Web Building Tools


Use the option “Launch Site Builder.” Initially, the password to log into the site builder is the same as that in the control panel.

Administer Your account

Enter your control panel login and password into “Login to your Control Panel.” This login and password e-mailed to you at the address you specified at signup. Use the Control Panel to view your bills, change your contact/billing information, change passwords, get more disk space, report problems to the technical support staff and much, much more.

Default index page

The moment your account registered on cpwebhosting.net, a temporary index page added to your site’s directory.
It will be there until you upload your site and replace it with your index page (i.e. www. yourcompany.com/index.html).

Web design

Create your first Websites or E-Commerce. Web design includes: Logo Design & Company Branding, Graphic Design, Markup Languages (HTML, XHTML, XML), Stylesheets (CSS), Programming Languages (JavaScript, PHP, Visual Basic, ASP), Query Languages (MySQL, MS Access), Protocols (DNS, FTP, POP3, SMTP), Basic Websites, E-commerce solutions , Search Engine Optimization, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Email Communications, Live Support and Pay Per Click Marketing.

Content Management System

A web content management solution is a kind of software which allows the user to make changes or edit the substance of any website without having any web design knowledge. It is essentially a computer system which is used to maintain web documents. CMS web designers create series of CMS templates where web pages dropped for future changes. A user can then use a simple interface to add, delete or modify the content of the page. CMS also provides a simple and easy way to create new web pages. A CMS allows document editing, auditing, and timeline management.

Why CMS?

If you have a website then you need to update it regularly so that your visitors find it interesting. Stagnant websites are like stale food making every one disinterested to even see. But it will need a lot of money if you plan to update your site by web developers every week. Hence you can have a mid way for this. A CMS can help you update your website allowing you to edit or modify the content in your website. You can save money and time by using CMS. Through CMS, you can update your content as often as you want. With constant updating your site will look more interactive and appealing. If you plan to update your content then it is a good idea to have a CMS.

Key Features of CMS

Many CMS’ have different features. It is not essential that every CMS will have similar features. The basic feature of CMS is to edit the content of the website. Many CMS’ have features like access rights management and content approval, dynamic site maps, e-mail alerts, dual or multilingual functionality, form creation and management, standard and accessibility compliance, Meta tag updating, site security, image optimization and processing, versioning, static report and search functionality.

How to get CMS?

Many web deigning companies offer CMS along with other services. CMS pricing depends on the number of pages and users involved in it. You can get varieties of CMS offered by different companies. Make sure you do a thorough market research before spending big bucks on CMS. You can also consult software companies for better advice.

Companies Price Server Location Price Visit Now
cpwebhosting $2.75 /mo USA/UK/AU/BG/FI Price : $2.75/mo Visit Site
godaddy $2.99/mo. Scottsdale, AZ, US Price : $2.99/mo. Visit Now
ipage $1.99/mo. Burlington, MA, US Price : $1.99/mo. Visit Now
webhost.pro $2.99 /mo Los Angeles,California, US Price :$2.99/mo Visit Now
bluehost $1.99/mo. IL, US Price : $1.99/mo. Visit Now
greengeeks $3.96/mo. Santa Monica, CA, US Price : $3.96/mo. Visit Now
bluehost $4.95/mo. Orem, UT, US Price : $4.95/mo. Visit Now
siteground $3.95/mo. Panama, PA Price : $3.95/mo. Visit Now
inmotion $5.99/mo. Santa Monica, CA, US Price : $5.99/mo. Visit Now

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