Promote The Website


There is any facility in H-Sphere control panel through which we can promote our website

U can submit your website in various search engine with the use of H-Sphere control panel.

To start the Search Engine Submit utility, select the Submit URL link in the Domain Settings menu. On the page that appears, check the engines to register the site with and fill in the following fields:

* Domain to submit: select the site you would like to be indexed.
* Contact Email: most search engines require a contact e-mail address.
* Key Words: some search engines provide the possibility for entering additional keywords your site can be searched by.
* Description: this text will show to Internet users as a description of your site in the list of search results.
* Time-out: this is the time you allow for registering one site with all search engines. If this period is too short, the site will get registered with only a few search engines.

Click on the Link given below to More Details:

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