration, managing storage, networks, Operating system and securing complex application stacks such as databases, eCommerce platforms, and accounting solutions. Provider allocates resources on a tailored, high redundancy model through multi-server hosting, storage, and load balancing.
Above all the provider ensures the robust security of your data and network and thus it is reliable. Provider actively scans your network with Intrusion Prevention System. Patches and bug fixes should be applied where and when necessary and also provides robust backup and disaster recovery solution to protect your data just in case. The high availability and distributed computing also ensure faster data mining and rendition.
Relaxes the businesses from hiring dedicated costly IT staff expertise to manage and monitor hosting.

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